10 Christmas Desk Decor Ideas for Office

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Christmas is one of the most cheerful times of the year and what better way to bring joy to your workplace than decorating your work desk for Christmas? In this post, I am sharing Christmas Desk Decor Ideas for Office that you can use Christmas cubicle decor for the Christmas desk decor contest. I have tried to add ideas that suit all tastes from traditional Christmas decor to elegant, classy. These ideas are simple and professional office Christmas decor ideas that can be used for small offices, cubicles, and even your work-from-home desk.

Let’s get started with decorating your workspace.

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Why you should decorate your work desk for Christmas?

Christmas desk decor brings a joyful and cheerful ambiance to your workspace. The beautiful workspace uplifts your and your coworker’s mood. It also spreads festive joy to clients and visitors. Desk decorations during the Christmas season are a good way to motivate you to work during the start of the festive season when you dream of getting right into the festival. It boosts creativity and improves productivity. It is a great way to break the monotonous work routine and spark Christmas joy in the serious environment of the workspace. The aesthetically pleasing Christmas decor will inspire and create a conducive vibe at work. By investing a little time and effort in adorning our desks, you can create a delightful and festive work environment that promotes happiness and well-being.

Christmas Cubical decor contest ideas

Here are some ways to add meaningful Christmas desk decor to your office. And help you win the Christmas desk decor contest. I have tried to include options for all time of decor tastes such as those who prefer traditional decor to those who like elegant, classy desk decor.

Holiday Desk decor ideas

1 Choosing the Right Theme

Before getting into the details of Christmas desk decor, it is best to choose a theme. This will make Christmas desk decor easier for you and will give a cohesive appearance to your desk that will enhance the decor aesthetic. Here are some Christmas desk decor ideas to consider.

1. Winter wonderland Christmas desk decor

You can choose a winter wonderland theme and make your decor with more white, and all snowy and dreamy.

2. Fun Christmas desk decor

If you like to keep things fun go for a fun Christmas decor with cute figures and funny decor items that will lighten the mood

3. Grinch Christmas desk decor

If you are a Grinch fan, you can go for the green Grinch Christmas Decor

4. Modern and elegant Christmas desk decor

If you don’t like to keep things minimal and elegant you should go for modern decor ideas which will include less of colors and bring a classy aesthetic.

5. Vintage Christmas desk decor

If you love to bring charm and nostalgia of old times you must go for a Vintage Christmas desk decor.

6. Farmhouse Christmas desk decor

Love the rustic look and old style traditional Christmas decor you should definitely go for Farmhouse Christmas decor.

2. Choose a Palette

Once you have identified the theme now is the time to select the color palette. Based on your theme you should pick a color scheme to help you stay consistent with your desk decor. This will make a selection of items easier for you and get you the right aesthetic that you are looking for. Most of the theme itself lets you find the color, still here are some color palettes for various themes to help you:

  • Winter wonderland: White will be the dominant color, followed by little green
  • Fun: You have no limit, you can choose any pallet. A good combination to try will be green and red, if you like to experiment go for Navy blue, red, and gold.
  • Grinch: Needless to say, green and red are your colors, you can add some white too.
  • Modern and elegant Christmas desk decor: You can try monochrome go for all silver or white and gold, or white and blue, pink and white, or sage green and beige.
  • Vintage Christmas desk decor: Go for sage green and brown, or beige and red
  • Farmhouse Christmas desk decor: You can try Rustic colors like brown and red, copper color and white.

3. Add some patterns

After identification of the theme and colors now it’s easier for you to start with the decoration of your office cubicle. A good way to start getting the Christmas vibe to your work desk is by adding some patterns. The simplest way to add some pattern is to use wall hangings and banners. These can be with Merry Christmas banners, or Santa, Gingerman, or snowman hangings. You can also use plaids, snowflakes, or reindeer motifs that can instantly transform your decor.

Here are some options to consider

Fun Merry Christmas banner

Boho Tassel for Farmhouse decor theme

Triangle Flag banner for a modern theme

Vintage Style Christmas Banner

Snowflakes Garland

Hanging Acrylic Snowflake– for a modern and elegant look

4. Add Festive Lighting

Christmas decor is incomplete without lighting. And you have many ways and options to add lightning to your work desk. You have the option to use flameless candles without any hazard too. Here are some options for ways to bring Christmas light to your work desk.

 1. String lights

String lights are one of the most versatile ways to use light for decor. The wide range of color options and various forms of string light can make it very easy to adapt them for any decor idea.

Here are some string light options to add to your desk decor:

Star string light

Snowflake String Lights

Classic String light– For versatile use

Starburst light – This is really cool and new light option to try, it looks like a firework and is completely mesmerizing.

 2. Flameless candles

Candles are a great option for bringing decor to your desk, they bring the natural rustic vibe of Christmas lights and make any place feel warm and cozy.

Here are 2 beautiful flameless candles to consider:

Deer Decal Pillar Candle for modern decor

Santa Claus Glass Flameless Candle for Winter Wonderland, Fun desk decor

 3. Lantern candles

An absolutely charming way to add light to your desk is to use lanterns they are amazing decor pieces and functional too. Lanterns just instantly bring the Christmas aesthetic to your work desk.

Here are 2 beautiful lanterns to consider:

Snow Globe Lantern with Snowman Christmas Tree for a farmhouse, Winter wonderland decor.

Decorative Hanging Lantern for vintage and elegant desk decor

5. Miniature Christmas trees

A miniature Christmas tree that can be placed on your desk or kept at the entrance of your cubicle looks so adorable. These compact trees are incredibly versatile, allowing for endless creative possibilities in their decoration, and come in a wide option to blend in all kinds of decor themes.

Here are some absolutely adorable Miniature Christmas trees that you will love to add to your desk.

Classic Christmas Tree

For farmhouse and vintage style desk decor

Snow covered tree

These are best for winter wonderlands and modern-style decor.

Desktop Miniature Pine Tree Tabletop Christmas Tree Small Pine Tree Decor Christmas Tree Toppers

Pine Christmas Tree

These are best for vintage and rustic decor.

Nearly Natural 18in. Mixed Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Holly Berries, Pinecones, 35 Clear LED Lights and Burlap Base

Christmas Tree Gnomes Figurines

This Gnome figurine is best for those looking for a fun style of desk decor and want to skip the traditional Christmas tree.

Christmas arrangements Centerpieces

Looking for a modern way to add decor use this Christmas boutique instead of the tree for an elegant touch.

Christmas Cubicle desk decor contest professional and delegant

6. Christmas Stationary and accessories

A functional way to add Christmas decor to your work desk is to use Christmas-based stationary and accessories. These will not just add a Christmas vibe but will also be useful at work.

Here are some Christmas stationary and accessories for your work desk decor:

Cute Christmas Pen

Crystal Christmas Tree Paperweight

Christmas Mouse Pad

Christmas desk mat

Cute Christmas paper clip

Bulletin Board Christmas Decor

7. Hang Christmas ornaments

Another good way to add Christmas decor to your work desk is to hang the Christmas tree decor all around your work desk. You can hang them over the cubicle or tie string across the cubicle and hang them over it. You can use any ornament of your choice that will complement your decor and add a layer of decor and aesthetic to your desk. You can use the one available at your home or consider the options below. But you should avoid fragile ornaments to avoid any incident.

Red Green White Christmas Balls

Farmhouse Rustic Ornaments

Clear Plastic Fillable Ornaments

8. Sprinkle snow

A final touch to Christman decor can be achieved by adding snow to your work desk. It brings the holiday feeling and takes your deco to another level of reality and aesthetics. You can bring the snow effect by loosely adding cotton to your decor. But a more realistic way is to add artificial snow. It is convenient and reusable.

Artificial snow

9. Christmas desk decorative

For more decor, you can add some Christmas Nick-nacks to your work desk to bring more decor elements. There can be any Christmas decor you like or photos and art. I like this Christmas Tiered Tray Decor.

10. Christmas wreaths

A Christmas wreath on your desk is sure to evoke a sense of warmth, energy, and holiday spirit in your workspace. Whether you work in a bustling corporate office or a cozy home office, wreaths offer a touch of holiday cheer that can brighten up any workspace. Desk-sized wreaths are beautiful and versatile that can be placed at the entrance, or cubicle wall.

You can check this affordable desk wreath:

Christmas Wreath

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Office Christmas Desk Decor


I am sure these 10 Christmas desk decor ideas will end your search for desk decor and let you begin decorating your workspace. You will find many options to choose from the suggestions shared in this post and I have tried to include options that can be beautifully blended in different decor styles. So go get started with decorating your work desk at home or your office cubicle and win the Christmas desk decor contest.

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