60 Gifts for Coworkers for All Budget

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Gifts for coworkers can feel like a difficult choice you want to give them something useful yet something that is an office gift and of course under budget. If you are looking to gift your coworker a thank you gift, a goodbye gift on the last day of work, a Halloween gift, or a Christmas gift for Secret Santa at the office, this post will make your decision easier. I am sharing with you 60 office gift ideas for coworkers and bosses under all budget ranges and office bulk gift ideas.

In this post, you will find:

  • Gifts for coworkers under $50
  • Gifts for coworkers under $20
  • Gifts for coworkers under $10
  • Gifts for coworkers under $5

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Office Gift Ideas for Secret Santa

Here are 60 gift ideas for coworkers that are inexpensive and will help you find the right gift for your colleagues for Christmas, appreciation on the last work day, or even their birthday.

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Bulk Gift for Coworkers

Here are bulk office gift ideas that you can use if you are an HR, team leader who wants to appreciate your team or want to thank your colleagues when you leave a job.

1. Inspirational Tumbler with Keychain

These inspirational tumblers look vibrant and have unique motivational quotes mentioned on each that will make the gift received feel they are personalized to them. Your team can use this for coffee at work.

2. Encouragement Cards

Make your coworkers feel valued at work by giving them encouragement cards. This is a good option if you are on a tight budget. These spread positivity and provide much-needed support. This small, yet powerful gestures can uplift spirits, and inspire them, you can include personalized notes for each.

3. Leather Journals / Notebook

Notebooks for office gifts are the perfect choice for professionals seeking a thoughtful and practical present. This will help them be organized and offer versatile uses to improve productivity.

4. Gratitude Gift boxes

This Gratitude gift box is a good option for a Christmas gift for your co-worker. It includes an insulated cup, candle, and socks along with a gift box to make it a complete gift that expresses your gesture of care for them.

5. Thank You Plaques

Looking for a conservative office gift idea. You can choose to gift the thank you as a memento of appreciation.

6. Inspirational Canvas Bags

Want to give something that can be used every day. Gift them this canvas bag with inspirational words that have versatile use. It can be used for keeping stationery, small work accessories like chargers and USBs, or make up for work.

7. Scented Candles

Let your coworkers feel a relaxing ambiance by gifting them these beautiful scented candles that will calm their nerves and can also be used a desk decor.

8. Daily Planner

Make your team more productive by gifting them this easy-to-use daily work planner to help them prioritize work and get more efficient by making a to-do list.

Gifts for coworkers under $50

Here are office gift ideas under $50.

9. Gifts Basket For Man

Finding gifts for men feels like a limited option but this gift basket will be loved by coworkers or boss. It has an insulated Tumbler, Men’s Candle, Men’s Soap Bar, Hardcover notebook + Pen, Card Holder, and Stainless Steel Keyring making it a complete gift hamper for men.

10. Comfortable Foot Rest

Express your gesture of caring about the wellness of your coworkers by gifting them a comfortable, ergonomic footrest that they can use at work and take care of themselves.

11. Smart Notebook

An innovative gift option is to gift your coworker a reusable Smart Notebook that is digitally Connected with cloud Sharing Capabilities and comes along with a Pen to write. Help them capture ideas whenever inspiration strikes and keep the notes forever digitally.

12. Neck Back Massager Pillow

Gift your cover a neck and back massager that they can easily use while working to relieve stress. it’s a great gift option to express your care for your teammate.

13. Electronic Accent Clock

This accent electronic clock is a good gift option that can be placed on the desk, It is quite unique in its appearance. This world clock will add an elite touch to the workspace.

14. Candle Warmer Lamps Set

A great gift option is to give your boss this desk lamp with 2 colors of light bulb options. It offers excellent bright daylight for working hours, and warm light once dusk falls to help your eyes adjust. It also has a flameless candle warmer that can be used to have a pleasant fragrance from a scented candle without the risk of fire.

15. Beautiful Journal set

Your female ko workers will love this beautiful journal set that comes in very cleansing metallic color shades along with a pretty pen that will help them keep organized their notes and be productive.

16. Laptop Bag

A very thoughtful gift option is to give your coworkers a laptop bag that will be useful to them on a daily basis. For people working at the office laptop bags are one of their essentials and having a good laptop bag that can be used to carry a laptop safely along with space to organize other work essentials will be appreciated as a gift.

17. Luxury Pen with 24K Gold Finish

A conventional work gift but still of Great Value and a safe option to give someone whose choices are not very clear to you is a luxury pen. This luxury pen has a 24k gold coating that makes it a desirable gift option for bosses.

18. Electric Wine Opener Set

If you are looking to gift your co-worker something beyond the office you can give them this electric wine opener set that will make the Hustle of opening a wine bottle for celebrations very easy.

19. Business Organizer

If you know a coworker who is frequently out for meetings. This business organizer for outdoor work meetings is a perfect gift for them. It has enough space to keep an iPad, phone, other work essentials documents, and stationery making it a perfect gift.

20. Desk Organizer

Another thoughtful gift option is to give your coworker a work desk organizer that will keep their work desk neat and organized along with making it look appreciatable.

Gifts for coworkers under $20

Here are office gift ideas under $20 these are affordable and functional gift options.

21. Motivational Desk Calendar

Motivate your cover by gifting them this desk calendar of everyday motivation that will keep the spark alive and also add decor to the work desk.

22. Desk Coffee Warmer

A useful gift option for your coworkers is to give them this desk coffee warmer for all those whose coffee gets cold on the desk while working.

23. Chaos Coordinator Glass

A great gift option for team leaders and managers is to give them this glass with a lid that can be used for sipping beverages. The funny word print on the glass with the word Chaos coordinator makes it a funny gift for bosses.

24. Magnetic Fidget Toy Pen

Another fun gift option for coworkers is to give them this magnetic fidget toy pen that can be useful in writing and it the same time be fiddled to be creative during boring work meetings.

25. Office Tote Bag

For any fans of “The Office” series, you can give them this fun tote bag based on “The Office” series.

26. Plant Propagation Station

Any plant lover will love to have this small plantar at their work desk that can be used for displaying water plants and also for water propagation of plants.

27. Funny Calendar

Another fun gift option to give to your homeworker is this funny calendar which has fun for each day. This will help them lighten the mood every day for the year and remind them of you.

28. Meeting notebook

A useful gift option is to gift your coworkers this meeting notebook that can be used for keeping notes of all the important information of the meeting. The funny words on the meeting book make it a fun gift.

29. Pen, glasses holder

You can even gift this decorative pen and glass holder that is functional and quirky.

30. Spa Gift Baskets for Men and Women

To gift a rejuvenating experience to your coworkers, gift them this unisex spa gift hamper. It includes 18 items for complete self-care and comes in a beautiful basket making it a very pleasing gift.

Gifts for coworkers under $10

Looking for gifts for your coworkers for Secret Santa as Christmas gifts, here are gift ideas under $10.

31. Luminous Metal Bookmark

This beautiful metal bookmark is a unique gift idea that you can give to a book lover. It can also be used at work by people who do a lot of referencing work. It has options to choose designs appropriate for men and women.

32. Golf Pen Set

Gift this golf pen set to a golf lover. It is functional in use and also serve as a desk decor.

33. Sticky Notes Set

This sticky note organizer comes with a range of sticky notes of different sizes and can be reused to keep all your sticky notes organized and easy to carry like a book. Perfect for people who do multiple referencing work.

34. Pretty pen set

Here is a pretty pen set that has beautiful pens to add to the stationary collections and also add decor to the work desk.

35. Sand Art Desk Decor

One of the beautiful gift options is this sand artwork that is unique and makes an elegant gift idea. It can be used for desk decor or can also be used at home.

36. Desk Accessories

Gift this cute tape dispenser that can house some stationary too and be a quirky, fun desk decor.

37. Meeting notebook

For all those who miss meeting notes and don’t remember what the meeting is about this meeting notebook is a good gift option.

38. Marble Desk Organizer

This minimal and elegant pen stand is a good gift option that can be used to keep an organized work desk.

39. Fitness Journal

For your fitness freak coworker, gift them this fitness journal to help them keep track of their fitness journey and fitness goals.

40. Whiteboard with Organizer Box

For a coworker with a small workspace gift them this whiteboard with an organizer box to make the best of their workspace. They will have space to note their thought and also keep their stationery organized.

Gifts for coworkers under $5

For all those on a budget here are inexpensive gifts for coworker ideas. These are under $5.

41. Meeting Notes Book

You can gift this cute notebook for taking notes of all the minutes of the meeting.

42. Encouraging Readings

This 3-minute daily encouragement reading is a good way to inspire your coworkers and help them be motivated.

43. Desk calendar

You can also gift this handy desk calendar that has space to make notes of important events and not let them forget important dates.

44. Mouse Pad

This beautiful marble like looking mouse pad is a useful gift for a coworker that will also uplift their workspace.

43. Cell Phone Stand

Another useful gift for coworkers can be this mobile phone stand that can be used at the work desk.

44. Cable organizer

Help your coworker deal with the mess of wires and chords that make the work desk messy and irritable with this cable organizer.

45. Business Card Holder

Gift this business card holder to coworkers who have frequent visitors to keep the business card easily accessible at the work desk.

46. USB port hub

A helpful gift option is to gift your coworker a USB port hub that will have multiple uses.

47. To Do List Notepad

To help your team be productive gift them this to-do list notepad that will help them plan their day at work and help in better work management.

48. Candle Jar

This simple candle jar is a nice gift for your coworker to experience a relaxing environment.

Gifting Tip

Depending on your budget you can even get more than once budget range and gift all tigether as a hamper.

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These are the 60 gift ideas for coworkers that you can gift your colleagues and boss for any occasion. This gift guide has gift options from $50 to $5 that help you find a gift under all budget.

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