How to make a vision board Online for free

How to make a vision board Online for free

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I am a huge fan of vision boards, it is a great tool to manifest your dreams and set goals. Although vision boards are fun to make, they can take up a lot of time and make you spend on getting the supplies. But you can make a vision board online for free. This way you can save your time and still enjoy the fun process of making a beautiful vision board to manifest your dream life. In this post, I am sharing everything that you need to know to make your vision board online.

Let’s create a vision board online.

What is a Digital Vision Board?

I am sure you must have heard of a vision board which is traditionally a paper, chart, or board laying out pictures of your dream life. A digital vision board is the virtual version of this traditional vision board, that serves as a powerful tool for manifesting goals, dreams, and desires.

Your creativity has no bound when you make a digital vision board with loads of benefits and functionality available on a digital platform.

Benefits of making vision board online

Digital vision boards offer few advantages some are here are:

  • Easy creation and updates: Digital vision boards are easy to create, with just a few clicks you can create a vision board online, that can be easily updated as per your liking.
  • More options for visualization and adding elements: The vision board creator can easily visualize the aesthetics of the vision board and add more elements to it to make them more personalized and effective. A digital vision board template makes visualization very easy.
  • Save time: You need not spend a lot of time cutting pictures and pasting them, unlike traditional vision boards. You can easily create a vision board online with a few clicks.
  • More privacy: Due to the digital nature of the vision board created online you need not display them and safeguard your vision board with sufficient privacy.
  • Easy collaboration and sharing: You can easily share your vision board with others for their suggestion and even collaborate for shared goals, best suited for vision boards for couples.
  • Can be with you everywhere: Unlike the traditional vision board that you probably hang in your bedroom. This vision board can be with you anywhere to keep you inspired.

To know more about vision boards or to make a vision board from scratch without going online, read my post How to make a vision board for manifestation.

How to make a Digital Vision Board: create a vision board online

Here are all the steps and details required to make an effective digital vision board online.

how to make digital vision board

Step 1: Find Vision board categories

Making a vision board can be challenging as your entire life goals and dreams need to be considered in the vision board. So, to make the process easier, I highly recommend starting the process by selecting a few of the categories that you would like to focus on.

Breaking down the vision board into categories makes the creation process easier and helps you manifest your vision board more effectively. Start by determining the key areas of your life that you want to focus on, such as career, relationships, health, personal growth, finances, or travel. Each category must represent a unique aspect of your life that you are passionate about and want to nurture.

Honing in on specific categories will help bring clarity and intention to your vision board practice. So take a moment to explore the various categories that resonate with you, and your needs in life and will help you get the successful life you have always envisioned.

Step 2: Vision board goal setting

Once you have identified the categories you must start with goal setting for your vision board. Define goals for each of the categories to get a vision board that really works for you. Setting goals that are realistic and defined outcomes will help you select the right images and elements for your vision board. It allows you to prioritize your goals and allow you to create a vision board that truly reflects your desires and motivations.

I have created a free workbook that you can use to easily identify your goal, you can download it here. To plan your goals and set them in action use the below goal planner.

SMART Goal Planner Spreadsheet


Complete Goal planner designed to break down your big dreams into manageable steps and track your progress.

Can be used for personal, professional, and financial goals

  • Effortless Goal Breakdown
  • Set specific, action-based, timebound goals
  • Easily map your goals and action
  • Monthly goal tracker integrated with action
  • Score your performance
  • Completely automated to track progress easily

You get: Long term goals planner and Monthly Goal planner

Check demo video here

Step 3: Free online Vision Board Creator

Now that you are real about your intentions for making the vision board it’s time to get started with the fun creation process to make a digital vision. There are many options to create a vision board online, you can either use websites, free vision board apps or conventional programs available on your computer. Here are some of the platforms available to make vision boards online for free, some have paid upgrades but may not be necessary.

i) Canva:

It is a free online graphic design tool that can be used for creating aesthetically beautiful designs. You can use it to create a vision board with much ease. The simplicity of use, variety of options and drag and drop feature make it a very convenient option to make a digital vision board. I personally prefer to use Canva, here is the link for the same.

ii) Desygner:

Desygner, a versatile and user-friendly online design platform, provides a seamless and interactive experience, allowing individuals to manifest their aspirations and visualize their future in a visually captivating and powerful way. Here is a link for Desygner.

iii) PicMonkey:

PicMonkey is an exceptional tool for crafting captivating vision boards effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface and diverse range of features, this online graphic design platform empowers individuals to manifest their dreams visually. Here is a link for Picmonkey

iv) Milanote:

Another great option for creating a vision board is Milanote, it is not a graphic-creating tool but allows you to organize your ideas and plans visually. Here is a link for Milanote.

iv) Powerpoint or Google Slides:

If you do not want to opt for any websites and apps you can also use Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides to make your digital vision board. Both tools provide an array of features that can help you bring your digital vision board to life. By leveraging these tools, you can create a visually captivating and personalized vision board

Step 4: Selecting Aesthetic Vision Board Pictures

Now that you are clear on your goals and the platform you would like to choose for making your vision board online, it is time to collect beautiful pictures to make your vision board aesthetic. Selecting aesthetic vision board pictures is an essential step in creating a visually inspiring and meaningful representation of your goals and aspirations.

You must choose images that resonate with you on a deep level and are better if those are real representations of your goal. For example, if you have a goal to get into a particular university you must add a picture of that university, to help you visualize yourself being part of that university.

The pictures you select must evoke emotions, capture your desired lifestyle, and align with your core values. If possible you should try to gather pictures of similar aesthetics, so that your vision board will have a cohesive appearance and bring up the overall aesthetic and message of your vision board. Pictures serve as powerful visual reminders of the life you wish to manifest so, take the time to explore various sources such as magazines, websites, and social media platforms to find the perfect images that speak directly to your soul and inspire you to turn your dreams into reality.

Some online sources to get beautiful images for free for your vision board are below:

Select enough pictures for each category of goals and save them all in a folder for the next step. You can also use Pinterest to collect the images that resonate with you and make a Pinterest vision board.

P.S. You can follow me on Pinterest.

Step 5: Selecting Vision board template

With the pictures ready now it is the time to assemble them as a vision board and bring dreams to reality. To make the process easier pick a template from the platform that you have selected in step 3 most of them offer free vision board templates.

While selecting the template for the vision board consider the overall design and layout of the template, ensure it reflects your personal aesthetic and motivates you to take action. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or a vibrant and colorful design, finding a template that ignites inspiration within you is essential.

Additionally, make sure that all the sections and categories you desire can be included in the template and provide enough space for you to visualize and specify your desires.

I would suggest that you emphasize the layout and not the color theme as most templates allow you to edit the color in a few clicks.

how to create digital vision board

Creating a Vision Board in Canva

Here is a quick guide to help you create a vision board in Canva.

1) Finding template

Go to Canva and sign up for free, next go to the search bar and type vision board. Select the vision board template as in the image below

2) Select your choice of vision board template

Have a good look at the various templates that are suggested and select the one that you like the most. Some of the templates will have pro mark at the bottom right corner, those are paid templates but the others can be used for free. Click on the template you like and start making your vision board.

Note: When you click on the template it will show you the dimensions make sure they are as per your need as with the free account you cannot change the dimensions.

3) Editing the vision board template

To make your vision board, click on Customize this template ( as shown in the previous image) and it will open in the Cava editor. From the left bar click upload, it will open a column with a button to upload files. Click on the upload files option and add all the images that you have saved for the vision board. All the images will get uploaded to Canva

Now go to select your image from the upload bar and drag and drop them to the images in the template where you would like to have them. For elements in the template that are colored, click on them and a color box will appear on the top left, click on the colored box and it will allow you to change the color of your choice in the left edit column.

4) Getting your vision board

Once you are happy with your vision board, go to the share button in the top right corner. Click the button and on the bottom, there will be a download button click it, and from the dropdown select your digital vision board file type such as .jpg, .png, or .pdf and download your vision board. You can use it as such or print it.

Step 6: Make your own vision board template

If you wish to make your own vision board template. You can make it with the help of most of the options mentioned in step 3. If you are familiar with powerpoint or google slide you can start by making your digital vision board without any templates using powerpoint or google slide. Making your own template allow you to select dimensions as per your liking. However, I would not suggest you making from scrath unless you are well aware on using the graphic tools as it way take a lot of your time.

Step 7: Add Affirmation and digital stickers to your digital vision board

Once you have added all the pictures to your vision board based on your goals. It is time to take your vision board to the next level. You can include affirmations and motivational quotes. By including them on your vision board, you’ll remind yourself daily of the amazing person you’re capable of becoming and the goals you aspire to achieve. Additionally, incorporating digital stickers into your vision board can add an extra layer of creativity and fun. These vibrant visuals can represent your aspirations, inspiring you to push past limitations and chase your dream.

Your vision board must make you feel encouraged, and happy and propel you towards your dream life. Putting this extra effort into making your vision board look beautiful and fun makes seem unnecessary but this surely help you feel more passionate about making your dream come true.

P.S. You should try my vision board printable kit below it

Vision Board Kit

Vision Board Printables to make Vision boards for Manifestation Without wasting time. Create Vision Board Quickly with Right Vision Board Pictures


You get: 270 items to add to your vision board

  • Vision board planner/workbook-14 pages
  • 120 + images specific to goals- 17 pages
  • 60+ power words – 6 pages
  • 50+ quotes – 10 pages
  • 30+ cute stickers – 5 pages
  • Affirmation – 1 page

A4 Size, Instant Download, Print as many times as you need

Step 8: Add Personal Touch to your digital vision board

To make your vision board more powerful, it is best to add your personal touch. Adding a touch of uniqueness to your vision board and making it truly reflective of your aspirations and dreams. You can add a personal touch through images, quotes, affirmations, and words for yourself. For example if one of your goals with the vision board is to be more happy add your picture where you are very happy or a moment that makes you feel more positive. If you wish to read more books, add images of the specific books that you wish to read rather than adding general images of a book stack or some reading of a book. You can include your favorite quotes that you may have read.

Adding a personal touch to your vision board allows you to establish a deep connection with your goals and enhances your drive to accomplish them

Step 9: Organize your online vision board

Once you have included all the elements such as pictures, digital stickers, and goals to your vision board. It is now time to have a good look at the vision board and if required organize and rearrange a few things, you can also play around with colors to find one that makes a more pleasing appearance to your vision board. You can move around the quotes and digital stickers to create a more cohesive look for your vision board and make it look more aesthetic.

Step 10: Choose an effective way to display the vision board

To manifest your vision board you must place it somewhere you can frequently have a look at it. With a digital vision board, there are 2 options to display. You can either print of out and have a physical vision board or use your vision board digitally. If you choose to have a physical vision board, your bedroom is one ideal location, where you can wake up and immediately connect with your dreams and aspirations. Another good place to display your vision board is your work desk, so that every time you start your work you will be inspired by looking at your vision board.

If you want to use your vision board digitally, you can make it your computer wallpaper or set it as your mobile or iPad home screen. If you use any work apps like Notion, you can set it as a cover for the same too. So that every time you access your device you will be reminded of your dreams and goals.

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Steps to make vision board online


A vision board is a great tool to manifest your goals, making vision boards online or making a digital vision board allows you to have all the fun things that a vision board and the process of making a vision board has to offer, yet keep it hassle-free and save time.

Now, that you know all about making a vision board online, get started to make a digital vision board and make your dreams come true.

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