31 Habits of organized people you need to know

habit of organised people

Do you admire some people and wonder how they manage to keep their life organized. Well, the Habits of organized people is that help them be organized in life and maintain it. If you want to get your life organized and make it sustainable then this post will be of great help to you.

I am sharing with you 31 habits of highly organized people

Habits to get you organized

Becoming an organized person is not a quick result thing, at the same time it is not something that you can not become.

Being organized is often considered as a personal trait as if you are born with the skills, well actually it’s the habits that a person have that make them organized and unorganized. Habits are what you follow repeatedly so much that it becomes part of your subconscious mind and ultimately improve you as a person. 

So if you think you are not a type-A person and being organized is not your cup of tea. Let me break it for you, You can be an organized person and get your life in order with these habits to get organized.

How to become organized person: 31 habits to make you organized

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Habit no. 1: They plan goals

Organized people are so because they have clarity of what they want and have clear goals. Until you know your destination you will not be able to start your journey. So start with setting goals.

Most effective people always set their life or yearly goals. 

You can find help with setting clear goal-setting here: Goal setting and goal planning, that’s actually effective It includes a printable to help you with goal planning around all the major areas of your life.

Habit no. 2: They make plans for the month

Organized people break down the bigger gold into smaller tasks that they can achieve every month.

They also plan the month keeping in mind the task at work they are accountable for and their personal commitments. This gives them clarity on the expectations from the month and also be productive at work.

Habit no.3: They always have a To-Do List maintained

Organized people know that the hustle of busy life will make it difficult for them to remember all the things that they are supposed to do, so rather than rely on memory they make sure to put down all the things to be on To-Do list to get it done and keep things organized.

P.S. You may find this post on 10 ways to make an effective To-Do list helpful.

Habit no. 4: They use weekends to organize

Busy weekdays may hamper your plans and life may not go the way you expect it to be. At times you may even not find it possible to plan your days. Organized people know this well and use weekends to set things in the right order and prepare for the coming week.

You should read 10 productive things to do on weekend to manage a busy week.

Habit no. 5: They have a daily routine.

Routines have a big influence on the quality of your life. It impacts your day and your well-being. Organized people are very mindful of their routines they build a productive routine for the morning, evening, and other parts of life that suit their needs.

I believe routines are a great way of transitioning from one phase of the day to another without spending a lot of effort thinking about what next you do.

If you are looking for some inspiration to build a morning routine you should read How to keep up with morning routine

Habit no. 6: They have a place for everything

Making things organized is not a one-time activity and you have to make sure to maintain things organized. People who are highly organized are well aware of this.

They have houses for everything and build systems to make sure the organization’s plan is sustained.

Habit no. 7: They declutter frequently

Organized people declutter frequently, in fact as and anytime they find something which will not be of importance to them later they instantly discarded it.

This helps to keep things organized and spend less time decluttering later.  The fact is clutter itself is one of the biggest inconveniences in continuing with organized systems.

Habit no. 8: They organize their digital file too

With life getting more digital each day organized people have systems in place to keep their digital files organized too. This includes having a consistent way of storing data files into folders and subfolders and at the same time deleting unwanted and temporary files.

They ensure that the digital files are stored in a manner that they are instantly retrievable and they do not spend a lot of time searching it.

Habit no. 9: They have files and folders to keep papers organized

Organized people maintain files and folders to keep their papers organized. They maintain good segregation of various documents and have a habit of instantly sorting papers. They have systems of sorting, labeling, and filing paper.

Habit no.10: They always put appointments on the scheduler

Organized people don’t miss appointments and meetings. They use a physical or digital scheduler to keep a tab on all important appointments and major events.

Habit no.11: They follow minimalism

Organized people are well aware of the fact that the less they will have to deal with the easier it is to be organized. Being minimalist does not only help in living a simple life but also makes it easier for you to organize things.

Habit no.12: They don’t procrastinate

One of the biggest reasons for being unorganized is procrastinating. It can be procrastinating to keep the papers in the right file or decluttering and keeping things in the right place.

Even the best systems of organization fail if they are not followed and maintained. Hence organized people do not procrastinate to keep things the right way.

P.S. Need help to stop procrastination- Understanding Procrastination And Effective Solution To Stop Procrastinating

Habit no.13: They know to reset after a mess

Unforeseen conditions in life put even the best organization system out of order and make things miss even for a very organized person. But organized people have ways to reset and get things back in order. They are aware that sometimes things go out of hand and know how to restore it back to order.

To reset things in order at work and house checkout

5 Steps to reset your work-life after busy times

How to get household back on track after busy times

Habit no.14: They keep their emails organized

Organized people know a fact that email takes a lot of time during work hours and searching for emails during the need may get difficult and waste a lot of the time hence they keep the emails organized in a way that suits their needs.

To organize your emails and manage them productively read How to declutter email quickly and Best tips to improve email productivity.

Habit no.15: They prioritize task

Organized people have habits to prioritize tasks to be more efficient and spend their time over things that really matter to them. They often spend some time going through all the tasks they need to get done and prioritizing them. For more details on How to prioritize work tasks.

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Habit no.16: They plan for the next day

It’s a very good habit to plan for your next day the previous night this helps to reduce the anxiety one may feel for the unfinished work and gives you the clarity to start with the right work the next day. It let you work on tasks that are more meaningful and have a high value.

Habit no.17: They plan meals

One of the questions that we all face every day is wondering about the meal.  Organized people have their meals planned for an entire week, in fact, they even spend some time pre-prepping the meal to make cooking easier for the other days.

Planning meals make it easier for you to make sure required groceries are available and make healthy food an available option rather than take out.

Habit no.18: They use a planner

Organized people always have a paper or a digital planner that they swear by. They use it to take note of all the things that they need to do, keep their study and meeting notes organized, and plan different tasks. They also use it for brain dump and keep all the thoughts and references in one place.

Habit no.19: They keep backup

Organized people always keep a backup of important information and documents. They routinely plan for backup sessions to update with new records.

Where ever possible they keep their important data on the cloud or shared drive to reduce additional work of taking backups.

Habit no. 20: They make a master list

Being organized is a lot of work and organized people are well aware of this, so to reduce their effort on making list all the time they make a master list.

This is a list of various activities that they do daily or periodically so that they need not spend time making them over and over again. Some of the common master lists that can be prepared are grocery lists, monthly task lists, weekly task lists.

Habit no. 21: They keep passwords organized

In today’s day and age where every login requires a strong password, it gets very difficult to remember all the passwords, organized people understand this situation and they have ways for managing passwords.

They either maintain all in one secured document or they use specific password managing tools such as google password manager or Zoho vault, there are many options to manage passwords.

Habit no. 22: They declutter phone

Organized people do not restrict the activity of organizing things only at work and home but also apply it to their personal life and spend time to declutter your phone as it is one of the most used devices and accumulate a lot of photos, messages, forwards that are not essential.

Habit no. 23: They keep checklist

Organized people make a specific checklist for various common activities and try to make it uniform and comprehensive to accommodate all the requisites in a checklist format. 

This ensures that all the things required to be completed for an activity are covered and nothing is forgotten. It reduces the time and effort required repeatedly making a task list and spending effort to remember, as through checklist it will be consolidated and consistently available for the references. Some of the common checklists that can be made are the cleaning checklist, meal prep checklist,  travel checklist.

My husband travels frequently for work and every time I pack his travel bag I need to think of things to pack and would recheck to ensure nothing is missed. But once I made a checklist it was so easy as I can just mark a check what is packed and don’t need to spend time thinking.

Habit no. 24: They keep trackers

With many things to take care at life, we often lose track of things and find ourselves in an overwhelming situation. Organized people keep trackers for different activities to help them trace their progress and reflect back. Some of the trackers that may be helpful are having task trackers project trackers expense trackers.

Habit no. 25: They clean the workspace daily

Having a clean workspace offers many benefits, it increases your productivity reduces overwhelm, and helps you focus on your work better. Highly organized people have a habit of daily cleaning their work desk at the end of the day, this includes keeping all the papers in the respective folder, they put stationeries, devices, and books at the designated place.

 This lets to start fresh the next day and you will not need to spend a long time over organization later.

Habit no. 26: They timebox for efficiency

Timeboxing is a great way to manage time better and increase your productivity organized people plan their work on the basis of priority and time box a specific amount of time for each activity to ensure your things are done.

Want to try timeboxing read: Timeboxing at work: An effective way to get the most done

Habit no. 27: They set reminders

Organized people have a habit of setting up reminders for various important things, it is very obvious for us to forget appointments and important events and things to do with the routine life work.

Having the habit of sitting in alarm for appointments and meeting and even important task that are time-bound allow you to be on the trite track. You can even set an advance reminder for the preparation required to be done for the event.

Habit no. 28: They do a brain dump

Quite often we get befuddled, there are many things to take care of so much so that we are even unable to identify the things that we do need to do, getting things right, and the emotions that we feel. In such a situation organized people do a brain dump to clear the head and plan the next steps.

Habit no. 29: They maintain meeting and project notes

One of the habits of organized people that make them very successful at work is the habit of taking notes at meetings and making project notes. It keeps them be on top of information,  be prepared, and, help them track their progress.

Habit no. 30: They keep a bucket list

Has it ever happened with you, that you want to do certain things but when the time comes you are lost? It used to happen frequently with me that I would think of eating at a particular restaurant or watching a particular movie or want to go out to someplace. But when I actually have the opportunity to do it I will be wondering about it.

After several such incidents, I have started to make a bucket list for all such things, this can be bucket lists for movies, books to read, places to visit, and restaurants to explore.

Keeping a bucket list makes it so easier to plan my leisure and personal time. 

Habit no.31: They have a cleaning schedule

One cannot be organized if your surroundings are not clean. To maintain the organization system keeping things clean is very essential. Hence organized people always have a cleaning schedule to maintain a clean environment and to ensure everything is covered.

They do daily cleaning for frequent use are and occasionally deep cleaning. Build a cleaning schedule that suits your need and is easy to follow.

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Habits of organized people


So, these are different habits that distinguish organized people from the unorganized. This might sound simple but are very effective and eventually give the compound effect of making you a very organized person.

Hope you find this helpful, now that you are aware of this pick one at a time and start your journey from overwhelmed and unorganized to a very organized person who is able to manage things very effectively.

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