10 Daily Productive Habits to be Successful

Habit of Productive people

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Productivity is more than performance and getting things done, it is a lifestyle of productive habits that are built over time and followed daily that contribute to improving your productivity. Following some productivity tips will make you productive for a few days but in order to be productive sustainably you must build positive habits that will make you productive. So, in this post, I am sharing with you 10 daily productive habits that are simple to follow and will boost your productivity.

Let’s have a look at these habits and build a productive lifestyle.

10 Things to do Daily to be more Productive

Here are 10 daily habits that you must follow to be more productive, these productive habits will give you a sustainable productive lifestyle.

10 Productive habits

1: Have a daily routine.

Routines have a big influence on the quality of your life. It impacts your day and your well-being. Organized people are very mindful of their routines they build a productive routine for the morning, evening, and other parts of life that suit their needs.

I believe routines are a great way of transitioning from one phase of the day to another without spending a lot of effort thinking about what next to do.

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2: Make To-Do List Daily

Organized people know that the hustle of busy life will make it difficult for them to remember all the things that they are supposed to do, so rather than rely on memory they make sure to put down all the things to be done on To-Do list to get it done and keep things organized.

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3: Manage time effectively

Being productive is about making the best use of your time and being efficient in the way you use your time. Productive people follow time management strategies to be productive. There are many time management strategies, you need to try and identify the technique that works best for you and make it part of your everyday life. One of the most effective time management strategies that I prefer is time blocking, it allows me to be more focused and intentional with the way I spend my time. You can read about time blocking technique here.

If you are looking to improve your time management strategy, you should read my post 20 Time Management Tips to Boost Productivity

4: Be Organized

Being organized is essential to be productive. Having effective organizational systems can let you efficiently manage your time, resources, and tasks, Making you more efficient. Organizational skills allow you to be focused and avoid distractions. Being organized and having systems for routine things at work and in life makes you less stressed, and establishes a sense of control over your work. The habit of being organized will not only make you productive but help you be more successful in life.

Here are a few posts to help you get organized and be more productive:

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Daily productive habits

5: Plan for the next day

To be productive you must plan your day the night before. It is extremely beneficial to plan for the next day on the previous night as it helps to reduce the anxiety one may feel for the unfinished work. Spend time to find your priorities and outline the schedule for the next day. This will let you start the day with a purpose and focus and give you the clarity to start with the right work.

It lets you work on tasks that are more meaningful and have a high value. Planning your day in advance helps to minimize procrastination and allows for better time management throughout the day.It would help if you read How to have a productive day to plan your day better.

6: Use a Planner

Being productive requires good planning and organization and a planner is the best tool that you need to be productive. Using a planner not only helps you keep track of important tasks and deadlines but also allows you to prioritize and allocate your time effectively. You can easily map out your daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. This lets you have a clear overview of what needs to be accomplished. A planner allows us to break down larger tasks into smaller, more manageable steps, ensuring we stay focused and make steady progress.

Be it quick notes or minutes of meetings you can have all the information in one place ensuring you do not miss out on important things or waste time searching for a piece of information crucial to you. Whether it’s in professional life or personal life, incorporating a planner as a productivity tool will be invaluable to achieving success and maintaining a balanced and organized lifestyle.

You can use a physical planner or a digital planner as per your preference but choosing the right planner can make you stick to the habit of planning more easily. I like to use a Googlesheet based planner for planning you can check it out below. If you need help choosing the right planner for you read Best Planners to Organize Your Life: How to Pick one. You can also read 10 ways to organize a notebook for work to turn your notebook into a work planner.

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7: Prioritize Work

In order to be productive you must build a habit of prioritizing tasks. Prioritization allows one to differentiate between urgent, high-priority tasks and those that can be deferred to be more efficient and spend their time on things that really matter. This ensures that your time and energy are directed toward the most significant activities, resulting in a sense of achievement and progress.

Also, prioritizing tasks helps you make informed decisions about the sequence in which tasks should be tackled, considering their dependencies and potential impact on other tasks. This ultimately boosts your productivity and helps you not get stressed by a long to-do list of work. To know more about prioritizing tasks read How to prioritize work tasks. To prioritize my tasks effectively I use the below To-Do list that gives me a clear overview of my task status and priority.

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8: Have a dedicated workspace

A dedicated workspace helps establish a clear boundary between your personal and professional life, enabling you to mentally switch gears into work mode. Working from bed can feel comfortable but can make you feel sluggish after some time and drop your productivity. A work desk for work helps you be focused and limits distraction. Make efforts to organize your work desk and go the extra mile to decorate your workspace with a personal touch to keep you motivated and help you get things done.

Having a work desk that is ergonomic will also help you bet the ill effects of working longtime and physical stress that may make you less efficient. You need not have a study room or home office to be productive, you can setup a productive work desk in a small space or your bedroom too. For more details to setup a work that is productive read the below articles:

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9: Limit Distraction

Develop the habit of limiting distractions to be productive. Distractions for simple things such as a notification on the phone can break your thought process and looking up the notification can waste your time. Hence to be productive you need to build the habit of staying away from distractions. Firstly, it is essential to identify the main sources of distractions and take proactive steps to limit their influence.

You can do so by setting boundaries on social media usage, silencing notifications, or finding a designated workspace free from external disturbances. You can also incorporate effective time management techniques such as the Pomodoro Technique or create a daily to-do list that can help structure tasks and minimize the urge to deviate from them.

10: Practice Self care

Often in an effort to be productive, we overdo work and experience burnout. Sometimes self-care is perceived as a luxury instead of a necessity. Studies have found self care to improve productivity by 67%. Hence to be sustainably productive you must have a habit of practicing self care especially while at work as that’s the time we need it the most and neglect it. Practicing while working need not be time-consuming it can just be a few minute walk during lunch break or relaxing and sipping some water when switching from one task to the next. These small habits can help you take care of yourself and be productive.

You can read my post on 10 self-care at work tips for your wellness at the workplace know more. I also recommend making self-care a more holistic part of your life and spend self care time more intentionally by planning self care that is comprehensive of your physical, mental, and emotional needs. You should definitely try the below self care planner.

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So these are the 10 daily habits that will make you productive and make you successful in life. Start with one habit and gradually build others to have a productive lifestyle.

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