100 simple ways to simplify your life

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How to simplify life? Is a tricky question. Each of us has a unique lifestyle and situation, so a simple life is different for everyone. But you need not be overwhelmed by this, as in this post I am sharing with you 100 ways to simplify life. Here are 10 ways to simplify life in 10 major aspects of YOUR life, to make it easier for you. These are simple and practical to implement and will surely spark some inspiration for you to simplify your life and make it more meaningful and enjoyable.

Let’s dive deep into simplifying life.

Why you need to simplify life?

Life has many aspects, you try to manage one you may lose track of others. So, in my opinion the best possible way to have a happy life is to live a simple life. With a simplified life you will have less things to worry about and more freedom to enjoy life.

Simplified life is

  • Less of clutter
  • Less expensive
  • Less vulnerable
  • Less of worries

How to simplify life?

As life has many aspects that contribute to the feeling of a happy and fulfilled life. In order to simplify life you must focus on simplifying the areas of life that are most relatable to you. In this post I share 10 aspects of life each with 10 ways to simplify your life. So, you have an option to choose from 100 simple ways to simplify life. 

100 simple ways to simplify your life

Simplifying life can seem like a daunting task, but it can actually be quite easy if you start with small steps of changes in the area that feels more complicated. Here are 100 hacks to simplify your life.

ways to simplify your life

I) Ways to simplify your life at home

Here are 10 ways to simplify your life by simplifying your home

1. Split  house chores to different days

Find the most frequent chores of the house and split them into small tasks on different days rather than doing them all together. Best example of this is to do laundry in small batches frequently rather than doing it once a week.

2. Have house for everything in house

To keep the house organized and functional make sure you have designated space for each and every thing at the house. This makes cleaning and finding items easy and makes  your house look neat and clutter free.

3. Have declutter schedule

It is very important to purge your house of the unwanted stuff to keep things clean and make space for a new item. Do not leave decluttering of the house to motivation but rather schedule it. You can do it once every quarter for the whole house or do it once a month for each section to ensure your house is always clutter free and your life is easy.

4. Have cleaning schedule

Make a cleaning schedule for every cleaning activity. Split the cleaning activities to different days of week to make a weekly cleaning schedule. Less often things can be done on a monthly and quarterly basis. You must make a schedule for it to make cleaning simplified for you.

5. Plan your meals

Meals are an integral part of life, in order to simplify your life it is essential to have your meals simplified, you can do this by planning meals in advance. By doing so you need not worry about meals everyday.  You can include healthy eating options in your diet and restrict yourself from junk and processed food.

6. Keep running grocery list

Always make a list of grocery items before you go to shop. This simplifies grocery shopping by avoiding waste of time and impulsive buying. Keep the list handy and displayed in your kitchen so that you can keep adding items to it as you identify.

7. Clear left out and expired items

Look out for spoiled food or leftovers and clear them immediately. The last thing you would want is to have spoiled food lying in your fridge and contaminating others. Look out for every expired medicine, food product or cosmetics and discard them to avoid any consequence by their use.

8. Quick house cleaning before sleep

At the end of each day just do a 10 min quick house clean up to keep things back to place in the common house area like the living room, kitchen to keep the house organized and to have a fresh start to a new day.

9. List out all the house task and display

There are many tasks that are  required to run the house smoothly and it is very easy for you to miss out a few, to keep things simple, list out all the house tasks from the most basic routine tasks to the most important, less frequent tasks at glance so that you would not miss on any of them and can plan them well.

10. Keep kitchen counter always clean

Always have your kitchen cooking counter clean and clutter free. Try to keep things back to place while making meals and put the dishes away. 

At the end of day, give a quick wipe to the counter, this will keep the kitchen clean and hygienic.

II) Ways to Simplify your life at work

Here are 10 ways to Simplify life at work

1. Try to complete the task before switching

While working try to complete that task at hand before switching to the next one, If the work is huge try to break it into smaller tasks. When you keep switching from one task to another  you lose your focus and take time to reeling your thoughts, this results in delay in work. Also, you end up feeling overwhelmed.

2. Take breaks and plan vacation

Take a few minute break in between the work to refresh yourself and then start a new task. Also, take a break from work and plan vacations or simply stay at home to rejuvenate yourself. Taking a break to recharge yourself is a good way to deal with work stress and simplify life.

3. Use a planner

Use a planner or a notebook specifically to be used for work, Keep the book handy and make sure to take notes on discussions and meetings at work to keep yourself organized and be at top of work.

4. Allow yourself to be a beginner

Life is all about learning and at work we come across many new changes and advancement in the way of work and with the advent of technology. Embrace the improvement and at the same time extend grace to yourself and allow yourself to be a beginner and learn. You cannot be perfect at all things and there is always a learning curve which you should not be ashamed of.

5. Use digital calendars

Use a digital calendar at work that is synced with your emails, so that all the meetings and appointments can be traced. You can set reminders for important events and task completion dates. Digital calendars are also good for practicing timeboxing at work.

6. Be organized at work

One of the best ways to make life at work simpler is to be organized at work. By being organized at work you remove things that can waste your time and delay work, your productivity is improved with organized workflow and you always stay at the top of tasks. You must read my post on 18 tips to be organized at work.

7. Learn to say no

Often at work when we are approached by coworkers and superior for work, we are unable to say ” no ”. We don’t want to be rude to others, create conflict at work or disappoint our seniors. Many take advantage of this behavior and keep giving you work. This makes your life difficult at work and adds stress as you have many things to do. Learning to say no, can simplify your life at work by avoiding you landing up with many tasks. You should say no to any work that you feel is not under your scope of work or is aligned with your goals.

8. Make master To-Do list

Make a master To-do list of things to do at work, so that you are on top of tasks and never miss any timelines. You can simplify and organize your life at work with master list that are specific to your role and needs. You can read my post on 12 Master Lists you must make to be organized at work for ideas and inspiration on master list you can make at work to organize your life.

9. Follow time boxing to be productive

Time boxing is a time management technique, wherein you assign a specified time to a task and focus to complete it at that time. If you are someone who finds yourself spending too much time to complete tasks or have many things to take care of, timeboxing can really simplify your life.

To use timeboxing and know tips to practice the same at work you must read my post on Timeboxing at work: An effective way to get the most done.

10. Stay away from toxic workers

It is very difficult to find friends at work and to be honest one must not expect to find good friends at work. But at times you end up with difficult coworkers. They may make your life at work difficult and create problems for you on a daily basis. Thus to keep your life simple it is best to avoid them. If you need help with  toxic coworkers, you must read my post on  12 effective strategies to deal with negative coworkers.

III) Ways to Simplify your life with planning

Here are 10 ways to simplify your life with the help of planning

1. Reduce your goals

When planning your goals don’t go over ambitious. Identify fewer goals that will make an impact on your life, and make you feel fulfilled. You make yourself overwhelmed by making many goals. Hence to keep life simple, make few key goals that are attainable and focus to achieve them rather than spreading yourself thin.

2. Make a vision board

You must make a vision board for yourself to get clarity on the way you wish your life to be. Having this clarity makes your life easier and you can define your goals well, and make decisions on a routine basis to be aligned with this vision. You must read my post on Steps to create Vision board that manifest your dream life. It includes a free printable to help you make your own vision board.

3. Have monthly planning routine

You can lose track of your goals and vision for life with the routines of life, hence the best way to realign yourself and simplify your life is to have a monthly routine to plan. Each month must be planned with small goals and major events to ensure you are well prepared and keep your life simple. P.S you may like to read my post on Monthly Goal Planning for Balanced Life under 30 min.

4. Set goals for yourself

Life cannot be all about being in your comfort zone, to grow in your life and make it more fulfilled, you must try to extend yourself to work on new things and set realistic goals that are attainable and at the same time challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. You must set goals for key areas of your life, although goals can be planned at any time of life, it is often more boosting to do them at new year. I have written a post on Goal setting and goal planning for the New Year, that’s actually effective, it has a free printable to plan your goals.

5. Do monthly reflections

To make your life simpler,  you must reflect back at your life, better understand the path in which your life is leading  and self check through your expectations with it. At reflection you can evaluate things that are beneficial for you and those that need more attention. 

It is best to do them on a monthly basis. Self reflection is a key aspect to planning and is not much spoken about. To keep your life simple, I highly recommend doing monthly planning.

If you are wondering what to reflect about here are 100 end of month reflection questions for self-review to guide you, also you may read How to do Monthly reflection for more details.

6. Plan your week ahead

One of the best ways to simplify your life is by doing weekly planning. At the end of the week. plan for the coming week and try to do preparation for the same. It will help you deal with the coming week better and simplify your life. You may like to read my post on Weekly planning secrets for work life balance to know more on weekly planning.

7. Build Routines

You can simplify your life with routines. Routines are a set of things that you do repeatedly and include things and tasks that need to be done frequently. And hence they make your life easy by removing the overwhelm of planning and bring more permanent changes in life. You build routines for morning, evening, skin care, and the weekend. Start with one that makes more sense to you.

P.S: You may like 5 steps to build a morning routine before work that is best for you.Simple After work evening routine to keep you sane and Weekend routine of working mom

8. Always carry notebook

Carry a notebook with you always to take notes of things to do as and when you come across or remember to avoid stress on your brain to remember anything.

9. Make To-Do list

Always keep a running To-Do list to stay at top of your tasks and never forget things. It also helps you with planning. This simplified your life and planning of the same.

Here are 10 Ways To Make An Effective To-Do List

10. Learn to prioritize

With many things to do in life, you must learn the art of prioritizing. With prioritization, you can make the right decision in selecting the task to do and be able to handle situations better. This significantly helps in simplifying your life.

P.S read How to prioritize work tasks.

IV) Ways to simplify your digital life

Here are 1O  things that you can do to simplify your digital life and in turn simplify your life

1. Organize your phone and laptop

Keep your digital gadgets like, laptop, tablet, mobiles organized. Create folders based on the file categories and the ease of use. To keep all the data organized and easily retrievable when required.

2. Delete shopping apps

You must delete shopping apps from your phone, to stop wasting time on scrolling through the large options to shopping available and to also, avoid impulse buying. If deleting an app is not an option try to switch off the app notification so that you do not get tempted with each sale notification.

3. Declutter your phone regularly

You must try to declutter your phone on a regular basis, depending on the frequency of usage you can do it quarterly or 6 monthly basis. You can get rid of files and photos that are not of use. You can also remove the least used apps from your phone. This help your phone performance and breakdown due to space issues.

4.Unsubscribe from email lists

You must occasionally look out for different marketing emails that you are not interested to receive or subscriptions that do not feel valuable to you any more to be received and unsubscribe from them. They are often junk in your inbox and due to these you may miss on important emails.

You must read my post on How to declutter email quickly

5. Keep your email organized and inbox clear

Always keep your email inbox organized and have 0 emails to read. When you have many emails to read, it makes you anxious and adds to stress. Dealing with emails is one of the most time consuming and tedious tasks for many working professionals. Keeping emails organized helps in quick retrieval and keeps you productive. 

You must read my post on Best tips to improve email productivity, to make the best of the time spent with emails and simplify your life.

6. Delete unwanted photos

Occasionally take time to delete unwanted photos, these can be some random forwards photos clicked for reference or multiple clicks. These are photos that do not have any value to you after the served purpose and just take up space on your device.

7. Don’t check email frequently

If you are a working professional this can be a real time sucker. Many of us waste our time answering email and not doing productive things that actually matter. This is a waste of time and also affects the work focus. Hence it is important to make a schedule to check email at the most twice a day and not frequently to simplify your life.

8. Limit screen time

The amount of time that you spend on digital devices like laptop, mobile phones is increasing each day with everything going digital. Reducing screen time has many benefits, it saves time, lets you work on things that are essential, it is good for your eyes too and affects your overall well being. So limiting your screen time is a good start to simplify your life.

9. Sync and integrate digital tools

Wherever possible try to sync your email accounts and with other apps. This helps in receiving notifications and has the added advantage to sync all the details together. Your calendar will also get updated with events and reminders and you save time on duplicating the data in different places. This is a great way to simplify life especially in the digital age. 

10. Back up important data

The last thing you would like to happen is loss of data. You must on a monthly basis backup your data on external devices or sync for cloud backup. All your crucial data must be stored on an online cloud base device like Google Drive so that you can access it anytime and from anywhere. Backing up your data is really required to simplify your digital life.

V) Ways to simplify your mind

Here are 1O  things that you can do to simplify your mind  and in turn simplify your life.

1. Read self help books

Reading self help books brings a different perspective to you and helps you simplify your mind, helps in self improvement and brings simplification and progress to your life.

2. Slow down

With a fast pace of life this is a difficult thing to do. But to bring peace, calmness and intention to your life it is very essential for you to slow down in life, simplify your mind and life.

3. Identify things set up back

To simplify your life you must not work only on things that bring simplification to your life but also, things that set you back and make your life difficult. Identify such things and try to work on means to avoid them or manage them well.

4. Keep your inner child alive

As kids, things are very exciting for us, we know what brings joy to us and what we dislike, to make life easy make sure to keep your inner child happy. This may not directly make life simpler for you but gives you the grace to deal with adult life and help in overall wellbeing.

5. Be mindful

To simplify your life, be mindful of the things you do and the effect it brings to you, your life and your family. Being mindful with your actions go a long way and help in your wellness, make decisions easy for you and hence simplify your life.

6. Spend some quiet time

To make life simple you must be able to make right decisions, be mindful and intentional, all this can happen only when you connect well with yourself. The best way to do this is to have some quiet time with yourself, to declutter our thought and find yourself.

7. Don’t multitask

A very popular belief to be productive is to multitask  but this adds stress to your mind. Hence to simplify your mind and life, avoid multitasking.

8. Listen Music

Listening to music very frequently helps to take your mind off of work and relax your mind, bringing peace and simplifying your mind.

9. Find your intention

To simplify your life one of the most essential things is to be intentional. Finding your intention with life may sound too deep and difficult but just knowing what you want to do with your life makes a way to simplify your life.

10. Visualize how you want to be

Visualize yourself the way you want to be, the life that you wish to have.. Visualization has great potential. It helps you manifest, make things clearer to you and simplify your life,as you have clear expectations with life.

VI) Ways to simplify your life with organization

Life gets simplified if you are well organized, here are 10 ways to simplify your life with organization.

1.  Simplify your wardrobe

A well organized wardrobe makes getting ready in the morning easy, you need not spend time searching for things. Have a minimalist wardrobe with essential things only to keep your life and style simple.

2. Organize your bags/purses frequently

Frequently clean your wallet, work bag, purse. We end up piling a lot of unessential things in them. This makes it dirty and unhygienic.  Also, keeping them organized makes it easy to find things and accommodate more things in the bag.

3. Sell or donate what you don’t need

To keep your life simple and organized, you must get rid of things that you do not need. You must donate these items to those in need or sell them. This avoid accumulation of clutter.

4. Keep surfaces clear of clutter

A clear work area calms your mind and helps you work effectively. Be it your work desk, kitchen counter or an open space available to you. Studies have found clutter to negatively impact your health. So, Keep surfaces clear of clutter to simplify your life.

5. Have a “to be decided” corner

When you are not clear if you need to get rid of an item or may need it in future. Keep it away for some day in a “to be decided” corner in your house if you don’t reach for it for a long time, you can get rid of them.

6. Go digital and use eBooks

If you are a book lover, you would love to have a book collection laid on a bookshelf. But I highly suggest going digital with books. You spend less, save space and can read any book through your device.

7. Clean up as you go

To maintain things organized, you must put things away as you use them, things not only save time but also help you keep things organized and clean.

8. Make easy to follow organization

When you organize any space try to do it on the basis of functionality and usage. As when organizing the purpose is to keep things easily available, clutter free and not to look beautiful. When you do not organize on the basis of your usage the organization does not last and you end up messy again.

9. Use bins to organize

Bins or baskets are great to organize and simplify your life. You need not go into the nitty gritty of organizing every item, you can simply categorize them and put them all in a basket, they are space friendly, pocket friendly and make the place look instantly organized and clean.

10. Have house for everything

Make sure you have a dedicated space for every item at house, work. This makes cleaning and organization easy, also you can maintain being organized consistently without feeling overwhelmed about it.

VII) Ways to simplify your life with finance

For a simplified life keeping your finance simplified and well managed is very important. Here are 10 ways to Simplify life with finance.

1. Track your spending

At the end of the month track your finances and expenses, this goes a long way to keep a tab on how much you’re spending and ways to keep it under control.

2. Make a budget

Always have a budget for all the financial needs. You need to find your expenses and financial needs and assign an amount of the income available with you. Making a budget is a good way to meet your financial goals.

3. Don’t do impulse shopping

To keep your life simple, never indulge in impulsive buying. I recommend making a lot of things that you need, relook it to know if you really need it, is it worth the purchase and are there any other options to meet the need.

4. Make shopping list

Making a shopping list helps you avoid impulse buying, plan for the need and save for the shopping.  Also, it is good to plan your purchase and wait for any sales of discounts to come.

5. Follow 30 day rule

If you really want to buy an item, wait for 30 days and evaluate during this period if there is really a need for it. If you didn’t feel the need for it you can possibly skip it.

6. Invest systematically 

Make investment plans and systematically invest in them on a monthly basis. Small monthly investments go a long way. Making an investment disciple saves you a lot.

7. Have emergency fund

Find your minimum financial need for a month and try to save at least 6 times the same as an emergency fund. This must not be used ever, and will simplify your life by taking off any unexpected financial trouble.

8. Automate bill payments

Your monthly bill payment, EMI etc. can be automated for payment with your bank. This saves you time to make the payments manually, avoid any issues due to late payment and simplify your life as you need not remember them all the time.

9. Follow envelop methods

If keeping on budget is a problem for you, I recommend you follow the envelope method. Based on the budget you make a cash envelope for each expense and do not spend any money for the expense apart from the destined amount. 

10. Have financial goals

Make financial goals for yourself. Financial goals take a long time to be achieved. So, based on these goals, make small monthly goals and plan on achieving them. Financial goals are often neglected but finance is a big part of our life and required to simplify our life. 

VIII) Ways to simplify your life with habits

Life is all about the intentional and unintentional actions that we do on a daily basis that define our life. So to make life simple here are 10 habits to make life simple.

1.  Quit toxic habits

More than learning and building new habits it is important to unlearn the wrong things. Identify any bad habits that you have and make a goal to quiet them. Here are 10 Toxic habits you must quit today to make life simple

2. Make habit to journal

To make life simple you must be aware of yourself and your intention to set the right path for life. Journaling greatly helps in this. Journaling habits clear your mind and make life simpler.

3. Practice meditation

Build a habit to practice meditation everyday. Meditation brings peace and calmness to your life and makes it easier for you to deal with uncertainties and unexpected situations better, to make life simple.

4. Live in present moment

Worrying about the future and regretting about things in the past do not help, it distracts your focus from life and brings stress. It’s best to focus on doing good in the present and live in the present moment.

5. Learn something new

Try to learn new things in different areas of life. You can choose to learn under your field at work, any hobbies or skill of life, interest. Learning new things in life, help you be abreast with life.

6. Stop complaining and comparison

To keep life simple you must focus on things that are fruitful and productive. Complaining only brings a regressive mindset and negativity. Comparison with others, led to a feeling of scarcity and unfulfillment. Hence it is required that we should not compare and complain about life to keep life simple.

7. Build a habit to relax

Hard work and difficult times can be dealt much better if we are relaxed. Stress and frustration is mostly felt if we are tired and do not relax. You should build a habit to relax on a daily basis rather than relaxing after facing a burnout.

To build a habit to relax you must read 5 step system to help you relax and unwind after a busy day.

8. Practice Gratitude

Build a habit to be grateful and express gratitude. It brings positivity to your life and makes life simpler for you. You can start with a gratitude list too, I often find it helpful to look back through them at difficult times. You can also express gratitude to the people themselves rather than writing them.

9. Build success habits

To make life simple is not about making it easy but to make it more meaningful and less overwhelming. To be more fulfilled in life you must look out for habits that bring success in people’s lives and include themes in your life.

You can read my post of 10 habit to be successful at work.

10. Leave perfection

You should not run after making things perfect, but rather just enough to execute. Oftentimes we stress ourselves to make things perfect and in turn make things difficult for us. Thus, it is good to stop being perfect to make life easy.

IX) Ways to simplify life with health

Health is the most crucial aspect of our life. And taking care of health is of major importance to keep life simple. Here are 10 simple things that you can do to take care of your health and simplify life.

1. Wake up early in the morning

Waking up early has many health benefits, it also impacts your lifestyle, mindset. It makes you more productive, organized. So, waking up early is a good start to a healthy, simplified lifestyle.

2. Eat lunch, breakfast and dinner on time

Having a habit of eating meals on time is a simple way to be healthy. It ensures your body is never starving for nutrition and avoids gastric ailments. It keeps you energetic throughout the day and makes life easy.

3. Schedule Exercise

Exercise is as essential for the body as nutrition, you must schedule in a day a minimum of 30  minutes to exercise. Daily exercise improves your brain health, minimizes risk of disease, and improves your ability to do everyday activities.

4. Be intentional about what you consume

Our body is precious but many times we are not careful with the things we consume. Try to be intentional about the things that we consume, be mindful of the amount of water you drink in a day, fruits you have consumed. Junk food that you eat each day.

5. Take walks frequently

In between the work throughout the day try to take a few min, walk. It refreshes you and keeps you active throughout the day. 

6. Take good rest

Rest helps you rejuvenate and feel better, when you are devoid of rest you feel exhausted and irritable. Taking a good rest directly impacts your mood and stress level. So, even under a situation where rest seems difficult try to take some rest.

7. Drink more water

As trivial as it may sound, keeping yourself hydrated is very beneficial . It helps you regulate your energy, prevent headaches and stress. So, try to have more water each day.

8. Make sleep priority

With a long To-Do list sleep is often neglected, you should prioritize sleep to ensure you get the right amount of sleep. Try to ensure you get at least 6 hrs of sleep each day. Build an evening routine that helps you do most work and transition to an evening routine. Here is an after work evening routine to help you.

9. Take care of your gut

Your gut health has a major role towards digestion, metabolism. Ensure to eat the right food and probiotics to maintain good gut health, as it helps to simplify your life. 

10. Quite processed food

Eat home cooked food, and avoid processed foods, they have added sugar, preservatives. Highly processed food has more calories and less nutrients. Hence for maintaining a simple lifestyle it is best to avoid processed food where possible.

X) Ways to simplify your life at relationships

Here are 1O  things that you can do to simplify your digital life and in turn simplify your life.

1. Don’t get carried away by social media

Keep your expectation with life real and do not get carried away by social media, the life projected on social media is unreal.

2. Don’t force relation

To keep life simple do not force relationships on others, if someone values you or needs you in their life they would make you part of it, you cannot force your expectations on others.

3. Spend quality time with your loved ones

Life is all about spending good time with friends and family, make it a priority to have a good time with them. Plan quality time with your loved ones to keep relationships simple

4. Leave toxic relations

When you don’t feel happy in the company of certain people, or you find them emotionally draining and not respecting you, it is best to stay away from such people to ensure to keep your life simple.

5. Unfollow people on social media

Unfollow people on social media who don’t give good vibes to you.Social media and social influencers have a significant impact on your life. They can affect your perceptions. You should unfollow people that add negativity to you life or make you feel guilty or incapable in any way.

6. Put yourself in others shoe

Before reacting to a given situation, or reciprocating to any person’s behavior, try to put yourself in their shoes and think about their situation, reasons for action and perspective. This will often change the way you think about others.

7. Express your affection

Given a chance, make attempts to express your affection towards the people you care for and love. Simple act of expressing your affection can go a long way to simplify your relationship and life.

8. Don’t judge others

Never judge others, it can often lead to you forming an opinion about other person which may not be true and complicate your relations with them and make life difficult.

9. Respect others choice

Each person has a unique life, and the choice they make. We all like different things in our own way, so respect others choice and decision, this avoids friction in relationships and keeps life simple.

10. Set limits and appreciate others

Set appropriate limits with people, the behavior limits need to be verbally or through behavior conveyed to people. The way people treat you is often defined by you. So, set the right limits with people and at the same time respect others’ limits too. This helps to maintain relations well and avoid complications.


So, these are the 100 simple ways to  simplify life, these include all the major aspects of life that can be simplified to make life simple. These include organization, digital space, planning, finance, habits,  health, home, your mind, your relationships and your work. I am sure if you implement even a few of the ways suggested in this post, your life will be simplified.

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