Habit Tracker Google Sheets Template- 12 Month, Plant Blossom tree

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Unlock your full potential with the ultimate habit tracker spreadsheet!

No need for handwritten trackers and clunky habit apps

12-Month Habit Tracker Google Sheets Template (Blossom Tree version)


  • One place for all your habit goals
  • Habit needs are different for all, customize this tracker based on your habit needs
  • One glance dashboard to review your habit performance
  • A beautiful Blossom tree will grow every time you meet your habit goal.
  • Track, monthly habits, daily habits, weekly habits, and numeric habit goals.
  • Automated habit performance calculation based on your goals.
  • Automatic date and day update, when you change year. Buy once and use every year
  • Check Demo video here and detailed photos on the left

Tired of struggling to develop good habits and stick to them? Look no further! This Habit Tracker Google Sheets Template for 12 months is here to revolutionize habit building for you.

Imagine effortlessly tracking your daily, weekly, and numeric habits, all in one place. With this Annual Habit Tracker template, you’ll have a clear overview of your progress and be motivated to keep pushing forward. Plus, every week a beautiful Blossom tree will grow on your dashboard, symbolizing your success.


  • Work on any free Gmail account
  • This Habit Tracker Includes
    • Yearly Habit Planner
    • Habit Performance dashboard
    • 12 Monthly Habit Tracker
    • Weekly Habit Tracker
    • Daily Habit Tracker
    • Numeric Habit Tracker
  • Simple Interactive with automated calculations
  • Every week a Blossom tree gets planted at 75% habit completion, a smaller tree at 50% habit completion, and a sapling at 25% habit completion.
  • Easily Identify from the dashboard your best-performing and low-performing months.
  • Date selection in cell and automatic date and day updation

What You Get

Once you purchase you will instantly receive a PDF file with detailed instructions and a link to the habit tracker spreadsheet prefilled with demo data to play and get comfortable to use.


You need to have a free Gmail account

Shop Policy

Due to the digital nature of the product, there will be no refunds. Refer to the images and demo video before purchasing. In case of any doubts or support after purchase, you can reach me at [email protected].


Once you purchase you will directly receive the product in your email inbox.

On purchase, you will receive a pdf file with detailed instructions and a link to download the spreadsheet.

I am very sure you will find this product useful and will not face any issues using it. Unfortunately due to the digital nature of the product return is not possible and hence cannot be refunded. Request you to see the images and demo video before making a purchase. In case of doubt reach me at [email protected]

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