How to be “that girl”- The ultimate guide

how to be that girl

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“That Girl” is in trend. You must have seen it on social media. But most show that girl as someone who wakes up early, heads to gym and has green smoothies. Although there is nothing wrong about it, I feel that it is like making clones of “that girl”. That girl is not some other girl that we have to envy and try hard to be like them but That girl is a better version of ourselves. It is not trying to be like another girl on tik-tok but a newer, evolved you making her dream life true.

So, If you are wondering how to be “that girl” stay tuned as in this post I am sharing 12 tips to be that girl.

So, let’s dive into Being that girl and transform our life.

What does being that girl mean?

Before we start with how to be “that girl”. Let’s first understand what it means to be that girl. That girl is someone who 

  • Always is on a journey to improve herself
  • She prioritize herself
  • She is confident
  • She brings positivity around
  • Inspires others
  • Have her life in control ( or making best effort to do it)
  • She carries herself well
  • She is great at work or studies
  • And nurtures her mind- body -soul

That girl is not about being some other girl but making the best version of yourself ( that girl) you have always dreamt to be.

I am sure you are able to picture what that girl is like. So, let’s start with turning you into that girl.

How to become that girl in 2023

Here are 12 tips to make you that girl.

Tip 1: That girl knows what she wants

To be that girl you should know what you want from life. You will not have clarity and be that girl until you know what exactly are your life priorities. You can surely follow some YouTube videos of that girl’s life but that is her life. It may not be beneficial for you. So, being clear with your life goals and your “that girl” persona is very important on your journey to be that girl.

So, do some brainstorming and set some goals to make a better life. I suggest making a vision board. It will give you clarity, a direction to work and displaying the vision board will inspire you on your mission to become that girl and manifest your dream life.

You can read my post, 5 Steps to create a Vision board that manifests

 your dream life, it includes a free vision board planner to help you get started.

I also highly recommend you to set some goals and plan action to achieve them, as you meet our goals you will get more confident. Challenge your potential to make progress in your life.

P.S You may like to read my post Goal setting and goal planning, that’s actually effective.

Tip 2: That girl don’t worry about others

That girl has a vision for life and works towards fulfilling it. You cannot distract yourself by the opinion of others or restrict yourself from taking actions worried about what others think. Unless you are hurting others that is no right and wrong. The thing that is right for you may be wrong for others. You have to make your life choice and not decide on the basis of others’ liking. For me even if I make a wrong decision it doesn’t bother me much because I own it but when I do something that others would want me to do and it goes wrong I regret it hard as it was not what I believed in and did because of others and I have to deal with it.

It’s human tendency to seek validation from others but the more you do it the more power you are giving others about your life. Seeking validation from others, lowers our confidence, brings stress and hampers your creativity. So, stop seeking validation from others. You don’t want to be another brick in the wall, you want to be that girl whom others admire. It’s ok to discuss with a few selective people who have knowledge on matters under discussion but ultimately everything should be your decision.

Tip 3: That girl take care of herself

That girl prioritizes herself, she knows that she has to be in good health, take care of her mental health. You should work on building healthy habits and develop a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, eating a balanced diet, and getting enough sleep and keeping yourself hydrated. You should work on taking care of your physical, mental and emotional health.

You can also include meditation in your daily routine to reduce stress and bring more calmness in your life. You should regularly pamper yourself as self care practice and reward yourself for achievements. It is very important to feel good about yourself to be that girl. 

Tip 4: That girl learns to improve herself

That girl is always on a journey to make herself better which means you have to always be learning. There are many ways to keep learning.

It can be enrolling for a new course to level up your skills at work or getting additional qualification to move forward in your career.

It can be reading self help books to make yourself better and develop soft skills.

It can be taking up a new hobby just to feel more creative and have productive use of your time outside work.

If you struggle with finding time you can also listen to podcasts to keep yourself updated.

Tip 5: That girl manages her time well

To be that girl you need to do many things. Basically you need to be a superwoman, be good at work or studies, take care of yourself and work on making yourself better. All this is not possible if you do not plan well and manage your time effectively. Here are a few ways to help you manage your time effectively and be productive.

Make To-Do lists:

You should have a To- Do List to stay on top of things. By having a To-Do list you do not stress yourself by remembering everything, plan your work more effectively and motivate yourself to work. You should read my post on 10 Ways to Make An Effective To-Do List to start with making a To-Do list the right way. 

For most repetitive task you can make master To-Do lists to save time, Here are 20 Lists to make to organize your life and 12 Master Lists you must make to be organized at work.

Prioritize your work:

That girls work smart and not hard. You can do this by prioritizing your work well and working on things that bring the most benefit. Without prioritizing you can easily get carried away to do things that are urgent but may not be important. Learn How to prioritize work tasks to work more efficiently.

Plan in advance: 

To be productive and ensure all is done, plan in advance. You should do a monthly goal setting to make sure all our big goals are not forgotten in routine tasks. Have a monthly planning routine for a better life and break your bigger goals into small goals and plan them with other tasks every week with weekly planning. You may like to read Weekly planning secrets for work life balance.

Make each day productive:

To manage your time well plan your day in advance preferably the night before so you can start the day ahead by getting the work done and not waste any time. Learn How to have a productive day to make the most of your day.

Tip 6: That girl inspires herself

Being that girl needs motivation, it is not easy to have all things under control and be a superwoman but being inspired refuels it. You don’t need inspiration just to get things done but to make the right choices in life. 

There are ways to keep yourself inspired, it can be taking the time to do something that energizes you and can help you stay focused and motivated.

Reading inspirational quotes and listening to motivational talks also, help in inspiring you. Reading biographies and listening to interviews of people you admire is very helpful to spark inspiration 

I feel inspired by looking at my vision board and observing the inspiring things people around me are doing. Sometimes, a smiling cab driver inspires me to be kind and grateful for my life.

Tip 7: That girl is persistent

Persistence is the key to success. To be that girl you should be willing to give your best efforts consistently. It is obvious to get demotivated and give up when things do not go the way we expect them to but continuing to work on your goals and show up for yourself every day even when you do not feel your best is the persistence that makes you that girl.

Tip 8: That girl is a go-getter

That Girl does not make excuses for situations not favoring her. She is a go-getter, she makes all efforts to achieve it and never gives up. To be that girl you must build a mindset striving to achieve your goal irrespective of the situation. You should be ready to face any obstacles and setbacks and overcome the challenges to get what you want. That girl doesn’t cry about not getting support from others or blaming bad luck; she believes in building her future.

Tip 9:That girl has routines and schedules

To be that girl is not easy. You have to take care of many things and the best way to do it is by making the best of your time and building routines. Morning is the most recommended routine, they are proven to bring many positive changes in your life and let you start the day on the right foot. You should build your routines as per your need and not follow others. It is ok to be inspired by the routines of others but it is beneficial to create your morning routine that is best suitable to your needs and lifestyle.

Tip 10: That girl is organized

Here are 5 steps to build a morning routine before work that is best for you, not sure about things to do in your morning routine, you can get inspired from 50 Good morning routine ideas.

Being organized and systematic saves you a lot of time and makes you productive.You cannot focus on making yourself better if you are all over the place. A messy space and an unorganized way of working will not help you meet your goal of being that girl. Being organized is a habit to be inculcated and that girl definitely knows about it. Here are 31 Habits of organized people you need to know.

Being organized is not as difficult as you think. You can start small and gradually proceed. Here is my post: How to organize your life and make it better and 18 tips to be super organized at work.

When you are organized it reflects in your personality and you are perceived by others as more reliable.

While working ensure your work desk is well organized to be more focused and efficient at work. Here are 14 Tips to organize your work desk.

Tip 11: That girl reflect back to her life

Being that girl is all about being a better version of yourself. And to be better you must reflect on your life to review your habits, routines, and time spent to know if you are on the  right path. Reflecting back helps you evaluate proactively any changes you need to make before any damage.

It is like sharing feedback with yourself to improve. I like to do a monthly review before I plan for the next month, so that I don’t make the same mistakes in the new month or have better ways of working in the new month. Here is How I do Monthly reflection quickly and here are 100 end of month reflection questions for self-review to help you.

Tip 12: That girl dress well

Try to dress well, it is not about looking good but about feeling good. You need not have branded clothes and spend hours dressing in the morning. But simply wearing clean and comfortable clothes is a good start. Even if you are staying home, getting dressed up and  doing basic skin care will make you feel good. Dressing well is an act of self love rather than looking good for others. 


So these are the 12 ways in which you can transform yourself into that girl you always dream of. Now, you know how to be “that girl”, so get started with changing your life. Remember to start small and gradually move forward. 

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