How to organize your life and make it better

how to organize your life

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We all get to a point where we feel lost, and overwhelmed, and think it’s high time and “I need to organize my life”. Well, if you are also considering the same, I have got you covered, as in this post, I am sharing How to Organize Your Life?

By the end of this post, you will be able to organize the major areas of life so that you have a comprehensively organized life. 

Let’s start organizing your life.

I have divided life organization into 6 major areas in this post, that I feel are important for life organization, these are critical as they greatly influence our life and lifestyle, and having them sorted will simplify life.

Reflect on your life

Before starting with getting your life organized, spend some time reflecting on your life.  When you reflect on your life you should focus on

  1.  Your  life priority
  2. Anything about your current life that you find most challenging
  3. Things that you should focus on to make your life better. 

Here is why I think it is important to consider these things.  

Firstly, reflection on your current life will let you have a real check on the current situation so that you have clarity on where you stand in life and where you want to see yourself. When you reflect back and think about the priority of life you are clearly defining the things that are very critical for you and need the most attention. 

Secondly, when you reflect on the most challenging things, it will help you identify things that you find difficult but having a close look at it may even let you identify that is a particular pattern or common kind of thing that you find challenging so during your life organization you put emphasis to find the reason why you find them challenging and set up systems to make it easier for you.  

And thirdly but finding things that can make your life better, you are trying to include opportunity into a life organization system to ensure you are not just surviving but also making yourself better.

So I suggest you take a good amount of time doing a very honest and simple reflection of your current life to organize your life more efficiently and in a way that will bring many benefits for you.

It is best that you write down these things so that during the process of life organization you have a clear road map at your hand and ensure that everything is being taken care of.

If you need more help I have a post on self-reflection questions that has 100 questions for self-reflection. You can use them as a prompt to reflect on your life, although the post is about monthly self-reflection questions I think it will serve the purpose.

So once you are done with your reflection it’s time to start organizing your life

As mentioned earlier I have divided life organization into 6 major categories. We will have a look at each of them in detail but I would recommend that against each of the things identified during self-reflection, you can put one of these 6 categories so that the process of life organization becomes easier for you.

To organize your life you should use a planner that will help you stay organized. Use the Digital Life planner to stay organized and on track with tasks, goals, routines, habits, meal planning, grocery, budget, and expenses. It has 10 planners to take care of all life planning needs. And the best part is it has a daily dashboard that shows everything that you need to do for the day.

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Systems to organize your life

These are the six major areas that you should consider while organizing your life

how to organize your life

1: Organize your space

The space that we live in plays a big role in our life be it our house or our workspace.  The way we manage our space can make a huge difference in our life. A clean and organized space brings positivity,  lets you focus on things better, and does not overwhelm you. It is rightly said “Clean your space, clear your mind

I am sure we all have been in a place where we feel chaos,  waste time searching for things, or find ourselves unproductive just because the house is messy, or your wardrobe is not organized or you find yourself struggling to find an ingredient during cooking. All this would not happen if the space around you is organized.

If you are looking for a quick fix for a messy house you can read my post

How to get the household back on track after busy times.

But to have a sustainable organized space you should plan organization for your space.

Here are a few ways to organize your space

Plan to organize:

To plan to organize your space, start with the room or the corner of the house which you use the most and will bring an immediate sense of relief and most benefit by organizing first. This could be your bedroom or kitchen or your work table. Next list out different areas or rooms of your house and assign a date for each. You can do it once each day and complete organizing your speech in a week but if you don’t have time you can take up each area on one day of a week, probably on a weekend, and try to organize. Don’t be overly ambitious organizing life as a big work to do.


When you are organizing your space, make sure to declutter and assign a dedicated home for everything. The organization is not focused to make things beautiful but to make the space functional and have systems such that you are able to maintain them organized consistently.

Make a cleaning and organization schedule:

Once you are done with organizing your space make a schedule for cleaning and decluttering so that you continue to be organized always.

2. Organize your work

Our success in life is majorly dependent on our work. Whether you are a student, professional or entrepreneur you have to be good at it to keep your life happy, hence organization at work is necessary to have your life organized. organizing your work can help you stay on top of tasks and be more productive. Based on your work and its roles, you should identify things that need to be organized in order to be more productive and organized at work.

But here are a few suggestions.

Have an organized work desk:

Having your files, and notes all over will make things difficult, and searching for a stationary every time you need it will disturb your chain of thoughts and make you less efficient. So always have a functional and organized work desk. You can read my post 14 Tips to organize your work desk.

Declutter and organize your emails:

We spend a lot of work hours over emails, which is essential for communication apart from the main job but we end up spending way too much time on it.  Declutter your unnecessary emails and organize your emails into categories based on your workflow so that they are easily retrievable and make you more efficient. You can read my post on How to declutter email quickly and the best tips to improve email productivity

Make lists to be organized:

You can make your work life organized and simplified by making the right lists so that everything related to work is well organized and you are not all over the place and waste time. Here are 12 Master Lists you must make to be organized at work.

Have work notebook:

The next thing to be organized at work effectively is to have a dedicated notebook for work and organize it in a way that is relevant to your needs at work. Your work notebook is the go-to system to be organized at work. Here are 10 ways to organize a notebook for work that will keep you productive and simplify your work life.

3. Organize your mind

You cannot have an organized life if your mind is chattering all the time and you are unable to focus on getting things done. Unlike other organizations, we talk less about mind organization. When your mind is organized you are able to work smarter.

Here are a few ways to organize your mind.


Meditations help you to be focused and learn to live in the present. When you meditate you clear all the noise in your head and feel relaxed. It has been shown to be beneficial for your mental health and can help you to focus and organize your thoughts. You can start by practicing meditation for 10 minutes every day and extend your meditation sessions later.

Make To-Do lists:

Always have a to-do list and don’t put additional pressure on your mind to remember things. Making a to-do list is an effective way to get organized and ensure that you are taking care of your responsibilities. To-do lists also help in planning and give you a real idea of all the work you need to take care of. Making the To-Do list the right way will organize your mind,  here are 10 Ways To Make An Effective To-Do List. You should check out this excel Task planner, its a game changer.

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Prioritize your tasks:

When you have many things to take care of, your mind will not be able to focus on anything. Prioritize your tasks to organize your mind, this way your mind is clear on the next task, you don’t miss on the most important things because you are attending to the urgent ones. You can read my post on How to prioritize work tasks.

Plan goals:

Plan long-term and short-term goals that will organize your mind by defining the things that are essential for it. Defining your goals also nurtures your subconscious mind and this helps in achieving them. I suggest doing monthly goal setting as these are short-term goals and more relevant to everyday life. These monthly goals should also have smaller goals that will let you meet your bigger goals. 

Relax your mind:

In order to maintain your mind organized and productive it is necessary that you let your mind unwind after work. This will help you avoid burnout and continue to have an organized mind. You should read my post, 5-steps system to help you relax and unwind after a busy day.

4. Organize your time

We all have 24 hours in a day yet some are able to do much more than others. By organizing your time you will be more productive and manage time better. Your life will continue to be organized when you are good at time management.

Here are a few ways to organize your time.

Do weekly planning: 

Weekly planning is a great way to organize your week. It helps you to plan your time and tasks in a systematic way. You get a better understanding of the way your day looks and can ensure to accommodate work and personal life well. Read Weekly planning secrets for work-life balance for more details.

Plan your day in advance: 

Always plan your day the night before. When you plan your day in advance you can start your day immediately by taking action rather than spending time thinking about what to do next. Try to complete the 3 major tasks for the day and not waste time on little things that do not bring much value. Read How to have a productive day

Use time boxing

Timeboxing is a time management technique wherein you schedule all tasks at a particular time of the day and focus on completing them at the assigned time. This helps to organize your time and also improves your productivity as you are focused to complete the task at hand within the assigned time. You may read Timeboxing at work: An effective way to get the most done.

Build routines

When you have repetitive everyday tasks you can build a routine for the same. Routine can help you to stay organized. It helps you to stay on track and minimize distractions. I highly recommend having a morning routine as it gives a great start to the day.

P.S you may like,5 steps to building a morning routine before work that is best for you

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5. Organize your health

The only thing that can take you down is bad health, so good health is key to living a good life. That’s the reason it is included in this life organization. I am not an expert on health but here are certain basic things that you can take care of to organize your health.

Build a healthy routine:

Try to include some basic physical activities like walking, exercising, and yoga in your daily routine, and also include a healthy diet in your daily routines. Try to refrain from unhealthy habits.

Have annual health checkups:

It is wise to do an annual health checkup to organize your health. This is a good way to keep a check on body vitals, vitamins, and mineral requirements. You can take proactive actions to fix nutrient deficiency or other such issues.

Do meal planning and preparation:

Food plays a great role in our health and wellness. When meals are planned in advance you can ensure to include all essential nutrients as per the proportion in all the meals. Planning and doing basic meal preparation lets you have healthy homemade food even on busy days and you need not settle for unhealthy takeaways.

6: Organize your Finance

Finance is one of the areas of life that have a significant impact on our life and lifestyle, hence while organizing life it is good to consider finance too. Organized and planned finance brings better peace of mind. You can use this finance planner it helps to plan your budget, track expenses and take care of debt.

Budget Planner + Debt Payoff Sheets


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  • Get an expense breakdown to plan your finances better and cut expenses to improve savings.
  • Keep a complete log of all expenses.
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  • All calculations and graphs are automated
  • This Google Spreadsheet finance planner can be accessed anywhere

Here are a few ways to organize your finances.

Make a monthly budget:

Always plan a monthly budget and allot money to different types of expenses. There are 2 types of expenses, one is fixed expenses such as rent, EMI, tuition fees, electricity bills, etc. There is no possibility to cut these expenses and these are essential expenses. The second type of expense is variable like groceries, eating out, clothes, entertainment, etc. These are the kind of expenses that can be limited by assigning a fixed budget and you can make an effort to buy them smartly with the lesser expense. By making a budget you ensure not to overspend and save money.

Set emergency fund:

You should have an emergency fund available with you as saving for unforeseen conditions. You can save from 3 months to 6 months of expenses at minimum as an emergency fund.

Set financial goals: 

Another way to organize finance is by setting financial goals. These can be saving for something big that requires a lot of money like buying a house, a car, a wedding, or a dream vacation. You should make financial goals and plan on ways to achieve them and set a timeline to do the same.

Plan investments: 

Based on your income and financial goals, plan your investments and make sure to invest in tools that can grow your money. You can always start with small investments and gradually move. It is important to keep learning about different investment methods and make wise choices.

road map to organize your life


So, this is how I suggest you organize your life. Organizing your life is all about prioritizing things that are meaningful to you and building systems and routines around them to make your life more manageable. In this post I have covered the most life-influencing areas of life, you can choose those that are more relevant to you.

So you can start organizing your life now!

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