100 Productive things to do at home when bored

Productive things to do at home

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If you are someone like me who loves to stay home and prefers to be productive instead of wasting time here are 100 Productive things to do at home when bored. Whether you are working remotely with spare time or have a long weekend or vacation that makes you feel bored. You can try productive things to do in free time at home instead of mindlessly scrolling over the phone or TV. This list of productive things to do when bored is so comprehensive that it will surely help you find something that you would like to do.

Let’s have a look at productive things to do at home and make the best use of your time.

Productive things to do at home without phone in free time

Here is the list of productive things that you can do when bored at home or if you just want to make the best of available time and be productive. I have divided this list into different categories so that you can conveniently skim through it to find things that interest you.

productive things to do when bored at home

1: Productive Things to do for personal growth

Make the best use of your free time by investing it in your personal growth with these productive activities that you can do at home when bored and become a better person.

1. Read self-improvement books and create a reading list from different genres.

2. Level up your skills by taking an online course

3. Spend time doing self-reflection for personal growth to know yourself better and make the right choices. Here are 100 Journal Prompts for Self Growth

4. List positive affirmations that you can read to boost yourself.

5. Find good podcasts and listen to them.

6. Journal your heart to relax your mind.

7. Reflect back on your habits and plan to quit those that are not good for you and make new good habits. You must read 10 Bad Habits to Break ASAP to Improve Your Life and 10 daily habits to improve your life.

8. Track your mood and do mood journaling. Your mood and emotions can drastically affect your personality. Review your emotions and plan for positive changes. You can use this digital mood tracker to help you track your daily, and monthly moods, and emotions. It lets you reflect back on them with an automatic frequent mood display.

12-Month Mood Tracker and Mood Journal Google Sheets Template (with cute emoji)


  • The ultimate tool to track your mood and emotions
  • No need for a complex mood tracker app, use a monthly mood tracker as a mood tracker diary.
  • It not only tracks your mood but also your emotions to help you understand yourself better.
  • There are sections for each day to write in detail about how you feel about the day and use this as your mood journal.
  • With automatic calculations and graphs, you can quickly review your mood and emotions for the month and understand your mood pattern.
  • It automatically displays your most frequent mood for the month.
  • Check the demo video here and the detailed photos on the left

9. Create a vision board: Vision boards are powerful in manifesting your dream life. Here are a few ways to make a vision board.

Steps to create Vision board that manifest your dream life– The classic way.

How to make a vision board Online for free

5 Steps to Make a Vision Board Journal for Manifestation

10. List your weaknesses and plan to overcome them:

2: Productive Things to do for Health and Fitness

Here are some productive activities that you can do at home to take care of your health and fitness.

11. Build an exercise routine if you already have one review it to align with your goals.

12. Try a new form of exercise

12. Start a fitness journal

13. Try different types of meditation

14. Review your diet to ensure sufficient intake of essential nutrients

15. Make a plan to quit unhealthy habits

16. Make a list of quick and healthy snack ideas

17. Formulate fitness goals and break them into smaller goals

18. Track your health and wellness habits and goals in a habit tracker 

19. Take up a fitness challenge like pushups or daily step count

20. Make a workout routine.

3: Get Productive with Hobbies and be creative

Make good use of your free time to catch up on hobbies on learn new ones to explore your creativity.

21. Start a blog or a YouTube channel to share a passion or expertise.

22. Explore new hobbies like painting, sketching, dancing.

23. Learn to play a musical instrument.

24. Engage in DIY crafts, knitting, or gardening.

25. Spend time gardening, if you already have one spend time taking care of them and propagate new. If you do not have to make your green space.

26. Attend an online workshop to improve your skills in the hobby you like

27. Learn baking

28. Make a scrapbook filled with memories.

Here are some ideas for using an empty notebook to do something useful, 50 Creative ways to fill empty notebook and 10 ways to organize a notebook for work.

29. Daily one-page writing: Daily 1-page writing is a great way to improve your creativity and writing skills. Practice writing 1 page daily to clear your mind or have a creative outlet.  

30. Explore your skill in photography, click in different ways, and learn from YouTube how to get good at photography.

4: Productive activities for home improvement

Bored at home? what better way to spend time improving your home? These will make you feel productive and proud for making your house better.

31. Declutter and organize closets, shelves, or storage spaces.

32. Tackle small repairs at the house.

33. Upgrade technology or make energy-efficient changes.

34. Revamp a room, change the decor, or rearrange furniture for a fresh look.

35. Setup a workspace at your home for more details read how to make a productive work space at home.

36. Create a cozy corner, Hygge space at your home.

37. Try DIY wall painting to uplift the energy of borning corners at your home.

38. Donate or sell unwanted items.

39. Hang up family pictures to bring a personal touch to home.

40. Make a beautiful nameplate for your door.

5: Get ready for Productive household management

For working professionals, working couples, and working moms it is challenging to manage running a household along with a busy schedule. Use your free time to be productive and better manage your household. Here are a few ways to do the same.

41. Create a cleaning schedule and deep-clean different areas of your home. Here is the cleaning schedule planner for all types of cleaning needs like daily cleaning, deep cleaning, etc. Use your free time to easily set this up for your needs and simply follow the schedule.

Cleaning Planner Google Sheet Template

$9 $6

  • An easy-to-use tool that helps you stay on top of your cleaning tasks
  • Make a cleaning schedule for all needs
    • Use to make your daily, weekly cleaning routine
    • Make weekly or monthly cleaning schedules when you are out of routine or planning deep cleaning
    • Make cleaning schedule room by room
    • Make a quarterly, yearly cleaning plan
  • Track your progress easily with graph and % completion
  • Customize weekly cleaning tasks that you do more than once.

42. Set a first aid box or refill it if you already have one, you can also set up an emergency kit.

43. Make a family budget and track your monthly expenses

44. Make saving and investment plans.

45. Plan vacation.

46. Make a meal plan and do meal preparation

47. Make a family command center

48. Stock up groceries

49. Do annual maintenance of appliances

50. Set up automatic payments for bills that are frequent.

productive things to do in free time

6: Productive things to do at home with friends and family

Bond better with your family and friends by using your free time to get social and spend quality time with your loved ones.

51. Plan weekly family game nights or movie marathons.

52. Cook together or try out new recipes as a family.

53. Prepare date night at home to make your partner feel special

54. Call your loved ones.

55. Groom your pet

56. Pamper your loved ones

57. Setup a tent in your living room or garden and have a picnic

58. Play fun board games

59. Make hand mold with your family.

60. Make a family album.

P.S. You may like to read Secrets to spend quality time with your kids in a busy life and Secrets to spend quality time with your partner in a busy life.

7: Get Organized

61. Backup your computer files on the cloud or external device.

62. Make a family binder

63. Organize your work desk to be more productive, read 14 Tips to organize your work desk.

64. Declutter your emails and organize them better to easily retrieve them, read how to declutter and organize emails.

65. Declutter your phone

66. Make a master list to make your routine organization easy, read 20 lists to organize your life.

67. Organize your important documents

68. Set reminders for important dates.

69. Organize receipts and warranty cards

70. Organize your big projects with apps like Trello or Notion.

8: Build a Productive lifestyle

71. Make a to-do list to never miss a task, I use Excel to-do lists with automation to easily track my tasks.

Dynamic Excel Task Planner


  • One-stop solution to have all your tasks
  • Schedule your task on the go
  • Easily visualize your task status
  • Never miss your daily and pending tasks
  • Track your progress easily with graphical tools
  • Get motivated by seeing 100% completion of daily tasks
  • Check Demo video here

72. Create a morning routine, here is a guide to help you make a morning routine that is right for you. 5 steps to build a morning routine before work that is best for you and 50 Good morning routine ideas that suits everyone

73. Plan a realistic productive day schedule, read How to have a productive day for more details.

74. Identify things that waste your time and disturb your productivity and plan to eliminate or limit them.

75. Find a time management technique that is best suited for you and plan to implement it. Read 20 Time Management Tips to Boost Productivity to choose the right one.

76. Make systems to help you get more productive at work. Read The Ultimate Guide to Stay Organized at Work.

77. Plan your week.

78. Reflect at your last month and do new month planning.

79. Set up a bullet journal for work.

80. Set a Time block for each day that will be used only doing things that will help you meet your personal or professional goals. Read Manage Your Time Like a Pro with Time Blocking to know more.

9: Productive things to do for students

Here are some productive things that you can do at home as a student.

81. Set goals for next semester and plan for them

82. Learn new skills that will improve your life or improve your resume

83. Work on a side hustle

84. Research for colleges or career opportunities

85. Make a study schedule.

86. Learn a new language.

87. Develop positive habits that will improve your life. Read 10 things to do in 5 minutes to improve your life

88. Get inspired by successful people by reading their biography or watching documentaries.

P.S. Read Habits of Successful people.

89. Create a LinkedIn profile and connect to people of your career interest.

90. Research for topic publication and plan on execution of the same.

10: Prioritize Selfcare and Wellness

91. Make a bedtime or sleeping routine

92.  Research for best skincare routine for you

93. Make a routine to relax after a long workday, read How to relax after a long day at work

94. Express Gratitude.

95. Do journaling to relax your mind.

96. Find ways to ensure self-care at work. For some ideas read 10 self-care at work tips for your wellness at the workplace.

97. Plan ways to limit negative people from your life. You may read 12 effective strategies to deal with negative coworkers.

98. Make a playlist of songs that improve your mood.

99. Plan a solo trip.

100. Unfollow people and channels that make you unhappy and discouraged. 

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Productive things to do at home without phone in free time


So these are 100 productive things that you can do at home when bored to make the best use of your free time. Based on the time available with you feel free to choose any many you like. But make sure to use your free time to relax and rest too.

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