60 Best Gifts For Working Moms

useful gift for working mom

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Selecting a gift for someone special can be tricky and when it comes to working moms their immense dedication and hard work need to be appreciated by a gift that makes them feel special and is useful too. So, in this post, I am sharing 50 gifts for working moms that are meaningful gifts for moms. These are the best gifts for a mother on her birthday, last-minute Christmas gifts for a mom, Mother’s Day gifts for a busy mom. These are practical gifts to make mom’s life easier and will definitely please her.

Let’s have a look at some gift ideas for Working Moms.

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Useful gifts for mom who has everything

Here are some practical gifts for busy moms and working moms that are meaningful and will make moms happy to receive them

gift for working mom

1 Relaxing Spa Gift Basket Set

Working moms are tired and stressed and they may not tell you but they crave relaxation and time to have a spa day. You can help them get a spa experience at home with this beautiful relaxing basket set as a gift.

2 Lunch Backpack

Working moms will find this lunch bag very useful when they are at work. It is insulated and has enough space to carry lunch and snacks for work, Along with a charging port.

3 Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

With all work at the office and taking care of the household working women develop a lot of stress at neck and shoulder. This heating pad will ease their stress without any effort and soothe them.

4 Soothing Spa Socks

Wearing heels at work and running all around the house make working mothers foot sensitive. These spa socks minimize irritation, prevent bunching, and provide the ultimate protection for sensitive feet. Enhanced with vitamin E and lavender, these socks provide much-needed moisturizing relief for your feet.

5 Ear Pods

You know that busy mothers have no time for leisure so the best that is possible is to make the best of the time available with them. Using ear pods they can listen to music, audiobooks, and even attend meetings while doing chores. So ear pods are highly recommended.

6 Mom Life Planner

Running a household is not easy and there are many things to plan. To help you stay organized. Gift them a mom life planner and they will be so thankful to you as it helps moms organize budgets, meal plans, and habits.

7 Pocket Planner

A pocket-size planner is also a good gift option for all planning needs that just fits perfectly in the handbag. Make weekly plans, daily plans, and make notes and to-do lists easily.

8 Work planner

Working moms need not just manage the house but excel at work too. Gift them a work planner that they can exclusively use for the office and improve productivity. This planner lets them set goals, do weekly and monthly planning, track important dates.

9 Motivational Calendar

With so much to take care of mothers do need motivation and this motivational calendar is a perfect gift to let them be motivated for the whole year. It can be a good work desk decor too.

10 Laptop tote bag

Every working woman would love to have a work bag that lets her carry all her work needs. This laptop tote bag can keep the laptop and all the work needs easily organized and accessible.

11 Laptop Backpack for Women

For those like me who do not like to carry bags on one shoulder and love backpacks, you can gift them this laptop backpack that has space for everything and is very comfortable to carry.

12 Womens Wallet

You can even gift a wallet that will help keep cash, cards, and change organized and easy to carry.

13 Magnetic Chore Chart

To have a work-life balance and keep track of important dates for all family members. This chore chart is a wonderful gift for working moms. It has magnetic chore charts that can be easily displayed and includes a meal plan, month plan, and week plan. To keep the schedule of all the family members in sync.

14 Command Center

For all the hustle in the morning from looking for keys to keeping check on appointments for the day. Gift working mom a command center that will keep all the needs together. It will let them make notes of important things, keep a check of mail, and keep paper organized and handy.

15 Massager

Needless to say, running around all day makes moms tired and occasionally gives aches. This wireless massager become a very useful gift for working moms.

16 Skincare kit

Let mamma enjoy some self-care and pamper themselves with a skincare kit.

17 Work Desk Organizer

You can even give working moms a pretty desk organizer that they can use at the office or at their home office to keep their work desk or cubicle organized and pretty.

18 Chic Stationary

Who doesn’t love pretty stationary? Most women do love them. This chic stationery kit is a perfect gift for a stationary lover it is functional and also makes them happy to have unique stationery.

19 Wearable Blanket

For women working at the office sometimes the air conditioner is just too cold so these wearable blankets are very handy. They are even good to use at home.

20 Comfy Eye Mask

For distraction-free sleep gift busy moms this comfy sleeping eye mask

21 Therapeutic essential oil

If you are looking for a gift that brings relaxation to tired moms you can give them this essential oil kit that helps them ease stress, lift mood, and relieve tension.

22 Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is also a good gift option that is functional to create a relaxing ambiance and also adds to the decor.

23 Portable Charger

Most time working moms are in situations where their phones are dead and they need power backup so gifting a portable charger is a good choice

24 Comfy House Slipper

Having a comfy slipper at home after a long day of work would feel heavenly, so take care of mom’s feet by gifting this soft, cushioned slipper for home.

25 Travel Mug

Most time moms miss their morning coffee in a rush to work, so gifting a travel mug would be very useful.

26 Coffee Mug Warmer

Ask any mom how many times they warmed their coffee because they forgot about it at work (I am guilty of it). This is a perfect gift so that the coffee is not forgotten in the microwave.

27 Make-up Organizer

A pretty and functional makeup organizer will help to keep all the skincare and makeup needs organized but will also give a good feel of having their makeup beautifully arranged.

28 Work Desk mat

A work desk mat is good to keep the work table clean but also to bring decor and color to a boring work table. If you think they need a desk make over a desk mat is a good idea.

29 Hobby kit

With busy lives, moms give up on their hobbies so giving a gift related to their hobby will help them relive the creative times and enjoy doing something for themselves. It can be a painting kit, crochet kit, or quilting kit.

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30 Journaling kit

Journaling is a good way to reconnect with yourself and explore your feelings and emotions. You can gift this beautiful journaling kit that will spark creativity with beautiful stickers, and washi tapes and let mothers express themselves creatively.

31 Meal Subscription

Making meals each day is a daily task that takes a good amount of time each day for working moms. You can gift them a meal delivery service or subscription box to make meal planning and preparation easier.

32 Ergonomic chair

A Comfortable and supportive chair for long hours of work for moms working from home is a great way to express your appreciation for all the things moms do. It will help them maintain the right posture and avoid tiredness.

33 A spa voucher

Treat her to a relaxing day at the spa gifting a spa gift certificate to help her relax and rejuvenate.

34 A noise-cancelling headphone

Gift ger noise-canceling headphones to block out distractions while working or commuting.

35 Subscription to meditation

Help her to feel relaxed and calm her anxious nerves by gifting her a meditation course or subscription to a meditation or mindfulness app for stress relief.

36 Smart home device

Help her to take off the workload by gifting her a smart home device, like a voice-controlled assistant, to help with managing tasks and home automation. An Echo Dot is a budget-friendly option.

37 House Cleaning service voucher

A gift card for a house cleaning service to give her a break from household chores and spend a day without worrying about chores is a good gift.

38 Smartwatch

A smartwatch to help her stay active, monitor her health, and track her activity will help her be fit and healthy. The hands-free features will help her during busy times.

39 Meal Planner

Planning meals for the family and ensuring nutritious choices for them is one of the prime chores for mothers. Make it easier for them by gifting them a meal planner.

40 Audiobook Subscription

Gift her a subscription to an audiobook or podcast service to enjoy during her commute or downtime. The best audiobook subscription provider is Audible, with a range of books to choose from. You can try the free plan too.

41 Book Collection

For moms who love reading, you can gift her a collection of books from her favorite author. Another good choice is to gift a collection of self-improvement books to make her life better. Here is a recommendation for a book collection that will be loved by working women.

42 Weekly Flower Subscription

Gift her flowers every week by getting a weekly flower subscription to constantly appreciate her. They can be added to work desks or the house and will keep her feeling positive and remind her of you.

43 Restaurant Gift card

A gift card for a favorite restaurant or coffee shop for a treat during busy days.

44 Lap Desk

A lap desk is also a good gift idea it can be used for working anywhere and at times used for food in bed.

45 Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

Gift her an ergonomic keyboard and mouse set to enhance comfort and reduce strain during long hours of working.

46  Indoor or desk plant

A desk plant or indoor plant adds a touch of greenery and promotes a positive environment at work and home. It will be a perfect gift for plant lovers.

47  Fitness equipment

A portable and compact exercise equipment such as resistance bands or a mini elliptical, for quick workouts during breaks.

48  Robo vacuum cleaner

Cleaning takes a lot of tasks for every working mom gifting her a Robo vacuum cleaner will help her clean without effort and give her some time to spend for herself.

49  Cosmetic Gift card

Pamper her by gifting her favorite cosmetic brand gift card so that she can buy products of her choice.

50  A day out

A meaningful gift will be to let her spend a day out just for herself not worrying about work or household chores. You can book her a movie or letters and time shopping or eating at her favorite restaurant while the rest of the things are taken care of by you.

51  Personalised jewelry

Depending on her taste and budget. You can gift her a piece of personalized jewelry that is either of a precious material or a cute piece of jewelry made of something common that is custom for her.

52 Digital photo frame

Gifting her a digital photo frame is a good way of giving something personal to her that is usable and you can keep updating your memories by changing the photos.

53  Blue light glasses

For mom’s spending a lot of dark working on computers a good way to take care of her wellness is by gifting her blue light glasses to protect her eyes.

54  Jewelry organiser

Gift her a jewelry organizer that will add beauty to her dressing desk and at the same time help her keep her pieces of jewellery organized.

55 Photo album

Gift her a photo album to which she can keep adding memorable moments to relieve happy memories and help you bond as a family. I love this photo album which has a magnetic sheet to easily add photos and keep changing them over time.

56 Charcuterie Boards

Gift her a charcuterie board that can be used for get-togethers to add a classy touch to serving food.

57 Cleaning planner

Help her clear the chaos of cleaning by gifting her a cleaning planner. This will calm her nerves and take control of her house chores. This digital cleaning planner is Google spreadsheet-based and can be easily accessed anytime even at work.

Cleaning Planner Google Sheet Template

$9 $6

  • An easy-to-use tool that helps you stay on top of your cleaning tasks
  • Make a cleaning schedule for all needs
    • Use to make your daily, weekly cleaning routine
    • Make weekly or monthly cleaning schedules when you are out of routine or planning deep cleaning
    • Make cleaning schedule room by room
    • Make a quarterly, yearly cleaning plan
  • Track your progress easily with graph and % completion
  • Customize weekly cleaning tasks that you do more than once.

58 Kindle subscription

A good option for a book lover is to gift her a Kindle subscription to enjoy reading from a range of books anytime and anywhere.

59 Mood and emotion tracker

With a lot of things to take care of moms are often overwhelmed and emotional. Help her understand herself better by gifting her a mood tracker. This digital mood and emotion tracker will allow 12-month mood tracking and also allow her to journal her feelings.

12-Month Mood Tracker and Mood Journal Google Sheets Template (with cute emoji)


  • The ultimate tool to track your mood and emotions
  • No need for a complex mood tracker app, use a monthly mood tracker as a mood tracker diary.
  • It not only tracks your mood but also your emotions to help you understand yourself better.
  • There are sections for each day to write in detail about how you feel about the day and use this as your mood journal.
  • With automatic calculations and graphs, you can quickly review your mood and emotions for the month and understand your mood pattern.
  • It automatically displays your most frequent mood for the month.
  • Check the demo video here and the detailed photos on the left

60 Clothing voucher

A gift her a clothing voucher of her favorite brand that she can use to buy clothes of her choice and feel special.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best gift for a hard-working mom is something that will make her work easier such as appliances to save time or things that will help her relax after working hard the whole day like comfortable slippers at home, a massager, and essential oil to relax

Most busy moms struggle to make time to do everything so planners and time management tools are useful gifts for them. They also find it difficult to make time for self-care, so a self-care kit or ergonomic work accessories are good gift options too.

Gifts that reduce mom’s efforts during routine chores such as a Robo vacuum cleaner, cleaning checklist, and meal planner make mom happy. Also, things that bring memories and have emotions like a personalized gift, or a digital photo frame make mom happy too.

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These 60 Gifts For Working Moms are the best gift ideas for busy moms and cover different gift ideas that can be useful gifts for moms such as gifts that will help her at work or home and pamper moms with some self care.

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