10 Things for working mom weekend routine

working mom weekend routine

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Are you a working mom juggling life with kids, house management, and work? Here is a working mom weekend routine with 10 Things every working mom must do on weekends for a better week ahead.

Being a working mom is not easy, taking care of kids, managing a house along with balancing your career is a lot of work. But with good planning and management, it is not just doable but you can be a pro at all and be a good working mom. 

The secret to balancing work and life lies in using your weekend effectively for the week ahead. In this post, I am sharing 10 things that I like to do every weekend as a working mom to ensure I am well prepared for the coming week and do not feel guilty about being a working mom and compromising the needs of my child. 

Following this weekend’s schedule will make balancing work and life as a working mom very easy. I am sure these tips will be helpful build a perfect working mom weekend routine for you and make you better prepared for the coming week.

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Let’s have a look at 10 Things to include in a working mom weekend routine

Working mom weekend schedule- Things to do on Sunday

10 things that every working mom must include in her weekend schedule to make the most of it and get prepared for the coming week. Here are 10 Things to add to in working mom weekend routine.

weekend routine for working moms

1: Prepare the daycare bag

When things for my kid are sorted out for the week I am much relaxed. As an adult, if a few things are out of space for us it doesn’t matter much. But when you are not planning for all the things that your kids will need you may bring discomfort to your kids and feel more guilty. 

So the first thing that is most important to do at the weekend is to take care of your kid’s daycare bag.

Ensure that everything that your kid will need for the entire week is packed, by doing it first at the weekend you have a scope to arrange for things in case you fall short of anything. 

There will be certain things that will be required to be given on a daily basis but a few things can be provided in the weekly daycare bag such as an extra set of clothes, diapers, wipes, a bedsheet for naps, some extra snacks, etc. 

You must pack these things in the daycare bag for the entire week and can drop them at the daycare center on Monday, to avoid repetitive things to be provided every day.

To pack a daycare bag perfectly read my post How to Pack Daycare Bag Perfectly.

2: Plan your meals

The next important thing to do on weekends as a working mom is to plan the meals for the entire week. As working moms, we do not have enough time to make scrumptious meals and at the same time, we cannot have take-outs every day or compromise the nutrition of our kids. The best solution to this problem is to plan your meals in advance for the whole week. While planning, include the tiffin and snack for your kids in the plan so that the nutritional requirements of your kids are taken care of.

By planning the meal for the week you do not have to spend time thinking each day about the meal and can immediately start meal preparation without any waste of time. 

Also, you can make sure that the necessary groceries are made available and do some pre-preparation or meal preparation at the weekend for a smooth week ahead.

I do my meal planning using Google Sheet Meal Planner which has an automated grocery list. That makes meal planning and grocery shopping easy. It just takes a few minutes to plan the meal.

Google Sheet Meal Planner and Automated Grocery List


You get a monthly meal planning sheet and an automated grocery list.

  • Monthly Meal Planning Calendar view
  • Weekly Split to allow weekly meal planning and grocery list.
  • Automated Weekly and monthly Grocery shopping Lists generated.
  • Dropdown to select your meals
  • Make your Meal Planning Database and use it forever.
  • Save time and money with this automated sheet.
  • Check the demo video here

3: Reset your house

As busy working moms even with all our attempts to keep the house together, things go out of hand. There may be spills on the counter, and toys in the corners, and at times we have to choose to be with the mess to be at work on time. Weekends are a perfect opportunity to catch back on the chores. You should do a quick rest of the house during the weekend just to make sure everything is in the right order and the house is functional.

You should read my post on How to get your household back on track after busy times for a quick house reset. 

If your house is well organized it saves you time and reduces overwhelm. So, ensuring basic cleaning and organization can help you get some peace as a working mom.

4: Recharge and relax

Weekends must not be used just for work but also to relax and rejuvenate yourself. As working moms, our To-Do lists are never-ending and we tend to use our weekends just for finishing the tasks off the list. But to have a good week ahead, only prepping for work is not sufficient. You must also recharge yourself and take out time to relax.

Try to make time to indulge in your favorite hobby or follow a self-care routine or spend quiet time reading. Depending on your liking and the time available with you, plan for me time, but ensure to take at least a few minutes just for yourself and include relaxation time in your working mom weekend schedule. When I use weekends just for doing work and no time for myself I end up feeling exhausted and frustrated. So, it is fine to skip a task to make time for yourself.

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5: Spend quality time with family

With little or no time available during weekdays, we often do not spend quality time with our loved ones. So, the weekend is a good opportunity to spend a good time with family. Life is all about living small moments with family and friends. 

Try to plan in advance something fun with your spouse, kids, family, or friends so that you can well plan your weekend chores, ensure you do not miss the tasks and at the same time have some quality time with your loved ones.

Even during weekdays you can in small ways try to spend quality time with your loved ones. You may like to read my post on Secrets to spending quality time with your kids in a busy life and How to spend quality time with your partner when you both are busy.

6: Check on kid’s school activities

Just at the start of the weekend or possibly on Friday night have a look at your kid’s activities at school for the next week to make things available at the right time. The last thing you need on Monday morning is to find your kids’ assignment pending or you need a rush for school supplies purchase.

Have a quick look at the next week’s schedule to know if anything is required to be made available. 

Go through their books to know how they progress in their studies. Find if there is any homework to be done, or if there are things at school for which they need your support. 

We need to ensure as working moms, that our absence is not felt and our kids’ academics and extracurriculars are not affected. This is also a good opportunity to spend some good time with your kids and build a bond with them.

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7: Layout clothes for the week

On the weekend, set aside clothes and related items for the entire week. You should do this for yourself and your kids. 

This saves a lot of chaos on the weekday morning, when you are running late and end up searching for the other pair of socks. 

When you are setting the clothes for your kids, you can make small packs for each day, that includes everything for the day such as their dress for school, socks, innerwear, night dress, and school dress so that they don’t need to be dependent on you and you also, don’t spend time looking for little things every now and then.

For yourself too, lay out the accessories, inners, and any other things that you may need for the coming weeks. This saves time during the weekday morning and keeps you well organized and well dressed for work even if you are running late.

8: Catch up with laundry

We are never done with laundry. Although it is good to do your laundry each day, we often miss it. And even if we do them frequently, weekends bring a lot of laundry for working moms, especially from the daycare. So, at weekends, clean up all the laundry and ensure everything required for the coming week is washed and available.

9: Look after kid’s grooming and hygiene needs

The next thing to add to your list of things to do on weekends is to make certain that your kids’ hygiene and grooming are ensured. Things like cutting nails, oil massage to hair, extensive skincare, and hair trimming can be done on weekends. As a working mom, you may not be able to attend to these needs on a daily basis when required, hence it is best to plan them ahead of time at weekends to avoid your kids being unhygienic and looking shabby.

This is essential for infants and toddlers as they are unable to take care of their hygiene and personal grooming themselves and are more prone to infections.

10: Plan your coming week

The next action in your things to do at weekends must be planning your coming week. Weekly planning helps in better time management, but for working moms, it is even more important as it allows you to be well-prepared for the coming days. While planning your week try not to limit it just to your own tasks and work but also consider the plans and activities of your family members to ensure everyone’s needs are accommodated. 

You can display the plan in a common place in the house such as a command center or on the fridge in the kitchen for everyone to know what the week would be like. Also, by displaying it all the family members know when you may not be available or may be too busy.

I like to use a digital planning system for monthly, weekly and daily planning.

Google Sheet Work and Schedule Planner


With this schedule planner, you get a Monthly planner, weekly planner, and a To-do list to help you plan, and track your work easily.

  • Monthly Planning: Plan your month, week, and day with ease. Just add the task and date it will show you the task in the monthly calendar.
  • Monthly Goal planning: Plan your monthly goals and track the % completion
  • Weekly Planning: Plan your week with a weekly routine or weekly appointment for every hour.
  • Daily Task Planner: Plan daily tasks, see automatic task status in 1 glance chart.
  • Prioritize Like a Pro: The Daily Planner helps you prioritize tasks, ensuring you focus on what truly matters.
  • Check the demo video here

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10 things to do on weekend if you are working mom


So, these are the 10 things every working mom must do on weekends, to make their life easier and have a smooth week ahead. Make sure to add these to your working mom weekend routine to make the most of your weekend. You can start doing a few of them and gradually move to do more of them as you get comfortable. Following these will make it easier for you to balance work and life as a working mom. 

Don’t forget to get your weekly planner.

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