100 end of month reflection questions for self review

end of month reflection question

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Monthly reflection is very easy to do with end of month reflection questions. Asking yourself monthly reflection questions makes it very easier for you to do end of month review and reflect back on the month more constructively. 

However many get overwhelmed with the thought of monthly self reflection questions they should ask themselves at monthly review. If you are looking for suggestions for monthly review questions, then you have come to the right place.

In this post, I have listed 100 self-reflection questions that you can ask yourself every month. These questions cover:

  • Wellness
  • Self
  • Relationship
  • Finance
  • Purpose and goals
  • Work

These questions cover all areas of life that are related to your well-being and happiness.

Why end of the month reflection questions are required?

The routine of life makes us forget the bigger picture and purpose of life. 

Monthly reflection at the end of the month is a great way to look back and identify our current situation in life and align ourselves to the bigger goal and purpose that we wish to seek.

I have a detailed post on how to do monthly reflection. But life has many aspects that make monthly reflection overwhelming, the easiest way to do it is through a monthly review by asking yourself monthly reflection questions. 

End of month reflection questions guides you to do monthly reflection in a simple way with ease without making the process overwhelming. You can identify the key area of your life that need to be reviewed and use a series of questions to ask yourself every month with the help of monthly reflection prompts to guide you for the monthly review.

Studies on character-based leadership have shown self-reflection has a positive impact 

Based on the outcome of your monthly reflection you can plan your next month’s goals more effectively.

100 monthly reflection questions to make monthly reflection easier for you

I have listed monthly reflection questions in 6 major categories, these cover all the major aspects of life. You can use all these questions for your monthly review or select questions from a particular category that you feel is necessary for you.

Using these 100 end of month reflection questions, you can make your monthly review prompts specific to your need and use them every month.

Here are the 100 end of month reflection questions

I) Wellness-Monthly reflection questions

  1. On a scale of 10 how would I rate my health and wellness this month?
  2. Did I feel energetic this month?
  3. Did I feel ill or unhealthy this month?
  4. What can I do to keep myself healthy? 
  5. How did I feel emotionally this month?
  6. Which habit helped me be healthy this month?
  7. What do I need to stop doing to be healthy?
  8. What changes in my lifestyle I should make to improve my health? 
  9. Did I consume enough fruits this month?
  10. Did I mostly have healthy meals this month?
  11. Did I get a minimum of 6 hrs of sleep?
  12. Did I get quality sleep this month?
  13. Did I feel anxious most time?
  14. Did I consume a lot of junk food this month?
  15. Did I exercise as per my plan this month? 
  16. Did I feel mentally at peace this month?
  17. Did I experience any burnout this month?
  18. What are the things that exhaust me?
  19. What can I do to take better care of myself?
  20. How did I feel this month?
  21. How do I want to feel the next month?
  22. What I should do to feel the way I want to?
  23. Which things about your health and wellness are not good and need improvement?
  24. Did I consume enough water every day?

II) Self-reflection questions

  1. Did I learn anything new this month?
  2. What new will I try to learn the next month?
  3. What inspired me this month?
  4. What are the things that make me feel motivated?
  5. What are the things I am grateful for this month?
  6. Did I spend time with myself daily?
  7. What are the things that made me feel happy this month?
  8. Did I follow my self-care routine?
  9. Does my self-care routine need any changes?
  10. Did I follow my morning routine every day?
  11. Did I relax and unwind after work every day?
  12. Did I feel confident this month?
  13. What are the things I did this month that make me feel good about myself?
  14. What are the things I did this month that make me feel bad about myself?
  15. Write an affirmation that will be your reminder for the month.
  16. What are your highlights for the month?
  17. Which series/ movies/books I would watch next month?
  18. Did I spend time on my hobbies this month?
  19. What habits or little changes I would like to make in the next month to make my life better?
  20. What are the things that I must stop doing for a better life?
  21. Are there anything in my life that is forgotten in routine life but is important?
  22. What are the things that limit me from doing better?
  23. Did I do anything out of my comfort zone this month?
  24. What books/podcasts/ courses did I use this month to improve my skills?
  25. How much time did I spend on social media this month?
  26. Did I stick to the habits I want to develop?

III) Relationship- monthly reflection questions

  1. What is the most memorable time spent with my loved ones?
  2. I am grateful to _________ for doing _____________ for me
  3. Did I spend quality time with my loved ones?
  4. Did I have any arguments and issues in my relationships
  5. What can I do to resolve the issues in my relationships 
  6. What I could have done to make my relationship with _____ better?
  7. Did I express my emotions to my loved ones?
  8. Did I extend my support and listening ear to my loved ones?
  9. What can I plan for the next month to ensure I spend quality time with my loved ones?
  10. Have I taken anyone for granted?
  11. Who makes me feel happy and good about life?
  12. Who inspired me the most this month?
  13. Are any relationships affecting me negatively?
  14. Whom do I need to avoid for my emotional wellbeing?
  15. Did I have a good relationship with people at work this month?
  16. Are there any toxic people at work whom I need to avoid this month?

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IV) Finance- monthly reflection questions

  1. How much did I spend this month on my essential needs?
  2. How much did I spend this month on nonessential needs?
  3. How much did I spend on eating out or take ways?
  4. How much did I save this month?
  5. Did I spend within my expense budget?
  6. Are there any expenses that I can reduce?
  7. How much money did I make this month? (If you do not make a fixed income, you can include this question)
  8. Did I make investments towards my financial goal this month?
  9. Are my investments growing well and as per my need?
  10. Should  I  make changes to my investment profile?

V) Purpose and goals- monthly reflection questions

  1. Did I meet my goals for the month?
  2. What are my wins for the month?
  3. What are the things that I missed this month?
  4. What are my priorities for the next month?
  5. What are the things that helped me meet your goals/purpose?
  6. What are the things that did not help me meet my goals/purpose?
  7. What are the things that distracted me from your purpose?
  8. What I could have done to make things better?
  9. What are the things that need more attention?
  10. What are my 3 goals for the next month to help me meet my bigger goal?
  11. Am I aligned with my bigger goals or any changes are required?

VI) Work- monthly reflection questions

  1. What were the major achievements this month?
  2. How was my performance as per my Key Performance Indicators (KPI)?
  3. Did I meet my monthly goals at work?
  4. Did I miss a major task plan this month?
  5. What are my major learnings this month?
  6. Are there any updates, changes, trends, or improvements in my field of work?
  7. What can I do to keep myself abreast with the current improvements in my field of work?
  8. Was I organized and well-planned at work this month?
  9. What I could have done this month to make things better at work this month?
  10. What are my priorities for the next month?
  11. Did I have a work-life balance this month?
  12. Where did I lack in maintaining a work-life balance?
  13. What can I do to get a work-life balance?


So these are the 100 self reflection questions covering all the major aspects of life. You can use these questions to ask yourself every month for a monthly review and plan your next month better. Monthly reflection prompts make end of month reflection easier and more effective.

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