Digital Daily Life Planner

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Get Your Life Together, Organize Your Life

& Simplify Your Daily Routine!

Daily Life Planner Spreadsheet (Daily dashboard shows exactly what you need to do today)

10 automated planners hyperlinked to the dashboard

$30 $20

  • Plan everything in one place
  • You get 10 planners in 1 for all life needs
  • Interactive Daily Dashboard that shows everything you need to do for the day.
  • It includes:Monthly Planner,Daily Routine Planner, Monthly, Weekly, Daily Habit Tracker, Goal Tracker,Cleaning Planner, Meal Planner, Automatic Grocery List, To-Do List, Budget Planner, Expense Tracker

Are you ready to take control of your life with effortless planning and tracking? Look no further than this comprehensive Spreadsheet-Based Life Planner. Designed to streamline your daily activities and boost your productivity, this all-in-one planner is your key to success.

What is included in the Daily Life Planner Spreadsheet?

1. Interactive Dashboard

You get a completely interactive dashboard that will automatically show everything you need to do for the day and your daily progress. Just look at your dashboard each day and you will find your routine, tasks, appointments, meals and progress made for habits, cleaning, and tasks completed for the day. Everything is in one place.

2. Monthly Planner

Stay ahead of the game with our intuitive monthly planner. Easily map out your entire month, set clear goals, and track important events and deadlines.

3. To-Do List

Never forget a task again. Our automatic to-do list keeps you on top of your daily responsibilities, helping you prioritize and accomplish your tasks efficiently.

4. Habit Tracker

Form good habits and break bad ones effortlessly. Our habit tracker empowers you to monitor and improve your daily routines, turning your goals into habits.

5. Goal Tracker

Dream big and track your progress. Achieve your long-term aspirations with ease using our goal tracker, which breaks down your goals into actionable steps.

6. Cleaning Planner

Maintain a tidy, stress-free home effortlessly. Plan your cleaning routine and enjoy the satisfaction of a well-organized space.

7. Meal Planner

Simplify meal planning and make healthier choices. Plan your meals, create shopping lists, and track your meals effortlessly.

8. Automatic Grocery List

Make grocery shopping easy with shopping lists created based on your meal planning item details. The list is sorted by customizable grocery category and quantities are added up for ease during shopping saving you time and reducing food waste.

9. Budget Sheet

Take control of your finances. Our budget sheet helps you track your income, expenses, and savings goals, providing a clear picture of your financial health.

10. Expenses Tracker

Stay on top of your spending. Easily record and categorize your expenses to ensure your budget stays on track. See a monthly breakdown of your expenses.

With this Spreadsheet-Based Life Planner, you’ll experience:

  • Efficiency: Save time and reduce stress by having all your planning and tracking needs in one place.
  • Clarity: Gain a clear overview of your goals, tasks, and progress, helping you stay motivated and in control.
  • Flexibility: Customize the planner to your unique needs and preferences.
  • Success: Achieve your goals, form healthy habits, and master your daily routine.

Don’t let life’s demands overwhelm you. Take charge, simplify, and achieve more with our Spreadsheet-Based Life Planner. It’s your roadmap to a more organized, productive, and fulfilled life. Get started today!


  • Work on any free Gmail account
  • Interactive Daily Dashboard helps simplify your daily routine. It presents you with a clear view of your activities for the day and has hyperlinks to all other sheets.
  • You get 10 planners in 1 for all life needs
  • Monthly Planner
  • Daily Routine Planner
  • Monthly, Weekly, Daily Habit Tracker
  • Goal Tracker
  • Cleaning Planner
  • Meal Planner
  • Automatic Grocery List
  • To-Do List
  • Budget Planner
  • Expense Tracker

What You Get

Once you purchase you will instantly receive a PDF file with detailed instructions and a link to the habit tracker spreadsheet prefilled with demo data to play and get comfortable to use.


You need to have a free Gmail account

Shop Policy

Due to the digital nature of the product, there will be no refunds. Refer to the images and demo video before purchasing. In case of any doubts or support after purchase, you can reach me at


Once you purchase you will directly receive the product in your email inbox.

On purchase, you will receive a pdf file with detailed instructions and a link to download the spreadsheet.

I am very sure you will find this product useful and will not face any issues using it. Unfortunately due to the digital nature of the product return is not possible and hence cannot be refunded. Request you to see the images and demo video before making a purchase. In case of doubt reach me at

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