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Although you must have a daily self care routine to have a self-care lifestyle, with a busy life weekends are the best options. Hence I rely more on weekend self care to compensate for self care and try to practice self care activities that need more time. In this post, I am sharing my weekend self care routine which is my self care Sunday routine. You can follow these weekend self care ideas to make your relaxing weekend routine.

Before heading into the weekend self care routine, I would like to share 25 Weekend Self Care Ideas to Rejuvenate in case you are looking for ideas beyond the weekend self care routine I am sharing.

Self Care Sunday Routine

Here is my Weekend self care routine that I follow on Sunday. You can also try it as a Saturday Self Care Routine.

Sunday self care routine

Weekend Morning Self Care Routine

Catch up on sleep

On weekend mornings I try to get up at the same time as the weekdays but on days I feel exhausted and don’t have enough sleep I like to sleep late to compensate for the sleep missed.

Morning Walk

On weekdays I need to rush and work by the clock but morning walks are my favorite. Hence I use weekends to enjoy it. Morning walks clear my mind, there is no strong sun and the air feels fresh. Many people will not be out on weekend mornings so it’s less crowded and feels calm.

Take Out Breakfast

So here is the thing, my weekend morning walk is to my favorite breakfast shop. The route to it passes through the park so I walk a lap or two and head to this breakfast place. Each day I make breakfast at home so on weekends I like to give myself a break from this task and enjoy a good breakfast with some of my favorite items. I take away and prefer to eat at home.

Fruit punch to diet

On my way back I buy some seasonal fruits. Anytime throughout the day when I find some time or feel hungry I get a good dose of fruits. To nourish myself. I often make an excuse to be busy to eat fruits. So weekend feels like a good opportunity. Also, I have time to cut and put them in boxes to relish during weekdays.

Saturday Self care routine

Weekend Afternoon Self Care Routine

After breakfast, I get to do some weekend chores to prepare myself for the week ahead. You can read more about it at 10 productive things to do on weekend to manage a busy week. After finishing my chores here are a few things that I do in the afternoon on weekends. I don’t do all of them it’s either one or two.

Afternoon Nap

I take a nap for an hour or so to relax and make up for lack of sleep. If I am not taking a nap I just ly on the bed and give my body some rest. I either do some mindless scrolling on my phone or read. This rest or mindless activity makes me feel I am doing something just for myself and not a chore list or because someone wants me to do something.

Creative Time

Weekends are also my time to indulge in some hobbies. I mostly like to make some DIY that can be part of my home decor. It’s not on all weekends but I try to do it on weekends. I enjoy painting, making DIY decors, try new snack recipes for weekend evenings. If you are looking for hobbies to start as your self care routine you can read my post 100 Hobbies for Women, I am sure you will find some things you would enjoy.

Watch a movie

Occasionally I like to watch a good movie on weekend afternoons. I don’t finish watching movies in one go so I avoid them. But if there is a highly acclaimed movie or if I am lazy I spend weekend afternoons watching a childhood nostalgic movie like Harry Potter, Home Alone, etc.

Weekend Evening Self Care Routine

My evening self care routine is more about skincare, relaxation, and grooming.

Weekly planning

In the evening on weekends, I spend time planning for the next week. This allows me to have a productive and balanced week ahead. I reflect on the past week and the appointments for the next week. Next, I prioritize tasks and break them into smaller tasks where required. This is a form of mental self-care for me as it gives me clarity of action for the coming days and reduces stress and overwhelm.

Skin Care and Grooming

Weekends are the only time I can spend on skin care and personal grooming so I make it a priority. I start by thoroughly cleansing the skin, followed by exfoliation, and then put on a nice mask for hydration. The aroma of the face mask and the cooling effect it brings on my skin feel wonderful. While the mask is on I take care of professional grooming needs like nail cut, etc.

Relaxing Bath

Finally, my self care weekend routine ends with a relaxing bath. I like to put some candles and calm music and enjoy the bath. On weekdays baths are mostly in rush but on weekends I like to enjoy the bath by feeling the water on the skin and exfoliating the body with a good, mildly aromatic exfoliator. It makes me feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Weekend Self care routine


So this is my weekend self care routine that I follow on Sunday. You may have noticed that I do not have things like meditation included in this routine this is because I include them as a part of my daily self care routine, you can read about it in my daily self care routine.

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