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Hi, I’m Afshan

I am a full-time working mom of a beautiful daughter trying to balance work, life, and motherhood.

I love to simplify, organize, and plan everything. After becoming a mom these skills have been my savior in balancing work-life and being a working mom.

Many would ask me how I get so much done and manage life as a working mom. And I realized this is a struggle for many, and created For Busy Bee’s for everyone who is overwhelmed with a busy life and wants to simplify their life and make themselves better. 

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    How to Build Self Confidence

    Share it Building self-confidence is essential for personal and professional growth. While there are some people who are naturally confident, for others it’s a struggle. Confidence is not a talent it is a skill that can be learned. In this post, I am sharing with you How to build Self Confidence with 10 practical tips…

    Complete guide to Office Document Organization
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    Complete guide to Office Document Organization

    Needless to say, office document organization is necessary in the workplace. It makes you effective and is required to run your day-to-day operations. Office paperwork organization involves a systematic approach such that anyone at your office or team can easily retrieve any document. Organizing office documents also reduces clutter, and saves you time. Depending on…

    Habit of Productive people
    Work Management

    10 Daily Productive Habits to be Successful

    Productivity is more than performance and getting things done, it is a lifestyle of productive habits that are built over time and followed daily that contribute to improving your productivity. Following some productivity tips will make you productive for a few days but in order to be productive sustainably you must build positive habits that…