20 Inspirational Work Desk Decor Ideas

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Whether you work from the office or work from home, we all like to have a workspace that is clean, inspiring, and adds some color to the boring work life. And what better way to do so than adding some decor to your work office desk? In this post, I am sharing with you 20 work desk decor ideas to spark creativity, and inspiration in your work desk. The Office desk inspiration shared in this post is functional, pocket friendly, and suitable even if you are looking for small work desk decor ideas.

So let’s look at them and turn your work desk into an inspiring and fun work desk that will make your co-workers feel envious.

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20 Work Office Decor Ideas

Here are 20 inspirations to help you with work desk decoration. These are applicable to a home office, work desk at the office, cubicle desk, office cabin, and work-from-home setup. There are options for all types of work desks.

1: Add Plants

A classic way to add life to your work desk is to add some plants. And if you are a plant lover like me you will feel at home with plants on your work desk. Studies have found adding a plant to your work desk reduces stress, improves productivity and creativity, and beat sick building syndrome (trust me it’s real, I use to get a frequent headache towards the end of the work day. I felt like it was due to no fresh as my cabin was completely closed with an air conditioner and no fresh air. So added some indoor plants and it made things better.)

So, adding a plant to your work desk for decor is a good option as it will contribute to your wellness too.

Here are a few suggestions to consider if you add plants to your workspace.

  1. Make sure to select the right plants, you do not want your plants to die. There are good options of low maintenance and light-requiring plants that you can add to your work desk.
  2. Add the potted plant to a beautiful container to add decor to your work desk and to avoid water spillage.
  3. Ditch the conventional soil potted plant and add them in beautiful bottles and grow them in water. Make sure to change the water and add water-compatible nutrients. 

Here are some plant suggestions that will thrive on your work desk with a link to Amazon to save time finding them. Most time searching for the right plant is difficult.

Luck bamboo

Snake Plant

Peace Lily


Golden Ivy- Pothos

If you are not keen to have live plants, there are many fun options with artificial plants to bring liveliness to your workspace. Based on the kind of aesthetics you would like to bring to your desk here are a few artificial plant options you can explore.





Cute and fun

2: Decorate the walls

Using walls to decorate your workspace is a good way to brighten up your work desk. 

It can add color to the space and also add your personality to it.

You can choose from a variety of options from motivational quotes to abstracts, landscapes, personal photos, etc.

You can enhance them with frames. You can also, choose to add small artwork in a beautiful frame and place it on the desk. 

3:Use Organizers

Using a good organizer for your work desk is an excellent way to add decor to your work desk. The organizers will be functional to keep your work desk organized and add decor to your work desk too.

Using an organizer to decorate your workspace is a great option for those who have a small work desk. As it will keep you organized by giving your more space to keep things and save you the space that you can use to decorate your workspace.

Some of the options for using an organizer for decor are:

i) File organizer

Keep your files and paperwork sorted and also add a little fun to your work desk. You can check out this beautiful rose gold file organizer with a drawer for keeping more things. Or you can use this simple chic file organizer.

ii) Stationary Organizer

If you are someone like me who uses more stationary from pen to highlighter, marker, and sticky notes you must definitely add a stationary organizer on deks to add some decor and keep them organized.

You can choose

An acrylic organizer like this

A rose gold organizer like this

iii) Pen stand

If you are not a stationary freak you can have a simple pen holder and save space too.

You can choose

A Minimal style pen stand like this

A rose gold Pen stand like this

iv) All-in-one organizer

You can ditch all the above and add an all-in-one organizer for your desk to keep all things related to work in one place and avoid clutter.

You can choose

A rose gold organizer like this.

A minimal-style organizer like this

v) Desk drawer

If you do not have desk drawers you can add one to make more use of your space and use the top of it to add some decor. You can check this desk drawer.

vi) Monitor Stands

You can also use a monitor stand that will raise the monitor and make work more ergonomic and also make your desk look more unique and beautiful. You can use them with drawers or without drawers as you like 

You can choose

Monitor Stand with Drawer like this

Foldable Computer Monitor Riser like this 

An elegant acrylic monitor stand like this

4:Add Paperweight

If you are someone working with many papers at the desk, you can add a paperweight to your work desk to hold down papers on a desk, it will also serve as a stylish and beautiful piece of desk decor. 

There are many designs and materials options available to add a personal and elegant touch to your work desk with a paperweight. So consider adding paperweight to your workspace, it is functional, takes up small space, and adds charm to any workspace.

5: Use Pretty stationery

Using pretty stationery is a good work desk decor idea, it can improve your mood and make you more productive. Decorate your desk with beautiful pens, chic notepads, and colorful sticky notes to feel inspired to tackle your tasks. Stylish stationery adds an aesthetically pleasing appeal to your work desk. Whether you’re working from home or at the office, investing in high-quality stationery to decorate your work desk is a wise option to decorate and use the decor in your everyday work. It is so fun and satisfying plus it adds to your personality at work as you are not someone using cheap stationery given at the office but carry the one that suits your style.

Check out these beautiful stationery options

Rose gold stationery set

Note Dispenser

Inspiring pen

Pretty pen

6: Try Wall grid

Another good way to add decor to your work desk is to use wall grids, You can use them to make your work desk wall more functional.

If you have a cubicle you can use the cubicle walls too. Just hang a grid to it over which you can add things that inspire you, important reminders, etc. I love this wall grid, it has space to hold things too you can add your stationery there or get extra space for decor.

7: Display Achievements

Boost your achievements humbly by adding them to your work desk. Add your best performance memento to the side of the desk. If you attend any conference add the photo to the desk. When you take any additional courses to build your skills frame them at the desk and let all know of your achievements.

P.S. If you like to know more about things that will help you get promoted at work read Accelerate Your Promotion with 10 strategies for success at work.

8: Place Calander

If you like visual reminders having a calendar on your work desk will be good for you. It will not only be helpful in keeping track of important dates and appointments but also be a great addition to your work desk decor. 

A stylish and visually appealing calendar can add a pop of color to your desk. Whether you opt for a traditional paper calendar or an electronic one, make sure it complements the overall aesthetic of your workspace.

I prefer a paper calendar as I can write over it too, I like this calendar.

9: Add Tissue box

Keep your hygiene under check by placing and tissue box at your desk. Add a simple tissue box or get a pretty one to match the aesthetic. You can also keep some disinfectant wipes to keep your desk clean. You can also get creative and make a D.I.Y. tissue box to add your creativity to your work desk.

10: Place a Desk pad

A desk pad can act like a carpet to your work desk. It helps to keep your workspace clean and look good too. It helps to protect your work desk from scratches and spills. You can also use it to hide a not so good looking work desk and bring your work desk aesthetics together.

You will be able to work more comfortably with a desk pad as you need not restrict your mouse movement only to the small mouse pad. Some even suggest that desk pads reduce the noise from the keyboard

There are many different types of desk pads available, choose the one that matches your needs. You should check this desk pad it is cost-effective and has many color options to choose from.

11: Use Good Luck Charms

If you are someone who believes in good luck charms, Feng Shui, or Vastu then adding one of them to our work desk is a good way to add decor to our work desk. There are countless options for such decor that can provide good energy and positivity to your workspace. Some popular options are lucky bamboo, Feng Shui crystals, laughing Buddha, and even small figurines of animals like elephants or turtles. It’s important to choose a charm that resonates with you and your personal beliefs. It can also be a gift from someone special that you believe brings good vibes to your life. Decorating your work desk with good luck charms is a great way to create a positive environment that can help you achieve your goals.

12: Try Fresh flowers

If you get your hands on some fresh flowers you can use them for your desk decor. Just keep a vase or mason jar and add to it flowers from our garden or buy them on your way to work. There are many flower subscription options also available these days. If it suits your budget definitely add them to your work desk. It will brighten up any dull work environment by adding a pop of color and fragrance.

Studies have found that fresh flowers improve your productivity, morale, and mood. So adding fresh flowers to our desk is a good way to add personality and decor to our desk. 

13: Check Storage Options

If you have a small desk you can add some storage around your desk that will help you get additional storage area and bring decor not just to your desk but the space around too. This will also help you organize your work desk and keep things right. The space that you save on the work desk by adding storage will help you find some space at your small desk to add decor. You should read my post 14 Tips to Organize your work desk.

14: Add a Desk lamp

Having a desk lamp must be considered as part of setting up your work desk. It is more of a need than an option to decorate your workspace. If you work late hours or do work that needs you to focus on details then having a desk lamp is your necessity. 

And adding a desk lamp to your desk will not only bring functionality but also decorate your work desk. There are a variety of desk lamp options available. Make sure to use the one that suits your need for light in terms of light intensity and the kind of light. Good lighting is essential when working, and a desk lamp improves visibility, reduces eye strain, and boosts productivity. If you have a home office or work-from-home desk lamp you should definitely have a desk lamp.

A good choice for a desk lamp is this with 5 lighting modes. If you have a budget you can go for this lamp it can be clamped behind the monitor for you to have light precisely over your working area.

15: Bring Motivation Decor piece

There are quite a number of quirky motivational decor items that can be added to your work desk to make them more fun.

Using motivational decor pieces for your work desk will motivate you and bring a positive mindset. It can even inspire your coworkers too, creating a more positive and productive work environment. Motivational decor need not just be posters.

You can choose motivational decor that can be placed on the desk. Such as this motivational word block. You can also choose an inspiration calendar to add to your desk for your daily dose of inspiration. I love this inspirational calendar.

16: Add a Pop of Color

You can brighten up your workspace by playing with colors. It will create a visually pleasing and motivating space. If you are decorating your desk at home you can try to change the color of walls. Or try some easy-to-do D.I.Y wall patterns to get the right color scheme to boost your mood and productivity. Colors can contribute to the feel of the ambiance for example blue is known for its calming and serene effect, making it an excellent choice for a high-stress work. Similarly, yellow creates a cheerful and optimistic atmosphere, making it ideal for creative work. 

You can also choose a removable wallpaper, it can be used for cubicles and cabins too.

Here are some options to choose from:

Geometric pattern 

Brick Wallpaper


Wood pattern

Stripe pattern

By using colors strategically, you can create a work desk that inspires and uplifts you throughout the day.

17: Bring the seasonal decor

Bring seasonal decor for your work desk to add a touch of creativity and fun to your workspace. It can be a small pumpkin in the fall or a miniature snowman in the winter, incorporating seasonal decorations into your work environment can boost your mood and productivity. These simple additions can inspire a little more joy in your day and remind you to take a moment to appreciate it. The festive flair may even encourage others in your workplace to join in the fun, creating a more lively and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. So, switch up your work decor with each season and enjoy the benefits of a brighter, more dynamic workspace and not be stuck with the same decor.

18: Use Work Accessories

Work accessories such as a keyboard, mouse, and ergonomic chair are essential to be comfortable at work and to be effective. However, these essential items can also add more fun to your work desk. So next time when you are picking up your work essential tools make sure they match with your aesthetics at the work desk. These days many aesthetically appealing computer accessories are available. So apart from the right specification of the accessory also try to look for the color options and look they will add to your work desk.

19: Add Aroma

Who does not like a pleasant smell? By adding aroma to your work desk to can not just decorate your work desk but create an ambiance too. Studies have found that aroma affects us positively and can improve productivity. Different aromas can bring varying benefits, studies have shown that certain scents can have a positive impact on mood, concentration, and productivity. For instance, lemon and rosemary scents have been found to increase alertness and reduce fatigue, while lavender has a calming effect that can help reduce stress and anxiety. 

Here are a few options to add aroma to your work desk for wellness but also bring decor. 

  1. Use Scented candles, you can get many designs and sizes to suit your personality and need.

2. Use an Aroma diffuser, fill it with your favorite essential oil, and add aroma and decor to your desk. (I love this, it’s a cute succulent plant that is an aroma diffuser, 2 in 1, must for decor)

3. Add Potpourri to a beautiful container and add elegance and aroma to your desk. You get the option of not just selecting different fragrances but also beautiful options of potpourri.

Here are a few to select from:





20: Cushion Up

Lastly, you can complete your workspace decor and bring everything together by adding a cushion to the chair you use for your work desk. Using a cushion will provide extra support and comfort for your back and hips, reducing the strain on your body. It will not just make you comfy but also add some color and decor to a boring desk chair. You can choose from a variety of shapes, colors, and textures to choose one that works for your specific needs.

If you experience pain by working long hours on a chair try a foam cushion such as this that supports your  Coccyx, Tailbone, and  Sciatica, you can place a pretty cloth over it in case you find it not pretty but it will be a game changer for your support. You can also choose a complete back support cushion like this or a quirky cute cushion like this, or a plush cushion like this.

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These were the 20 work desk decor ideas that you can use to level up your work desk. I am sure these options will help you figure out your personalized desk decor. I have tried to add different aesthetic options too where possible. These can be easily applied to decorate work desks at home office, work desks at the office, cubicle desks, office cabins, and work-from-home setups.

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