How to Build Self Confidence

How to be confident

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Building self-confidence is essential for personal and professional growth. While there are some people who are naturally confident, for others it’s a struggle. Confidence is not a talent it is a skill that can be learned. In this post, I am sharing with you How to build Self Confidence with 10 practical tips to become a confident person. After reading this post you will have a plan to build your confidence and never leave opportunities just because you are not confident.

Let’s start your journey to build self-confidence.

Why do you need to work on your confidence?

  • When you have confidence, you believe in your abilities and talents.
  • You take on new opportunities and grow in life.
  • Without confidence, you have self-doubt and limiting beliefs.
  • Developing confidence allows you to communicate your ideas and build strong relationships.
  • It makes you bold takes risks, and help you achieve success in life.
  • It helps you survive in today’s competitive world.

10 Tips to Be More Confident

Here are 10 Practical ways that will help you build self confidence and be more confident in life.

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Tip 1: Identify situations that make you underconfident

  • To become confident start with understanding yourself. Spend time reflecting on yourself to find your weaknesses.
  • You must assess situations that make you feel underconfident, give a deeper thought find why you do not feel confident, and identify your fears and things that limit you from becoming confident. Understand things that make you feel insecure.
  • It is best to accept your imperfection and not feel pressurized to be perfect.
  • If you feel social discomfort, it’s okay to feel so but don’t let it make you feel unconfident about yourself. Being an introvert does not necessarily mean you are not confident.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others, all of us have different strengths and weaknesses, and comparing can make you underconfident.
  • Find your strengths and things that you are good at it will help you feel confident and let your strengths highlight you.

Tip 2: Stop negative self talk

  • Negative self-talk makes you less confident. You should not talk negatively about yourself.
  • Access how you talk about yourself with others and yourself too, the negative words that you use for yourself can make your mind start believing in them and make you less confident.
  • Simple things that you may unconsciously speak about yourself can negatively affect you, saying things like “I am so stupid”, “I will never be able to make it”, or “I can never be good at it” will not help you become confident.
  • Try to be mindful of how you talk about yourself, and reframe negative thoughts with positive words.
  • Also, stay away from people who diminish your confidence, think less of you, or do negative talk. Surround yourself with people who will support you and help you become a better person.

Tip 3: Find your passion and values

  • Passion fuels determination and unlocks true confidence. When you find your passion it makes you focus on doing things you like and not care about others. It enables you to overcome obstacles and build confidence within yourself.
  • You should also list the values that you believe in and want to make them an integral part of your life. On your journey towards self-confidence, you may at times find yourself confused between getting out of your comfort zone and doing things that you do not believe in and that are against your values. Having your values clear will make things easier for you.
  • Do not do things to please others. You need not prove your confidence. When you feel confident it will shine through you.
  • You should also understand that it is not possible to make everyone like you, some people may like you others may don’t. Seeking validation from others will not help you become confident.

Tip 4: Set realistic goals to be more confident

  • Building self-confidence is not a day game it’s a journey of life. You should not expect yourself to become instantly confident.
  • Instead, set short-term and long-term goals to overcome your fears and become confident based on your weaknesses.
  • Pick one goal at a time and achieve it, small progress will boost your confidence.
  • Accept criticism objectively to improve yourself instead of taking it personally and losing your confidence.
  • Do not try to be perfect, even the most confident person at moments finds themselves not confident. With new challenges in life, you may be underconfident sometimes.
  • On your journey of building self-confidence there will be moments when you may be scared, and have moments of low confidence don’t let them stop you. Be persistent in your efforts to become confident.
how to be build self confident

Tip 5: Improve your body language and lifestyle

  • Improving your body language can be very helpful in boosting your confidence.
  • Body language is a non-verbal communication that plays a crucial role in how others perceive you. A confident body language will give a positive impression about you to others.
  • You should reflect on your postures and practice confident postures for common situations like when sitting, or talking to someone when presenting at meetings to help you look more confident.
  • When you see someone who seems confident and admirable observe them and try to learn to express like them.
  • Also, to be more confident from within try to improve your lifestyle by building healthy routines and good habits this will help to improve yourself and reflect on your confidence. You should read my post, How to be That Girl to know more.
  • Embrace self-love as part of your lifestyle, when you care for yourself and show compassion towards yourself you will start appreciating yourself more and this will positively improve your confidence.
  • Build some daily habits around things that you can do to be more confident and track your habits daily. I use this habit tracker, tacking the habit will give you a sense of accomplishment and uplift your confidence in yourself.

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Tip 6: Talk to Mirror

  • One of the best ways to improve confidence is to talk to a mirror. When I was at college I would get intimidated by giving presentations or speaking at a gathering. At that time I would talk looking at the mirror the ways I would be talking to others.
  • Talking to the mirror would make me feel comfortable and ease the fear of speaking.
  • It allows you to observe yourself and makes you aware of the gestures and body language you exhibit while engaging with others.
  • For some looking at the mirror helps with self-acceptance and overcoming limiting thoughts they have about their appearance, which in turn helps to boost their confidence.

Tip 7: Visualize yourself as a confident person

  • Visualization has been proven to be a powerful tool to manifest desire. When you envision yourself as a confident person you get more focused towards your goal to be confident.
  • Envision yourself to be a confident person, think of how you would feel when you become confident, the changes it will bring to your life, and the behavior you will exhibit. This will help you to know the action you need to take to be confident in life.
  • Envisioning will also motivate you to strive hard to become a confident person.
  • It is a good idea to make a vision board of being a confident person that you can look at every day and get motivated every day to strive hard to become confident. Here is how to build a vision board to manifest with a free vision board printable

Tip 8: Listen to songs that boost your confidence

  • Listening to the right music that can uplift you and boost your confidence is a great way to build self-confidence.
  • I find this technique particularly helpful when feeling anxious and in need of assurance to keep up with confidence.
  • Music has a way of speaking to our souls and emotions. Listening to positive, uplifting songs reminds you of our inherent strength. Be it the infectious beats, inspiring lyrics, or the sheer energy of the melodies, certain songs have the ability to ignite a fire within you.
  • So next time you are low on confidence and need an instant boost, put on your headphones and play your confidence playlist.
  • Here are a few of my favorites:
    • Unstoppable by Sia
    • Stronger by Kelly Clarkson
    • Not Afraid by Eminem
    • Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen’s
    • Who Says by Selena Gomez

Tip 9:Challenge yourself and don’t give up

  • Based on the limitations identified in tip 1 try to challenge yourself on a weekly or monthly basis to push your limits and overcome the limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  • When you work beyond your comfort zone you will become more confident by realizing your true potential.
  • Challenging yourself will not only make you more confident but also help in personal growth to become an improved version of yourself.
  • Don’t give up and be consistent in your efforts, when you find it overwhelming take smaller actions instead of big actions that can make you feel like giving up.

Tip 10: Repeat Positive affirmations

  • Make a list of positive affirmations that resonate with you and are related to your fear and hurdles in being confident.
  • Repeat these affirmations daily and at moments when you are in need of confidence.
  • Repeating affirmations daily will help you overcome limiting beliefs about yourself and change your mindset to be more positive and confident.

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These were 10 actionable tips that you can start implementing today to build self-confidence and never miss an opportunity in life just because you are not confident.

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