50 Creative ways to fill empty notebook

50 empty note book ideas

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Do you have some empty notebooks and don’t know what to do with an empty notebook? I have for you 50 creative ways to fill an empty notebook, so you can be inspired to know things to write in an empty notebook.
I am sure I am not the only one who has empty notebooks lying around. For me at work many vendors share new year greetings with a notebook for new year as a gift. And to top it I would get tempted to get beautiful notebooks every time I would spot one at the store. So, after having a collection of notebooks, I thought about what possibly can be things to write in an empty notebook and so I came across many creative and useful ideas to use an empty book. And that’s exactly what I am sharing with you in this post.

So, let’s get started with fun ideas for empty notebooks.

50 ideas to fill empty notebooks

Here are 50 things you can write in an empty notebook and put it to use.

50 things to write in an empty notebook

1) Spiritual journal

Those on a spiritual path can use the blank notebooks to document their spiritual journey, make note of quotes, prayers and things like that.

2) Funny Moments

We have few funny moments during our lifetimes that can be documented in a notebook. So, next time you are low and need a laughter punch just go through this book and laugh your heart out.

3) Selfcare planning

Selfcare is underestimated by most and with many different ways in which you can take care of yourself, finding the right choice may be different. Also your need for selfcare changes with time. So having a notebook just dedicated to self care to make note of different selfcare ideas, planning a self care routine and reviewing the effects each brings to you can be the best way to practice self care and way to fill empty notebook.

4) Inspirational and favorite Quotes

This one is my favorite use of an empty notebook. Many times while reading books, listening to motivation books we come across some quotes and words that inspire us to be better. We can write these in an empty notebook and that becomes your complete resource for inspiration.

5) Affirmation Journal

Affirmations bring a lot of positivity in your life. Daily writing of affirmation help you believe in yourself and overcome fear, self doubt. You can use empty notebook to write at least one affirmation each day.

6) Goal Planning

Use your empty notebook to set your goals and also, plan action to meet your goals. Having them in one book makes it easier to check your progress. 

P.S To help you with planning your goals read my post Goal setting and goal planning for the New Year, that’s actually effective.

7) Movies and TV series list

It always happens to me that whenever I have free time to watch a movie or series, I would spend that searching what to watch and then either give up on watching something or if something found the time is not sufficient to finish the movies. So, if you have a spare notebook, use it to list out all the movies and series you would like to watch, you can also list out all those you have already watched and can even include your views on the same.

8) New words journal

If you are someone who loves reading and exploring vocabulary. This is a good idea for you. While reading, watching some shows or through conversations you come across new words and phrases. You can note them in your new word journal and search for the exact meaning and tenses applicable to it. So, next time you use the word you do it the right way.

9) Morning pages

A good way to deal with overwhelm and anxiety is to write morning pages. One way to fill empty notebook can be put to best use by doing this. Every morning you write at least 1 page each day. You can write anything that comes to your mind. It can be your thoughts, emotions, tasks for the day, your dream, you just pour your mind on the paper, it makes you feel relaxed and calm.

10) Holiday planner

Anything that is better than holiday is planning for holiday. Use the empty notebook to plan all possible details for your holidays. You can make sections in the book for each holiday and fill in the details on planning from dates, itinerary, tickers, things to do etc.

11) 1 sentence each day

You can write 1 sentence everyday in your notebook. This one sentence can be about anything the way your day went, any achievement, thoughts or lesson learned on the day. It is an easy way to start journaling and motivates you.I feel it makes you creative as you need to sum up your thoughts in just 1 sentence.  

12) 5 year goal planner

Make your long term plans and goals by using the empty book as a 5 year goal planner. Planning for 5 years makes your vision for the future clear and makes decisions easy for you.

13) Finance planner

Use the empty book to track all your expenses for each month and get hold of your finances. You should also note your income, savings, investments and the return it makes to plan your finances better. Set financial goals and plan to achieve them.

14) Motherhood journal

Make a motherhood journal that includes everything right from your pregnancy, delivery of baby and other milestones throughout your journey as a mother, you can add pictures too. It will be a great experience to go through the motherhood journal later in life. 

15) Baby journal

You can also make a baby journal , where you write all the milestones of your baby and document all their firsts of life. When kids grow big they will find it exciting to look the long way they have come through.

16) Meal planner

Making meals for the family is a task that makes many feel overwhelmed but planning meals can help with it, use the empty book to make a meal planner, use each page for a week and write all meals for the day in it.

17) Project book

You can dedicate the notebook to projects you wish to start, it can be projects at work, home, life. Note all the project details, research, plan of action, things you need in the project book.

18) Routine and schedule planner

Routines help in simplifying your life and keep you organized. It is important that you make the routines that are suitable to you at different phases of life. Use an empty notebook to make all your routines and schedules. It can be a morning routine, evening routine, weekend routine, daily schedule, etc. You can not just plan but also, review each routine after some time to understand which suits you most or if any changes are required. Keeping it in one notebook makes it easy and effective.

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19) Painting Journal

If painting and coloring is your hobby you can use empty notebooks to explore your creativity and try different designs. You can try new techniques or paint in small sizes and the notebook turns into a collection of your art.

20) Plant journal

For all plant lovers, you can make a plant journal out of your empty notebook. Make your plant care schedule that includes watering, adding fertilizer, and trimming schedule. You can also track the growth of your plants, the seeds you have potted, and many more.

21) Personal growth plan journal

Make a personal growth plan, each of us has different strengths, weaknesses, and ambitions. Curate a personal plan specific to your needs and weaknesses you need to overcome. This plan should include the action you need to take to achieve your personal growth and also track your progress.

22) Health Journal

Set your health goals and plan actions to meet them in your health journal. Include a daily tracker for all the healthy habits you need to follow, your exercise schedule, and dietary intake to ensure you meet your health goals.

23) Idea journal

Keep a notebook dedicated to ideas that come to your mind that can be relayed to your work, projects, D.I.Y you plan, side hustle, etc. Keep your idea journal handy as they pop into your head randomly so that you can capture it and plan an action for the idea later.

24) Life journey journal

We all have made so much progress in our life that we often underestimate our achievements and the long way we have come along. Turn your empty notebook into a life journal and document major life events and achievements. You can start right from your childhood till your memory goes and keep updating in your present life. You will be surprised to see how long you have come along in your life

25) Bucket list

Make a bucket list with the empty notebook, make note of all the things you wish to experience, a restaurant you want to explore,  a place you need to visit, the jewelry you need to buy, that relaxing spa day you dream of, and add all the things you wish to have and do.

26) Daily planning

Planning your day is a good way to improve your productivity. Use an empty notebook to plan your day. You can even practice time boxing and block specific times during the day for different tasks. You may read my post on time boxing to get the most done to find more.

27) Bullet Journaling

You can use bullet journaling to personalize, track and plan your purpose and goals. You can turn your empty notebook into a creative space and a planner that is specific to your needs.

28) Goal Tracker

Make note of all the big and small goals and track their progress by having a dedicated goal tracker. These include your yearly goals, monthly goals, and weekly goals. It gives you a sense of achievement and helps to track your goals.

P.S. You may like to read Monthly Goal Planning for Balanced Life under 30 min 

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29) Monthly review

It is beneficial to reflect back on the way you spend your month either at the end of the month or at the start of the next month. It helps you get clarity about the things that work for you and those that need improvement. You can use end-of-month reflection as prompts to do monthly reflection quickly.

To help you with monthly reflection here are 100 end of month reflection questions for self-review.

30) Travel Journal

Document all your travel experiences with a travel journal. You can include details on the travel place, dates, food you loved, your best experience, and travel itinerary all in a travel journal.

31) Memory Journal

We have a few funny moments during our lifetimes that can be documented in a notebook. So, next time you are low and need a laughter punch just go through this book and laugh your heart out.

32) Reading Journal

We have a few funny moments during our lifetimes that can be documented in a notebook. So, next time you are low and need a laughter punch just go through this book and laugh your heart out.

33) Mind mapping journal

Mind mapping is a technique to organize your thoughts and visualize. When you have complex thoughts and ideas that need better clarity you can use mind mapping. I liked using mind mapping during my studies to simplify and inter-relate complex concepts.

34) Scrapbook

Needless to explain, you can use any empty notebook for scrapbooking as a hobby. 

35) Event planner

Use empty books to plan for events around the year from festivals to weddings.

36)  Organize your life in a notebook

With many things to take care of in life you may get overwhelmed, you can deal with things better by organizing your life. Make a list of things that you need to take care of in your routine life to make life simple and organized. Here are 20 Lists to make to organize your life that can help you to start.

37) Work Journal

Use an empty notebook at work or office to get more productive and organized. You can include meeting details, project details, etc. in this work journal. You may refer to this post that I have on 12 Master Lists you must make to be organized at work.

38) Study notes

Another way to fill empty notebook is to take notes while you study, even if you are not a student you can use them to take notes for webinars, workshops or courses you take to improve your skills. 

39) Minute of meeting

If you are someone who attends a lot of meetings you can use the empty notebook to capture your discussions at the meeting and follow up actions required

40) Achievement journal 

You can document your big and small achievements in an empty notebook, it will help you to realize the long way you have come in life and anytime you need a boost of confidence you can read your achievement journal. 

41) Recipe Journal

You can turn an empty notebook into your favorite recipes journal and write all the details on making the recipes the right way so that every time you make it it turns delicious and perfect.

42) Gratitude Journal

You can use an empty notebook to practice daily gratitude and write your expression of gratitude in the gratitude journal.

43) Wish lists

Use your empty notebook to make a list of all your wishes of life and dreams in life.

44) Vision journal 

If you are someone who likes to keep their vision boards private and not displayed around, this one is great for you. Make your vision board in an empty notebook rather than on a board. I like this way of making a vision board as I can carry my vision board.

45) Life Learnings

Make your book of wisdom with all the life lessons. Situations and incidents in life teach one many lessons that are not taught at institutes. Document all your life lessons for future reference. 

46) Habit Tracker

We all plan to build a habit but miss forming it. Use your empty notebook to track your progress with each habit on a daily basis by making a habit tracker for each habit that you want to build.

47) Prayer Journal

You can make a prayer journal and write prayers, learnings, and gratitude towards god in the prayer journal.

48) Home management book

There are many things required to run a house smoothly, make a home management book that includes everything from house, and appliance maintenance, and cleaning schedule to house décor inspiration to make home management easy for you.

49) Contact book

Make a handy notebook with important contact details to keep at your house for easy reference and use in an emergency.

50) To-Do List

Most important thing to be productive is to have a clear idea of all the tasks that you need to do, making a to-do list everywhere does not help, it is best to have a notebook just dedicated for things you need to do, to ensure nothing is missed. You must read my post on 10 Ways To Make An Effective To-Do List

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These were 50 creative ways to fill empty notebooks, so next time you find a notebook and wonder what to write in empty notebook, you have 50 things to put in an empty notebook that are helpful and fun.

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