100 actionable 30 day Self Improvement Challenge Ideas

30 day self improvement challenge

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Are you ready to start your journey of self-discovery and growth? Here is 30 day self improvement challenge that will help you transform your life and unleash your true potential. These 100 self-growth ideas can be used to make a 30-day self-growth challenge, a 60-day personal development challenge, or a 90-day challenge to improve yourself. Each day, you can engage in specific activities, exercises, and reflections that will help you improve your life and push you out of your comfort zone to become a better person.

Let’s embark 30 day self-improvement challenge.

Why you should take a Self-Improvement Challenge?

  • Engaging in a self-improvement challenge allows you to push yourself outside your comfort zone and do things you may otherwise hesitate or avoid.
  • By taking a challenge you are committed to completing things
  • Usually, you may wish to work on self-improvement but postpone it, by challenging yourself you are ensuring to complete it in the defined period.
  • By defining a timeline for the challenge you have a much higher probability to complete the tasks.
  • By taking a challenge for 30 days or more, you will be able to develop them into habits.

Do’s and Dont’s for 30 day Challenge

Here are some things that you must bear in mind before you start with the self-improvement challenge.

  • Some activities can be completed in a day, some may take more time and some need to be done consistently throughout the challenge.
  • Choose the activities such that you can plan them well and complete them in the planned duration.
  • Don’t be over-ambitious choose enough activities that will not exhaust you.
  • Initially, you may miss on being consistent. Don’t be hard on yourself extend grace to yourself and enjoy being a learner.
  • Keep trying and don’t miss in action for more than a day or 2.
  • Use a habit tracker to keep a check on your progress. I use the habit tracker below It is cute and dynamic to use for different habits and goals tracking.

12-Month Habit Tracker Google Sheets Template (Blossom Tree version)


  • One place for all your habit goals
  • Habit needs are different for all, customize this tracker based on your habit needs
  • One glance dashboard to review your habit performance
  • A beautiful Blossom tree will grow every time you meet your habit goal.
  • Track, monthly habits, daily habits, weekly habits, and numeric habit goals.
  • Automated habit performance calculation based on your goals.
  • Automatic date and day update, when you change year. Buy once and use every year
  • Check Demo video here and detailed photos on the left

How to Design the Self-Improvement Challenge

  1. Select the timeline for the challenge, you can choose a 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day challenge.
  2. Do not select 7 days or less than 20 days as you may not see the results you desire.
  3. Based on your interests and areas of life that you feel need major improvement choose the activities.
  4. It is better to select activities for different areas of life for complete improvement in yourself.
  5. Don’t skip activities that will be good for your improvement but are difficult.
  6. Spend a day to plan the challenge and assign activities to different days.

100 30 Day Self Growth Challenge ideas

Here are the 100 Self improvement ideas that you can use to make your self improvement challenge. I have tried to group them into different areas of life that mostly need improvement so that you can easily skim through the categories and pick the ones you need.

100 ideas for self improvement

Improve Your Life in 30 Day

1. Start by reflecting on your life.

Refer 100 Journal Prompts for Self Growth to help you with self-reflection.

2. Do a life audit to find things you need to improve.

Here is a detailed guide to help you do a life audit- How to do a life audit.

3. Make goals for a better life- Based on self-reflection, life audit, and your ambition formulate your goals. Read how to do goal setting and goal planning, it includes a free workbook to help make goals.

4. Make a vision board to stay motivated and focused- vision boards are powerful tools to help you manifest. There are different ways to make it, a few of them are below choose the one you like.

Steps to create Vision board that manifest your dream life– The classic way.

How to make a vision board Online for free

5 Steps to Make a Vision Board Journal for Manifestation

5. Do a 5-minute journal daily to manifest.

Here is a 5-minute journal that I absolutely love.

6. Be mindful of the way you spend your time.

7. Be consistent with your efforts- Every time you feel like giving up remember consistency brings success. Read How to stay consistent if you are struggling with being consistent.

8. Build routines for the most common things.

9. Stop procrastinating.

P.S. Read how to beat procrastination

10. Make efforts to simplify life- Here are 100 ways to simplify your life.

30 Day Morning Challenge

11. Get up early every day

12. Spend 1 hour of the morning with yourself

13. Soak in the morning sunshine

14. Don’t use a phone or other distractions like TV.

15. Do Journaling

16. Listen to calm music

17. Read a books

18. Listen to podcasts

19. Don’t snooze

20. Make your bed

P.S. You can read my post on 5 steps to build a morning routine before work that is best for you and 50 Good morning routine ideas that suits everyone.

30 Day Mindset Challenge

21. Stop Negative self-talk

22. Skip Perfection

23. Do not compare with others

24. Stop complaining

25. Express Gratitude

26. Read positive affirmations

27. Avoid Negative people

28. Stop thinking about the past

29. Stop pleasing others

30. Become more confident

30 day Healthy Life Challenge

31. Start your day with a glass of water

32. Take a walk in the green

33. Breakfast like a queen ( or king)- A healthy breakfast is very essential for good health.

34. Eat a balanced plate of food- You can use the plate method, to know more about it check the video

35. Eat a fruit every day

36. Stay hydrated – Although we know this but we often miss this. I like to use habit tracker to track my daily water intake.

37. Do mediation 

38. Do Zumba

39. Count your steps

40. Eat nuts as snacks

You must read this article to make healthy food choices.

30 day Productive Life Challenge

41. Plan your day the night before

42. Make a To-Do list

P.S. Here is my To-Do list that is automated and game changer when it comes to being productive.

Dynamic Excel Task Planner


  • One-stop solution to have all your tasks
  • Schedule your task on the go
  • Easily visualize your task status
  • Never miss your daily and pending tasks
  • Track your progress easily with graphical tools
  • Get motivated by seeing 100% completion of daily tasks
  • Check Demo video here

43. Prioritize work

44. Avoid multi-tasking.

45. Do time blocking- To know more about time blocking you can read my post Manage Your Time Like a Pro with Time Blocking.

46. Do monthly and weekly planning

47. Set 3 non-negotiable goals for the day.

48. Take a break in between work

49. Limit time spent on emails- we spend more time over emails than we need to and skip on things that actually matter. Here are Tips to improve email productivity.

50. Use a planner

100 daily challenges to better yourself

30 day Self-care Challenge

51. Make a daily self-care routine

52. Build a weekend self-care routine

53. Get 7-8 hrs sleep

54. Play fun, happy songs while working on mundane tasks

55. Use sunscreen daily

56. Dress well even if you are at home

57. Use fragrance daily it can be deodorant, perfume, or essential oil- they uplift your mood and confidence.

58. Ensure self care while working- Self-care while working is mostly ignored, there are many ways you can take care of yourself while working. Here are 10 self-care at work tips for your wellness at the workplace.

59. Use computer glasses – While working on computers our eyes get stressed. This results in a heavy head and aches. This was something I never realized until I experienced frequent headaches and eye stress. I now use computer glasses and don’t have painful times after work and can enjoy my personal time. Here are the glasses that I use.

60. Listen to motivational Ted talks- Here are a few of my favorites

How to stop screwing yourself over

How do you define yourself?

The gift and power of emotional courage

30 Day Better Home Challenge

61. Do a quick house reset- You cannot function well if the space around you is a mess. Just do a quick reset to keep things functional. Read my post about 1 day quick house reset.

62. Declutter your house

63. Do your laundry daily or on alternate days 

64. Make a daily and weekly cleaning routine – This will help you avoid falling into a situation of mess.

Cleaning Planner Google Sheet Template

$9 $6

  • An easy-to-use tool that helps you stay on top of your cleaning tasks
  • Make a cleaning schedule for all needs
    • Use to make your daily, weekly cleaning routine
    • Make weekly or monthly cleaning schedules when you are out of routine or planning deep cleaning
    • Make cleaning schedule room by room
    • Make a quarterly, yearly cleaning plan
  • Track your progress easily with graph and % completion
  • Customize weekly cleaning tasks that you do more than once.

65. Wipe the kitchen counter every night before sleep and keep things in the right place.

66. Light dim lights and candles in the evening for a cozy ambiance.

67. Use an essential oil diffuser at home for a relaxing ambiance

68. Do weekly meal planning and if possible do some meal preparation too. You can read my post on meal planning for busy people

69. Do a deep cleaning of the most ignored area of the house

70. Clean and organize your fridge.

30 Day Relationship Challenge

71. Cuddle your loved ones every day in every morning

72. Call your loved ones during lunchtime

73. Add cute notes of motivation and gratitude to your loved ones in the tiffin box

74. Have dinner with family without a phone.

75. Plan an old-style picnic on the weekend.

76. Listen to your partners or kids on the day

77. Text an old friend every day

78. Smile to everyone you meet.

79. Have a family movie night

80. Call your parents every

30 Day Organized Life Challenge

81. Make master lists to get organized. Here are master lists that you can create 12 Master Lists you must make to be organized at work and 20 Lists to make to organize your life.

82. Organize your files and folders on the computer.

83. Organize your emails.

84. Create a system to be organized at work. For more details on getting organized at work read The Ultimate Guide to Stay Organized at Work.

85. Keep things in the right place after use.

86. Use a planner and organizer to keep track of important events.

87. Organize your kitchen, and bedroom so that they are not cluttered and efficient to use.

88. Organize your car.

89. Organize your pantry.

90. Organize your work desk and if you don’t have setup one, it boosts your productivity. Read 14 Tips to organize your work desk.

30 Day Better Me Challenge

91. Ditch using plastic ware and switch to metal or glass.

92. Decorate work desk- A well organized and decorated work desk can motivate you to work, uplift your mood, and make you more productive. Here are 20 Inspirational Work Desk Decor Ideas

93. Add some indoor plants to your house to improve indoor air quality.

94. Avoid processed food

95. Recycle every time possible

96. Donate things you don’t need but can be useful for others

97. Make a monthly budget and track your expenses.

98. Track your debt and make plans to be debt-free.

99. Make savings and investment plans.

100. Make notes of life lessons and read them frequently.

Pin for later.

100 30 day self growth ideas


These are the 100 self improvement ideas you can use for a self improvement challenge. These activities are simple, effective, and will transform your life. I have tried to cover most categories possible but if you identify some other things feel free to include them in the challenge. So take a personal development challenge at your own pace and make your life better.

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