50 Good morning routine ideas that suits everyone

morning routine ideas

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Good morning routine sets you up for a successful day. However, creating a morning routine can be confusing if you don’t know what to include in your morning routine. But I have got you covered with some exciting inspiration and ideas to include in your morning routine.

In this post I am sharing with you 50 Good morning routine ideas that will help you create the morning routine that is best suitable for you

In this post you will find a list of morning routine ideas that can be included in your daily morning routine.

The need for a morning routine is different for every person. In this list I have tried to cover 5 major kinds of morning routines that focus on different needs.  Each type has 10 morning routine ideas.

Lets have look at them.

Why you need a morning routine?

A morning routine is a set of activities that you do every morning to start your day in a productive way. There are many benefits to having a morning routine, and it can be a great way to start your day off on the right foot. 

Having a routine helps you get up with intention  and feel more fulfilled throughout the day. A morning routine is also an opportunity to set yourself up for success. It helps you feel more organized and focused, and can help you feel better mentally and physically.  

Morning routine needs can vary from person to person depending on your lifestyle, hence I have compiled these morning routine ideas to help you meet your needs best.

Also, I have a post on 5 steps to build a morning routine that is best for you, this will help you create the right morning routine you need.

List of morning routine ideas

Here are 50 morning routine ideas to make a good daily morning routine. These ideas are from 5 types or needs of the morning routine each with 10 morning routine ideas.

morning routine ideas

Productive morning routine ideas

A productive morning routine can include below ideas for a productive morning routine.

  1. Start your day early: To have a productive morning routine it is important that you start your day early,  to reap the benefits of the early morning calmness and head start to getting things done.
  2. Make a To-Do list for the day: Make a to do list for the day that includes a minimum of 3 essential tasks that must be done on the day for you to feel productive. You just have to take your To-Do list and identify 3 main things for the day.
  3. Prioritize your tasks: Don’t just start getting on with work but priority is a task to identify which are the ones that need to be completed first in the morning and use that can be scheduled to the later part of the day to be most productive. You must read my post on How to prioritize work tasks to learn the art of prioritizing.
  4. Do some mediation: To be productive you need to have your mind well-organized and calm. This can be done by meditation. Hence it is highly recommended to include the daily meditation of a few minutes in your morning routine.
  5. Eat the frog: Not literally the frog, but the phrase eat the frog means to take on the most important or the most challenging task for the day first in the morning so that most is accomplished in a day and the easy task can be attended later. As your energy level and the efficiency of mind is much higher in the morning compared to the later part of the day.
  6. Listen to good podcasts: Including listening to good podcasts about your field of work or passion in your morning routine will motivate you intellectually and allow you to learn more. Include podcast listening while commuting or while doing some mundane activities so that you can make the best use of your time.
  7. Take cold shower: If you find it difficult getting a head start in morning you must include taking a cold shower in your morning routine there have been many studies which have identified that taking a cold shower wakes up your body and improve alertness.
  8. Reflect on yesterday: To have a productive morning you should start your day by reflecting on yesterday. This will help you realize the amount of time you spend on different things and those that could not be completed yesterday and let you be more intentional today.
  9. Do something creative: Try to do something creative during your morning routine as doing creative activities stimulate your brain to function well. 
  10. Organize your workspace: To be productive, organizing your workspace should be part of your morning routine so that you can start your day in a well organized manner. It brings more   calmness and  clarity throughout the day. P.S. you must read my post 18 Tips to be organized at work to be better organized.

Healthy morning routine ideas

Morning routine must include activities that bring wellness to your physical and mental status. Here are some healthy morning routine ideas for you are focus is to have a healthy morning routine.

  1. Start day with a glass of water: The first thing that you should do in the morning is to have a full glass of water. It cleans your system. You can also try warm water or water with fruits infused.
  2. Do some exercise: Include some sort of physical exercise in your morning routine. You may be well aware that there are many benefits of exercising but including it in your morning routine ensures you do not miss it.
  3. Have some dry fruits before breakfast : Have some nuts and dry fruits everyday before breakfast to ensure that your micronutrient requirements are complete, they provide many health benefits and are easy to consume. You can choose to consume a different kind of nut each day just to ensure you get a comprehensive intake of nutrients. 
  4. Read a book: Try to read a few pages of a book each day in the morning This will help to keep your mind and brain healthy
  5. Try Zumba: If you are bored of the conventional exercises you can try to include zumba in your morning routine,  it lets you have a fun start for the day at the same time fulfill your exercise needs.
  6. Have a healthy breakfast: Include a wholesome and nutritional breakfast in your morning routine. Breakfast is suggested by many to be the most important meal of the day and hence it must definitely be part of your healthy morning routine
  7. Follow a skincare routine: To be healthy you must also take care of your skin. Having a brief skin care routine suitable to your skin type and the weather should be part of your healthy morning routine.
  8. Check on your emotions: Health is not just about your body but also about your emotions. If you do not feel healthy you are emotionally disturbed, so as part of your morning routine include a few minutes to emotionally check on yourself and understand how you feel emotionally.  You can also keep a trackers for the  same, if you feel you need to work on your emotional well being. 
  9. Do an act of kindness: Try to do a small act of kindness each day it helps in your emotional well being and bring positivity to your day.

Morning routine ideas for success 

Many successful people put a great emphasis on their good morning habits. Here are some ideas of things that you must include in your morning routine to be more successful.

  1. Plan your day: As part of your morning routine you should include planning your day to be more focused and strategic. It should include all the tasks and other important things with a tentative time of the day when it would be done.
  2. Work on a crossword puzzle: You can include an activity of solving crossword puzzles or other brain challenging activities in your morning routine tips to sharpen your brain and at the same time take your mind off things to do and easy time.
  3. Write new ideas: To be successful you must act on ideas that come across your mind. Take some time in the morning to note down all the ideas that come across your mind in a notebook so that you can later on take action towards them.
  4. Learn new skills: To be successful you must keep yourself up with new innovations and keep learning new skills. Pick up a new skill and take small steps to learn it each day by including it in your morning routine will definitely take it to success.
  5. Build success habits: To be successful you must build on some habits that bring success and include one habit in a small way to your morning routine. Small changes each day will make you closer towards your goal. Here is a post where I have listed 10 habits to be successful at work.
  6. Timebox your day: To be successful you must spend your time carefully only towards the things that will help you achieve your goal, time boxing is one of the ways that will help you manage your time well. As part of your morning routine you must time block your day for the most important actions required for the day. You may read my post on Timeboxing at work: An effective way to get the most done to learn how to implement timeboxing.
  7. Catch up on current affairs: As part of your morning routine you can include reading the newspaper, watching to keep yourself abreast with the recent events and affairs.
  8. Find inspiration: To be successful you need to be inspired to do good, so it is good to include things that inspire you as part of your morning routine.
  9. List affirmation: The next idea that you can include in your morning routine for success must be listing and saying affirmation that relates to you. You must be confident and strong headed to be successful. Listing these affirmations can bring great benefits to you.
  10. Try Puttering around:
  11. Have you heard of it before? Well, I had not, puttering around means to spend time in a relaxed way doing small jobs and other things that are not very important. Jeff Bezo’s morning routine includes puttering around, following which people have claimed to be more organized, relaxed.

Here are some morning routine of successful people, if you like to read

Before work morning routine ideas for busy people

Many of us are busy, with less time to devote to a morning routine and morning  hours are just about rushing to work. Here are some before work morning routine ideas to make the best of the little available time at morning

  1. Listen to Ted talks: If you are always on the go and don’t have a lot of time to sit down and focus on a long, in-depth talk but love to know more on life and focus on self growth, then. TED Talks are perfect for this because they are about 20 minutes long mostly, with the jest of the message. You can include it as part of your morning routine by listening to them during the commute before work.
  2. Catch up emails: You can include catching up on your emails as part of the before work morning routine so that you can stay on top of any urgent matters that may have arisen              since the last time you checked. If something is truly important, you can always take a few minutes to respond to it or include it in your plan for the day. Here are Best tips to improve email productivity and How to declutter email quickly
  3. Work on side hustle: You can think of doing a side hustle and include it in your morning routine.You can start by doing some research and find some opportunities that fit in your skills and interests. And decide to dedicate yourself to working on your side hustle each day as part of your morning routine and make it successful enough to skip the corporate life.
  4. Make your bed: Making your bed each morning hardly takes a few minutes. Making it part of your morning routine ensures you have a clean bed welcoming you after a hard working day.
  5. Work on your hobby: If you like to spend time with yourself and feel fulfilled about it. Spending it on a hobby you love in the morning, with a busy life, a few minutes can take you a long way. 
  6. Spend quiet time: With all the hustle and chaos at work and being busy throughout the day, it is a good idea to spend some time being calm and quiet. It gives a sense of peace and reduces overwhelm. 
  7. Pack your lunch: As part of your morning routine, you can include making tiffin for lunch at work. It saves time eating out and gives good nutrition to keep your energy up throughout the day.
  8. Avoid phones or distractions: With limited time before work, avoid the distraction of scrolling on the phone or watching television in the morning to make the most of your time.
  9. Try quick healthy smoothies: If you are in a hurry in the morning, include healthy smoothies or shakes as part of your morning routine, instead of spending time on making breakfast, these are easy to consume and can be carried to work too incase you are late for work.
  10. Wash laundry: Dealing with laundry is one of the most common issues working people face. If you wash laundry each day, you need not spend a lot of time on it on weekends.

Aesthetic morning routine ideas

If you are someone who wishes to have mornings that are more pleasing , brings joy and peace to your day, then should try these aesthetic morning routine ideas.

  1. Welcome sunlight: Start your day by welcoming sunshine, open the curtains or look outside the window to feel the warmth and comfort of the morning sunshine.
  2. Brush your teeth mindfully: While brushing your teeth or doing other basic morning chores, do not rush and feel the things around. Slowly and mindfully do the things they will bring calmness to your day.
  3. Write gratitude: Spend some time listing down things that make you feel grateful or better express gratitude.
  4. Do Journaling: Include journaling in your morning routine, take a journal or notebook and just pour your mind, it gives you better clarity.
  5. Listen to calm music: While doing your morning routine put some calm and relaxing music, it just creates a beautiful  environment for the day.
  6. Spend time with plants: Have some plants around your home, even with small space you can add greenery, including attending to your plants as part of your morning routine. Or just sip your morning coffee with them.
  7. Cuddle your loved ones: There is nothing that can bring more joy and pleasure to your life than cuddling your loved ones. Spend some time in the morning doing it.
  8. Take a walk in green: Take a quick walk around in a park or a space around you that has some greenery and get soaked in it.
  9. Do Yoga: Include yoga as part of your morning routine to take care of your body and mind, depending on your needs there are yoga asanas for each one.
  10. Tidy things around: Spend some time tidying your house or work space, not a deep clean but just keeping things tidy. A clean and organized space brings calmness to your mind. Keeping things organized really goes a long way, here are 31 Habits of organized people you need to know.
50 morning routine ideas


So, these are the 50 morning routine ideas that cover 5 types of morning routine, which I am quite sure will cover the needs for many of us. So, get inspired with these lists of morning routine ideas and create your morning routine idea that will best suit you.

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