Simple Mood Tracker Spreadsheet

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Track your moods like never before!

12-Month Mood Tracker and Mood Journal Google Sheets Template (with cute emoji)


  • The ultimate tool to track your mood and emotions
  • No need for a complex mood tracker app, use a monthly mood tracker as a mood tracker diary.
  • It not only tracks your mood but also your emotions to help you understand yourself better.
  • There are sections for each day to write in detail about how you feel about the day and use this as your mood journal.
  • With automatic calculations and graphs, you can quickly review your mood and emotions for the month and understand your mood pattern.
  • It automatically displays your most frequent mood for the month.
  • Check the demo video here and the detailed photos on the left

Introducing digital mood tracker – the ultimate tool to help you stay on top of your emotions and track your mood effortlessly. With a user-friendly Google Sheet format, you can easily record your daily mood and emotions for an entire year.

Imagine having a comprehensive mood journal that automatically calculates and visually represents your monthly mood patterns. With a convenient dropdown menu, you can easily select your current mood and emotion, accompanied by adorable emojis that perfectly capture how you’re feeling.


  • Work on any free Gmail account
  • This Mood Tracker Includes
    • Yearly Mood Review
    • Monthly Mood dashboard
    • 12 Monthly Mood Tracker and emotion tracker
    • Use it as a mood journal to write how you feel daily
    • Drop-down option to select your mood and emotion
    • Charts to help you see your mood and emotion trends.
    • Automatically display your most frequent emotion for the month
  • Simple Interactive with automated calculations
  • Cute emojis
  • Date selection in cell and automatic date and day updation, buy it once use forever.

What You Get

Once you purchase you will instantly receive a PDF file with detailed instructions and a link to the habit tracker spreadsheet prefilled with demo data to play and get comfortable to use.


You need to have a free Gmail account

Shop Policy

Due to the digital nature of the product, there will be no refunds. Refer to the images and demo video before purchasing. In case of any doubts or support after purchase, you can reach me at

Don’t let your moods go unnoticed. Start tracking them today with our digital mood tracker – the key to understanding yourself better. Get instant insights into your most frequent moods, all beautifully displayed in a yearly mood dashboard. Take control of your emotions now!


Once you purchase you will directly receive the product in your email inbox.

On purchase, you will receive a pdf file with detailed instructions and a link to download the spreadsheet.

I am very sure you will find this product useful and will not face any issues using it. Unfortunately due to the digital nature of the product return is not possible and hence cannot be refunded. Request you to see the images and demo video before making a purchase. In case of doubt reach me at

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