10 Practical Habits of Productive Moms

habits of productive moms

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Are you tired of struggling to be a productive mom? You have to manage your career, house, and kids, and take care of family and time just seems to be insufficient. Being a mom is all about juggling many hats, there are endless things to do and time is never sufficient the best way to do all and maintain your sanity is by building the habits of a productive mom.

If you are wondering what productive habits you should have to be a productive working mom. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Wave goodbye to the struggle, because I’m sharing with you 10 Habits of a productive mom that will make you:

  • Pro! At getting things done
  • Keep your calm as a busy mom
  • Be a happy guilt-free mom

Why do you need to have the habits of productive moms?

  • With many roles as a mother and endless responsibilities to take care of in this busy world, it is very difficult to manage work, household, kid’s school, kids care, and their extra curriculum activities. You cannot afford to miss critical things or make any mistake that can affect your little munchkin. The best thing that you can do is to build habits to be productive moms to ensure all the things are taken care of.
  • I emphasize starting with productive habits because habits take you a long way, habits are automatic behavioral responses and once you build a good habit it becomes your second nature and serves you in the long run.
  • Once the productive habits are built you need not need to put the effort into making sure things are done but taking care of all the chores effectively will be effortless for you. 

Let’s look at the productive mom’s habits that you need to start with today.

Best habits to be productive working moms

Following  is the list of 10 Habits of Highly Productive Moms:

10 habits of productive mom

1: Wake up before kids

Waking up early in the morning especially before your kids wake up is a habit that every productive mum swears by. Getting up before the kids give you time and allow you to start your day calm and without distractions.

You can get things done without disturbance from your little munchkins and get more done in less time. It just helps you set the right tone for the day and gets in momentum to be productive.

If you get up before the kids by the time kids are up you have already dealt with some tasks of the day and you are not in a hustle mood. This even let give better attention to your kids and have them worry about your task list.

2: Plan in advance

To be a productive mum it is very important to get into the habit of planning things in advance. As working mums, you already have a lot of things to deal with apart from taking care of kids. 

Planning in advance ease the load of work and allow you to make the best use of your time.  

There are various ways in which you can plan in advance. Some of the advance planning suggestions are:

  • Planning the day a night before
  • Weekly planning
  • Monthly planning

While planning productive moms also ensure to consider the schedule of all the family members to ensure everyone’s needs are addressed.

You should not just plan your work and chores but also vacation, fun time, and dates so that you can plan your work and apply for leave work in advance.

Planning things in advance gives you a fair idea about things you would be doing in the coming days and removes the unpredictability and overwhelm.

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3: Write down everything

Everyone has many things to do but moms have much more things to do. From remembering to purchase groceries to vaccine appointments and from work assignment last date to paying bills, there are so many things on the mind. 

Hence one of the habits of productive moms is to note down all the things and rely less on remembering things

Productive moms have lists and notes for everything, they have a running To-Do list, grocery list, and any other list you can think of. 

Having things written down relieves the stress as you do not have to spend the energy to remember things. 

By writing down you reduce the chance of forgetting work and you can plan wor better.

When you have an unfinished task you tend to recall it more and feel anxious, writing things down remove the overwhelming and chaotic feeling.

It gives you assurance that the task is planned and will happen as per the schedule.

You may find this helpful: 10 Ways To Make An Effective To-Do List

4: Make effective routines

Routines add structure and predictability to your day. Having routines makes you more efficient, and builds momentum. By having routines you do not waste time thinking about what next to do. Having a routine suitable to your need make you spend less time planning, and chores and task become part of your life.

Productive moms understand these benefits of routine and have a habit to build routines as per their needs and these routines include tasks that are best suited for the routine. Productive moms have morning routines, evening routines, and weekend routines so that the most important and frequent tasks are done best with fewer efforts   

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5: Prioritize tasks

Productive moms have a habit of prioritizing work. With many tasks at hand, it is very difficult to complete altogether. And if you are a working mom you got to be more strategic with the way you spend your time and the things you choose to get done. 

Even the most productive person cannot get everything done. You can only do one thing at a time. 

Prioritizing work allows you to take a conscious and informed decision to give preference to one task over the other and plan your work better.

P.S. How to prioritize work tasks

6: Schedule everything

Productive moms have schedules for everything so that nothing is missed and they are not overwhelmed with many things to do at a time. 

They identify all the things that they need to do, split them out with the available time, and create schedules.

Schedule for different activities never let work pile up and tasks become part of your routine.

Productive moms have cleaning schedules, laundry schedules, kids’ study schedules, meal planning schedules, etc.

7: Plan and prep the meals

A key part of being a mom is the responsibility to feed healthy food to the family and productive moms know that spending time every day thinking about what to cook is a waste of time. 

Hence they plan their meal in advance and make sure the grocery required for the same is made available. 

Planning in advance allows you to incorporate healthy eating options in your meals that are not just healthy but also enjoyed by your family too. 

You can also do some basic meal prepping on the weekend such as chopping fruits and vegetables, boiling pulses and legumes, or preparing sauces so that you spend less time cooking during the busy weekdays. 

8: Teach kids independence

Productive moms don’t just get all things done but they also try to teach their kids to do some basic tasks based on their age. You can start by doing small tasks yourself in presence of your kids and gradually move on to ask if they would like to do it themselves. 

For younger kids, of course, your presence will be required to monitor but eventually, they will learn to do things themselves.

This helps in the development of the child and makes them independent.

By teaching your kids independence they will be able to do the basic things themselves and this will reduce your work burden and also make them more responsible.

9:  Keep backup for a rough day

Productive moms have a habit of always having a plan B. We all know with kids and work plans and schedules don’t execute the way we want them to. 

Unexpected things always make their way through our perfect schedule and make things imperfect.

Hence productive moms always keep a backup plan. Your backup plan can be as simple as buffer time during the day to deal with unexpected work or a frozen meal to fall back upon when required or a helping hand from a babysitter when you need to get work done.

Depending on your situation in life and the things that get unmanageable for you, keep a vision for the unexpected things that can probably disrupt your plans, and make sure to create a backup plan. 

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10: Automate tasks

Productive moms know productivity is not about doing all the work but being the most efficient. Hence they make the best use of technology and try to automate things where possible. 

You should try to automate tasks where ever possible, automation ensures things are happening at the right time without you remembering to do them and putting repetitive effort into the same task every time.

Automation can be done for many things such as auto payment set up for bill payments, making a yearly calendar with reminders for important events, and making a subscription for frequent grocery purchases. 

Try to find what task you can automate and be done with your intervention, you can also try to delegate tasks to others if automation seems not feasible for you.

10 habits of productive mom


So these are the 10 Habits of productive moms, that you should start to build from today to be a happy productive mom. These habits will allow you to get the most done as a busy mom and still keep a calm mind.

These habits are practical to implement and will serve you in the long run of life because if you are a mom you know that you have a long way to go. Building these habits has made my life as a working mom easier, and I am sure it would do the same for you too.

I would suggest you start slow and start with a few habits rather than overwhelming yourself with trying to develop all the habits, as building habits need effort and consistency.

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