20 Self Care Activities You Can Do In 10 Minutes

selfcare ideas under 10 minutes

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Self Care is not a luxury it’s a priority. In daily life, we find it difficult to make time for self-care. But hear me self self-care does not mean spending hours in a spa. Here are 20 Self Care Activities You Can Do In 10 Minutes. It is all about spending some meaningful time with yourself that helps you relax, nurtures you, and makes you feel good about spending that time. Let’s have a look at these 20 self care ideas list.

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self care ideas

Quick Self Care Ideas List

Here are 20 self care ideas that you can use in your everyday life, anytime you find 10-15 minutes, be it at home, at work, or while commuting I am sure you will be able to find a suitable idea for yourself in this Self Care Ideas List.

1. Deep Breathing:

Take a moment for a deep breathing exercise. Find a quiet spot, sit comfortably, and inhale slowly through our noses, hold for a moment, and exhale through our mouths. Repeat this a few times, feeling the tension melt away with each breath. It’s like a mini-vacation for your mind.

2. Stretching

Sitting for a long time on your work desk? Give your bodies a little love! Stand up or sit comfortably, and let’s stretch together. Reach for the sky, twist gently from side to side, and roll your shoulders. Feel the blood flow, and the stiffness loosen. Trust me it feels so good.

3. Mindful Meditation

Sit down, close your eyes, and embark on a brief mindfulness journey. Focus on the sensation of your breath, the rise, and fall of your chest. When your mind wanders (it always does!), gently guide it back. It’s a mental reset that takes just a few minutes but leaves you feeling centered. Just 10 minutes are enough for the magic. It’s best to do it as a break after intensive work.

4. Gratitude Journaling

Keep a small journal or notebook handy and jot down three things we’re grateful for right now. It could be a sunny day, a cozy blanket, or a kind word from a friend. This simple act shifts our focus to the positive, reminding us of the good stuff life offers, no matter how small.

5. Quick Exercise

Feeling tired? Time to get your bodies moving! How about a quick set of jumping jacks or squats? Nothing too intense, just enough to get the blood flowing and the energy levels up. It’s like a shot of espresso for the body.

6. Listen to Uplifting Music

Here is a way to instantly make your mood good. Tune in to a favorite uplifting song. Feel the rhythm, let the melody carry you away for a moment. It’s a sonic pick-me-up that never fails to lift my spirits. And better sing out loud, it doesn’t matter how you sound. Make a playlist of your favorite songs for different moods like relaxing songs, feel-good songs, nostalgic songs, and energetic songs.

7. Take a Nature Break

Step outside, and feel the sun or breeze on your face. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, connecting with nature has a way of grounding us. Take in the sights, the sounds, and let the outside world work its magic on your mood. You can even look out of your windows or walk down a green lane.

8. Get Hydrated

One thing that most of us forget is keeping ourselves hydrated. I sometimes forget to drink water when in a deep work session. So take a 10-minute hydration break. Grab a glass of water and sip it slowly. Feel the refreshing flow. Staying hydrated is a simple act of self-care that has a big impact on how you feel. Want to feel fancy get a milk share or your favourite juice or just flavor your water with lime.

9. Repeat Affirmations

Feeling low and need a boost. Be your buddy. Repeat some positive affirmations. Keep a list of your favorite affirmations, something like “I am capable and strong.” Say it out loud with conviction. It’s a quick boost of self-confidence that can make a noticeable difference. And make you feel good.

10. Read a Poem or Quote

Another quick way to nourish your mind is to read something uplifting. Open a book or pull up a quote online. Let the words wash over you. Maybe it’s a line that resonates or a verse that brings comfort. Words have a way of soothing the soul, even in just a few minutes.

self care activities in 10 minutes

11. Coloring or Doodling

Let your creative mind outshine and relax the stressed brain by spending a few minutes coloring or doodling. Grab some paper and your favorite coloring tools. And doodle or color away. It’s a simple, creative act that lets our minds wander in a positive and relaxing way. Have a small notebook and a few pens handy and doodle anywhere when you find time and need to relax. You can also grab some coloring sheets with drawings of your choice.

12. Quick Shower

Sometimes a quick shower is all we need to hit the reset button. Feel the water cleanse away any stress or fatigue. It’s like a reboot for both body and mind. Just standing under the shower for a few minutes with water falling on your face and head is very relaxing. I love to do this after a long tiring day.

13. Self-Massage

Anytime you find your fingers tired after a long time working with the keyboard. Take a few minutes to just massage your hand gently. Pressing your thumb against the palm makes you feel at ease. Or it may be in your neck or shoulders. Take a moment to give it a gentle massage. Feel the tension release. My favorite is to massage the jawline and point at the back of the ears before going to sleep. A little self-love can go a long way.

14. Laugh your heart

They say laughter is the best medicine. So take a few minutes break and watch a funny video or recall a hilarious memory. And enjoy a good laugh; it’s an instant mood lifter. I like to catch a quick video of Tayor Tomlinson, love her energy.

15. Play a musical instrument

If you are a music lover try to practice a few minutes here and there. It is a great way to divert your mind from all the worries and help you to be focused. Even if you do not have any musical equipment you can install a music equipment app on your phone and learn to play on them or create a melody. So strum a few chords or play a short tune. Music has a magical way of calming the mind and lifting the spirits.

16. Cloud Watching

Find a comfy spot outdoors and gaze up at the clouds. Notice their shapes and movements. It’s a simple yet beautiful way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle, even if just for a moment. I sometimes enjoy doing nothing but just staring at the ceiling of the room. And let my mind calm and clear all the voices in my head. Do try and let me know in the comment if am I the only one who likes it.

17. Memory Lane Walk

Relive happy times. Take a short stroll down memory lane. Flip through old photos remembering about happy times. It’s like a journey through your personal history, filled with smiles and warmth. It helps me realize how far I have come, and feel grateful and hopeful. I especially like the memories shared by Google Photos.

18. Sensory Bin Exploration

Create a small sensory bin with items like squeeze balls, and magnetic pebbles. Run your hands through it, and feel the textures. Engaging your senses in a simple activity like this can be surprisingly soothing.

As you immerse yourself in this simple activity, let your mind focus on the present moment. The gentle touch and the varied textures can be surprisingly calming, grounding you in the here and now. It’s a brief escape from the demands of the day, a moment to reconnect with your senses and bring a touch of mindfulness into your routine.

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19. Positive Visualization

Close your eyes and visualize a positive place or scenario. Imagine the details—the sights, sounds, and feelings. It’s a mental escape that refreshes the mind. You can also visualize your dream life and use it to bring motivation. Another way to do this is to manifest your life by looking at your vision board. I highly recommend making a vision board for each year and relax and inspire yourself by looking at it for a few minutes each day. This takes your mind off the things that don’t matter and keeps you focused and motivated to achieve your goals.

P.S. You can read my post on Steps to create a vision board for manifestation

20. Plant Care

Take a few minutes to water and care for your indoor plants. The act of nurturing these living things can be a therapeutic reminder of the cycle of growth and care in our own lives. I find a serene escape in their world. Observing the growth and vitality of these living beings brings a sense of accomplishment and connection to the natural cycle of life. The lush green leaves and the gentle presence of nature indoors create a harmonious atmosphere, fostering a peaceful state of mind.

quick self care activities for 2024


So these are the 20 self care activities that you can practice in 10 minutes. So next time you think you don’t have time for self care just remember it will take just 10 minutes. Save this post pin above to refer to this post when you find 10 minutes free in your day.

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