5 Steps to Make a Vision Board Journal for Manifestation

how to make a Vision Board Journal

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Want to make a vision board but not share it out loud with everyone? I got your cover, why not make a vision board journal or make a vision board in your notebook? This way your vision board is in your hand wherever you go and you get the best of both, making a vision board and journaling. In this post, I am sharing with your everything that you need to make a bullet journal vision board.

Let’s get started.

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What is a Vision Board Journal?

A vision board journal is a visualization of your goals and dreams like a vision board in your journal or notebook. It combines the power of a vision board with the benefits and creativity of journaling. It is an effective tool to help you visualize your goals, dreams, and aspirations by making a vision board that is private to you in your journal.

Benefits of Bullet Journal Vision Board

  • Gives you clarity: Making a vision board lets you visually represent your desires and dreams and helps to clarify your objectives.
  • Better Privacy: If you are like me you may not like to display your vision board in your dorm room, or bedroom and let everyone know your plans for life. Having a vision board in your journal enables you to keep it private.
  • Make the best of journaling: Making a vision board in your journal allows you to enjoy all the benefits of journaling along with the power of a vision board.
  • Your Vision Board is with you always: A vision board is a great source of motivation. And having it with you in your journal makes it very effective to get your motivation dose any time you feel demotivated.
  • A great creative outlet: While making a vision board is a creative and fun process making it in your notebook and combining journaling skills make it even more fun and creative.
  • Update anytime: Since your vision board is in a journal, it is more flexible and can be updated as per your need anytime.

Can I make a vision board in my diary?

Yes, you can make a vision board in your diary or any notebook. You can make a dedicated notebook just for your vision board and make a new vision board every year. You can also make additional monthly vision boards for each month. Another option is to make a vision board in your daily use dairy for every new year. You can also make a vision board in your bullet journal. Below are all the details to make a vision board in your diary.

How do you make a vision board bullet journal or notebook

Here are all the details to make a vision board in a notebook, bullet journal, or diary.

how to make a vision board in journal

Step 1: Set your goals to make a Vision board journal

The first step to making a vision board is to identify your goals for the vision board. Most commonly a yearly vision board is prepared, hence your goals must be those that can be accomplished within a year time frame. However, you can even make a 5-year vision board or monthly vision board. It is totally your preference.

To start setting your goals you must identify key areas of your life and set goals for each of them to have a comprehensive improvement in your life. Once you’ve identified the categories that resonate with you, envision your dreams and aspirations by setting specific goals for each category. You must set goals that are realistic and define a clear outcome. This way you will be able to make a vision board that aligns with your dream life. This will allow you to prioritize your goals effectively and help you make a vision board that truly reflects your deepest desires.

To plan your goals effectively and make a vision board quickly below is a vision board printables

Vision Board Kit

Vision Board Printables to make Vision boards for Manifestation Without wasting time. Create Vision Board Quickly with Right Vision Board Pictures


You get: 270 items to add to your vision board

  • Vision board planner/workbook-14 pages
  • 120 + images specific to goals- 17 pages
  • 60+ power words – 6 pages
  • 50+ quotes – 10 pages
  • 30+ cute stickers – 5 pages
  • Affirmation – 1 page

A4 Size, Instant Download, Print as many times as you need

Step 2: Collect pictures for Vision Board Journal

Once you are clear on your goals it is time to start collecting pictures that represent your goals. You must choose images that reflect your goals and inspire you. Choose images that truly represent your desires and the pictures should speak to your goals.

Collecting pictures for your vision board journal is probably the most time-consuming task when making a vision board journal. Still, it is the key step, so spend enough time gathering images that represent your goals, make sure the images are positive and have the aesthetics that you would like your vision board to represent. You can save this time with the vision board printable

Alternatively, you can get images from magazines, posters, and stock picture websites for free. Some of the stock image websites that you can refer to are below.

Step 3: Get all the supplies to make a Vision Board Journal

Now that you are clear on your goals and have your pictures identified for the vision board. let’s gather all the supplies you need to make a vision board in a notebook.

1. Choosing a Journal, Notebook for Vision Board:

If you have a blank notebook or diary available with you, you can use it to make your vision board. But in case you are planning to get a new one you need to be clear on how you are planning to use your vision board journal. Here are some options:

  • Want to have just 1 vision board for the year: You should have your vision board at the start of the end of your journal so that each day you can refer to it and the other pages of your journal can be used for everyday tasks, notes, etc. Go for a journal that has enough ruled pages you can try this notebook with 360 pages, if you will not be writing every day you can choose this notebook with 160 pages.
  • Want to have a dedicated notebook just for the vision board: If you want to have a notebook that is just dedicated to the vision board and plan to make it a collection of all your vision board each year, that is also a good option. You will be able to see your progress over the years and how far you have come in life. In this case, you should for a notebook with blank pages that are good quality to retain all the colors and art for a long time. You can try this notebook with quality blank pages.
  • Want to make a Vision Board and do bullet journal: If you are someone who likes to do bullet journaling then you can make your Vision Board in bullet journaling and can even adopt the bullet journaling style to make the vision board. I love this bullet journal, it’s so pretty that you will want to use it for journaling all time, perfect for making your vision in such a pretty, affordable bullet journal.

2. Pictures:

Get all the pictures, cut them into pieces, and shape them as per your liking. If you are getting images from online resources add them to a Word doc and adjust them to your size of choice ( that can be accommodated in your vision board journal) and get them printed.

Collecting pictures for the vision board takes up a lot of time and you may not always get them of good resolution. Moreover after collecting the pictures you need to align them in sheets and get them printed, to save these efforts you can get vision pictures and quotes from Amazon, here is Vision Board Book with 800+ pictures and quotes or use my vision board printable and use as many time as you need

3. Glue and scissors:

You will need glue and scissors too for assembling and sticking together all the pictures and quotes. If it is available you can use different shape scissors to bring more dimensions to your vision board.

4. Washi Tapes:

An optional element to use in your vision board journal is a washi tape. Although it is not necessary to use it can really make your vision board beautiful. If you are making a vision board in a journal, you love journaling and who journals without washi tapes, so I am sure you will definitely have some washi tape to use. I love these Marbel patter washi tapes, they just blend so well in all types of aesthetics and make them look so dreamy.

5. Motivational Stickers:

Adding stickers to your vision board makes it more personal and fun. Adding stickers to your vision board journal instantly lifts it to the next level and makes it more inspiring. To manifest your vision board you must get inspired and motivated by it, adding motivational stickers serve as powerful reminders of your aspirations. And brings a positive vibe to you every time you look at it. You should try these Motivational Stickers, if you are looking for something chic try these Minimalist Vision Board Quote Stickers. You can even use these for journaling or Scrapbooking.

6. Color pens and Glitter pens:

To add a personal touch to your vision board journal and make it more fun use some colored pens. You can write down things that are personal to you, draw something you like, or doodle. I love to use some glitter pens too.

make vision board in bullet journal

Step 4: Make your Vision Board Journal

Now that you have all your supplies ready for making your vision board it’s time to assemble everything. I prefer to use the left and right side pages of the notebook together to get enough space. Before starting, visualize the space available and think of ways you can assemble the images together. You can make a rough section with a pencil for each category of your goals and arrange the pictures to give a try to different ways you can arrange your vision board.

You can also try having one page for each category and make your vision board over several pages in your journal. This way you can add more goals for each category. You may also add more goals as you come across them after making the vision board.

Once you are satisfied with the layout of your vision board you can proceed to stick the images and layout sections with the help of washi tapes. Once you are done with pasting images, go ahead adding motivational stickers to your vision board and write around things in colors.

Step 5: Add a personal touch to your Vision Board Journal

To make your vision board more meaningful and an extension of your dreams, you should bring a personal touch to the vision board. Add words, and quotes that resonate with you and build an emotional connection with the vision board. You can even add your own images to the vision board. Add stickers or draw emojis that reflect the outcome of accomplishing your goals. You can even draw things yourself. Don’t limit yourself and add colors and textures that will bring your personality to the vision board. The overall aesthetic of your vision board should be a reflection of you and your goals.

Manifesting your Vision Board Journal

Now that your vision board is prepared to make the most of it and manifest your vision board. Here are a few things that can help to manifest your vision board:

  • Look at your vision board every day.
  • It is best to look at your vision board just after you get up in the morning or before starting your work to feel motivated.
  • When you look at the vision board look with the perspective of abundance and not scarcity.
  • Get inspired and motivated by the vision board and feel confident to meet the goals.

When to make a Vision Board Journal

You can make a vision board anytime, however, most commonly it is prepared at the start of a new year. Each year you can set new year goals and make a vision board for them. Some even like to make a 5-year vision board for bigger goals that cannot be accomplished in a year or so. You can also make a monthly vision board at the start of each month by breaking your bigger yearly vision board goals into smaller goals.

Pin for Later!

DIY Vision board in notebook


So, now you know how to make a vision board journal and all the things that you would need to make a beautiful vision board. So, start listing your goals and get your creative juices flowing to create a vision board in your notebook that you can take with you everywhere.

Save your time with the vision board kit and plan your goals easily for all areas of your life.

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