10 Best Planner Accessories Everyone Need

Best Planner Accessories

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To take your planning experience to the next level here are 10 planner accessories you must have if you are a planning nerd. Planner supplies are not just tools for styling your planner but they aid in organizing your planner and boost your productivity. They allow you to customize your planning system, help you make more effective use of your planner, and stay consistent with using a planner. Planning accessories also makes routine planning more fun and motivational.

Let’s have a look at some of the planning accessories that are functional and will make you more efficient with planning

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

Why you need planner accessories

  1. Organization: Planner accessories help you maintain a structured and organized schedule. Dividers, tabs, and stickers provide visual cues, making it easier to locate important information quickly.
  2. Productivity: Functional accessories such as sticky notes, page flags, and bookmarks enhance productivity by allowing you to jot down quick notes, mark important pages, and prioritize tasks efficiently.
  3. Personalization: Accessories like washi tape, stickers, and colorful pens allow you to personalize your planner, making it a reflection of your unique style and preferences.
  4. Visual Appeal: Planner accessories add a visual appeal to your planner, making it more engaging and enjoyable to use. Decorative elements like stickers and washi tape can make planning a creative and fun activity.
  5. Efficiency: With the help of accessories like dividers and tabs, you can easily categorize different sections in your planner, streamlining your planning process and making it more efficient.
  6. Flexibility: Accessories like sticky notes and removable page flags offer flexibility, allowing you to adapt and make changes to your plans without cluttering your planner with permanent markings.
  7. Reminder and Focus: Highlighters and functional stickers help you emphasize important dates, tasks, or events, serving as visual reminders and aiding in maintaining focus on key priorities.
  8. Portability: A planner bag or pouch provides a convenient and organized way to carry your planner and accessories, ensuring you have everything you need wherever you go.
  9. Goal Tracking: Accessories like habit trackers and goal-setting stickers facilitate goal tracking and motivate you to stay on top of your personal and professional objectives.
  10. Effortless Navigation: Bookmarks and dividers make it easy to navigate through your planner, saving time and allowing for a seamless transition between different sections and dates.
Planner accessories

1: Pen, Colors, Highlighters

Pens are certainly the minimum when it comes to supplies you need for planning. However, you can take your planning to the next level with the pen by using different colored pens.

You can also use fine-tip markers for color-coding your planner. Assigning specific colors to different categories or types of tasks helps you quickly identify and prioritize activities.

Highlighters are perfect for emphasizing important information. Whether it’s a crucial deadline or a must-attend event, a pop of color draws attention to key points in your planner. Use highlighters to organize information hierarchically. For instance, different colors can represent urgency levels or task priorities, providing a quick overview of your daily or weekly agenda.

2: Sticky Notes and page flag

Sticky notes and page flags are good ways to bring more functionality to your planner.

  • Sticky Notes:

Sticky notes in planners serve as versatile tools for quick notes, temporary annotations, and task breakdowns. They enable color-coded organization, bookmarking pages, and simplified meal planning, adding adaptability and visual appeal to your planner.

Here are some Sticky Notes to choose

Vintage Colors Sticky Pads

Cute Sticky Notes

Plant Theme Sticky Notes

Marble Designs Self Stick Notes

Inspirational Sticky Notes 

  • Page Flags:

Page flags are essential for organizing planners, functioning as section dividers, event markers, and effective color-coded tools. They provide a quick reference system, helping prioritize tasks, mark deadlines, and create an efficient navigation system within your planner.

I love this paper flag as it has a dispenser that keeps them organized and does not lose them.

3: Planner Stickers

Planner stickers are delightful accessories that can also add practical use to your planner. It sparks your creativity. They offer a customizable and personalized touch, turning your planner into a dynamic space that celebrates seasons, tracks goals, and inspires positivity. Stickers turn your planner into a dynamic and visually appealing space that reflects your unique style and enhances your overall planning experience.

Greenery Aesthetic Planner Stickers

Inspirational and Motivational Journal Stickers

Aesthetic Boho Planner Stickers

Vibrant Planner Stickers

Seasonal Planner Stickers

4: Planner Dividers and Tabs

Planner dividers and tabs are necessary accessories that bring a sense of order and efficiency to planning. These act as navigational guides, allowing users to seamlessly flip between different sections within their planners, whether it’s monthly calendars, weekly spreads, or project-specific areas. They help to easily locate and access information swiftly; and make a well-organized planner, reducing the time spent searching for specific details.

Here are some planner dividers to consider

Planner Dividers for A5 Planners

Watercolor Design Planner Dividers

Customizable dividers offer a personalized touch, allowing users to tailor the planners to unique needs and preferences. With the use of planner dividers and tabs, the planning process becomes a more functional, visually pleasing, and organized experience. This boosts your productivity and the overall enjoyment of using a planner.

Cute Planner Tab

Marble Pattern Planner Tab

Classy Leather Tab for Planners

5: Planner Pockets

Planner pockets are great for organization. These pockets offer a designated space to stow away essential items such as pens, business cards, receipts, or even small notes. By providing a dedicated storage solution within the planner, they not only declutter the workspace but also ensure that important tools and information are always within reach. These are great if your planner does not provide a space to keep a pen and frequent-use item, allowing you to personalize your planners while ensuring that daily essentials are readily accessible.

Here is an inside planner pocket

Below are some over-the-planner pockets

Classic over the planner pen sleeve

Cute over the planner pocket

bullet journal supplies

6: Washi Tapes

Washi tapes have a range of colors and patterns, making them a practical planner and decorative planner accessory, adding both aesthetic charm and functional versatility to the planning experience. Beyond its decorative appeal, washi tape proves instrumental in structuring and organizing planner layouts. It can be used to delineate sections, create borders, and allow for color-coded categorization.

It turns ordinary pages into visually engaging and intuitively organized spreads. With washi tape you can experiment with layouts, accommodating changes in plans without losing the neatness of the planner. It effortlessly combines creativity and functionality and adds a unique style to every page while maintaining a well-organized and visually pleasing planner.

Here are some best washi tape options:

Agenda Washi Tapes

Calendar Washi Tapes

Flower Washi Tapes

Galaxy Washi Tapes

Cute Decorative Tape for Journaling

Pattern Washi Tapes

Black & White

Vintage Washi Tape

7: Planner cover

A planner cover serves as a protective and aesthetic shield. It protects planners from wear and tear, and it offers personalization. A durable and well-designed cover ensures the longevity of the planner and adds a professional look to the planner. The range of options lets you choose designs that resonate with your personality, making the planner an extension of your identity. Additionally, practical features such as pockets or pen loops integrated into the cover enhance its functionality, providing a convenient space to store essential accessories.

Here are some planner cover options, the best part of them is that they are reusable, give an aesthetic look to the planner, and provide storage space for planning supplies.

Chic Planner Cover

Faux Leather Cover

Letter size planner cover

8: Bookmarks

Bookmarks in a planner act as guides, helping you effortlessly navigate the pages of your organized world. Beyond the practical function of marking your current spot, bookmarks offer a visual roadmap to essential sections, making it a breeze to find crucial dates, notes, or ongoing projects. The simplicity of a well-placed bookmark streamlines your planning routine, eliminating the need for time-consuming flipping through pages. You have a wide variety of bookmarks to choose from that can add to your planner aesthetic and decorate your planner functionally.

Bookmarks come in wide options to add functionality and decor to your planner. Below are some options to explore.

Boho Bookmark

Landscape Magnet Book Markers

Floral Magnetic Bookmarks

Metal Bookmarks with Chain

Cute Paper Clips

9: Bullet Journal Stencil

If you are a Bullet Journal fan you will know the efforts required to set up the layout of the Bullet Journal. With stencils, this can be easily done without much effort. These handy accessories provide a framework for consistently shaped icons, symbols, and patterns, ensuring that your planner maintains a polished and uniform appearance. With various stencil designs available, users can effortlessly add decorative elements, track habits, or create visually appealing headers without the need for artistic expertise. Stencils elevate the aesthetic appeal of a planner, allowing users to customize their pages with ease. The time-saving aspect is notable, enabling quick replication of intricate designs and layouts.

Here is a Bullet journal stencil that serves many purposes

Bullet Journal Stencils Templates

10: Planner bag

Keeping all the planning needs easily accessible, safe, and organized you must have a planner bag. It will be one of the best investments when it comes to keeping your planner supplies organized. Multiple compartments allow you to segregate your pens, sticky notes, and all other accessories sorted and organized. The portability of a planner bag lets you seamlessly transition between home, office, and coffee shop without leaving behind your planning tools. Moreover, the stylish designs of planner bags add a touch of personal flair, making them not just functional but a fashion statement for organized people on the move.

This is an easy-to-carry planner bag that has compartments to keep all your planner supplies organized.

Planner Supplies bag for Planner accessory organization

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