Secrets To Spending Time With Your Partner When Busy

spend time with partner when busy

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Guilty of not spending time with your partner? Are you struggling with a busy life with no time to build relations and bond with your love? I totally get your pain it is difficult to spend quality time with your partner when you are busy. But I’ve got you covered here with Secrets to bond with your partner even when you are busy.
In this post, I’m sharing  tips on:

  • How to find time to bond with your partner when busy
  • Tips to bond with Partner when you are busy

Let’s have a look at it.

Busy life and Relationships with partner

In today’s day and age, we all are too busy to build relations. 

  • Spending time with your love becomes more challenging for working couples, as both would have their share of work responsibilities and commitments, and finding some quality time becomes more difficult. Managing work and running a household together takes a toll on both partners.
  • With one partner working the other may feel a lack of affection as they would have more time at hand compared to the other and hence would feel more often lack of availability by the other partner.
  • In either of the cases, it is essential for one to make some time and put efforts to spend some quality time together. 

To share with you my story, I use to be busy with the household at the morning and then off to work, most times both of us would be working late. I didn’t realize how little we were spending time together till we arrived at our 1 year anniversary. I was so surprised that a year has passed and we have hardly spent time together, and soon more days will pass and life felt so short.

So I got on to optimizing our schedule to make time for spending quality time together.

I will not say it has made things perfect as it is never enough to spend time with the love of your life but I definitely spend quality time with my partner.

How to make time to spend with your partner when buys?

  • Be strict with your work hour and unless an urgency, do not bring work at home.
  • Build a morning and evening routine that suites best to you, the chores at home, and your family’s schedule and needs.
  • Plan your days in advance so that you don’t miss on things to be done and make time to spend together.
  • Use the weekend to do meal prep and other household chores to find more time on weekdays.
  • Batch your work where possible to get more done and save time.

Best Tips to bond with your partner with a busy life

How to Spend time with partner when busy

Tip 1: Keep your expectation real

  • Keep your expectation real with yourself and your partner as you both would be exhausted with all the work.
  • You both may not have good energy left to make things exciting or go the extra mile to make things special. 

Tip 2: Don’t transfer your mood

  • Don’t transfer your mood to others, at times when one person had a bad day and shares experience about it with the other, it affects their mood too.
  • With the little time available to spend bad moods are not gonna do good.
  • In fact, try not to talk about anything that is a bad experience unless it’s a matter to seek resolution to, don’t simply vent.
  • Talk on positive things in life, good things that happened during the day and spread positivity.

Tip 3: Check schedules and plan

  • Try to keep your schedule flexible, check each other schedules to find time to plan some time together.
  • Maybe you can reschedule your work to get off early to match your partner’s schedule and spend some time together
drive together with partner

Tip 4: Drive together to work

  • This is by far the best way I find of spending time. If anyone can drop or pick up another from work, it can be an easy bonus time together.
  • You are not taking any additional time and getting undivided time together, with no distraction from your phone, social media. Win – Win!

Tip 5: Make quick calls or text

  • During lunchtime make a quick call to know how your partner’s day is going or check on the evening plan. If you find time in between work a quick text of kind words goes a long way.

Tip 6: Plan a short vacation when possible

  • Look out in advance for some holidays and leaves that can be packed together to plan for a short vacation.
  • You can apply for leave in advance and plan your work well.
  • Looking out for this at the start of the year is a good way to plan and ensure there is enough time to make arrangements or save for it.
partner spending time together

Tip 7: Spend cozy home time

  • You need not spend big money to bond with your partner by going to expensive resturants or hoildays at exclusive destination.
  • Home is the best place to relax and bond, create a hygge, warm and cozy environment at home in the evening. Light some candles and put on soft music an enjoy a glass of wine to talk your heart out.
  • It will be relaxing and will be quality time for both.
partner spending time at home

Tip 8: Listen more than talking

  • Often we like to vent ourselves about how our day went and just pour out our thoughts and stress.
  • But often we listen less, you are not the only person having a hard, stressful day and making efforts to listen to your partner rather than just talking make them feel good and strengthen your bond.
  • They would extend the same gesture to you too.


The Last Thing You Need to Know about bonding with your partner when you are busy.

In the end, I just have 3 things to share with you

  1. The quality of time spent is more important than the quantity of time. So be mindful of the way you spend time with your partner.
  2. Managing work and life is not easy and at times you may find yourself unable to keep up, be kind to yourself and explain it to your partner. For more help check out “How to manage busy life”. 
  3. At most busy and difficult times extend grace and support as these are the times they need it the most.

You are never gonna be less busy, work always keep adding and time is always gonna feel less. But with each day passing you are missing the opportunity to live, love, and spend quality time with your love. 

But let it not be an excuse to live the life you love to spend with your partner. 

With the tips shared in this article, I am sure you will be able to make time for your partner and spend quality time bonding with your partner.

I would love to know which tip you found most useful? Leave them in the comments below.

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