5 Reason Why You Are Busy But Not Successful

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Busy is being engaged in action, we just can’t deny the fact that to be successful you need to be engaged in a lot of action. As Vidal Sasoon said, “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” But when your engagement in actions becomes constantly being busy, it turns out to be your enemy.

Success is a consequence of conscious efforts in the right direction and at the right time, but often we are confused with success being proportional to being busy. We wear the “being busy” badge with honor and constantly believe in the illusion that if we are busy we are making progress and leading towards being successful, however, this may not always be true, in this article we explain being busy does not mean being successful, in fact “being busy” is your enemy to success and share some tips to deal with it.

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1. You miss your success vision

A clear vision of success aligns your actions and strategies towards the achievement of your vision. Once you are clear on your destination you know the route, but being busy with a task one after the after makes you forget the bigger picture of the success and the vision you are working for. You have no time to reflect back on the actions you have taken or plan your work towards the achievement.

2. You don’t work effectively

When busy you tend to do things based on urgency rather than importance. It is the importance of the work that determines the amount of time, effort, or priority it deserves. But when we are in the mindset of being busy we are not in the mindset to judge the importance of prioritization and we just take up the work that comes first at our hand or the work that is urged as a priority by others, this often let us feel we have not attained any major task completion as our time was spent in doing mundane things that were urgent or important for others but does not help you achieve your success vision. This eventually drives us towards the feeling of demotivation and a sense of being unproductive, and you just don’t need to be there.

Also, when you are busy you tend to multitask to cope up with your busy time, multitasking is your enemy in disguise. Studies suggest multitasking reduces your efficiency and makes you less focused. This does not allow you to work to the complete potential you have and diverts your focus from your goals. It is also found that multitasking lowers your IQ. Moreover, you are not in the present moment when you multitask, this does not only compromise your life quality and well-being but makes you overlook many important things that deserve your attention.

3. Give you illusion of success

When you are busy working each day you feel you are making progress but this can be an illusion. It is the quality of work, importance of work that defines its contribution to meet your success goals. With the completion of a mundane task list, we feel a false sense of achievement, and we think we are making progress. This can be more detrimental as you think you are making success but it would be a sad realization that you haven’t made any as your efforts were towards a work that was not aligned with your success.

Just because you are spending time working each day does not mean you are working towards your success goal.

4. You don’t invest in yourself

Success is not a one-time achievement of a goal but a series of achievements that make you successful. To be ahead of your peers you need to be abreast with the new skills, technology, innovation, advancement in your field of interest, the only way you can do it is by learning and investing your time in self-development.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”― John F. Kennedy

When you are busy you don’t have any time to spend on learning or awareness of your learning needs.

Investment in yourself is not just for learning but taking care of yourself, a constant state of busyness makes you overwhelmed and stressed, you tend to neglect yourself. It not only makes you less productive and less creative to come up with ideas but also affects your health. As per Robin Sharma’s success lesson health should be your priority to be successful, you cannot achieve any of your goals if you fall short on

good health.

5. You miss opportunity

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” -Bobby Unser.

Many are hard workers with great potential but it’s those who identify the opportunity succeed. When you are busy you don’t have the peace of mind to see opportunities. Most of the opportunities are found when we move out of our zone, go a little extra mile, or attend some social events or seek like minds to collaborate but when you are just busy you don’t make an effort to find such opportunities or even realize the opportunities when they come across.

Hope it was helpful for you to understand how being busy doesn’t make you successful, let’s not be disheartened by the side effects of being busy. We got you below tips to help you get through with it.

Quick Tips

  • Be clear and defined of your success vision, do goal setting and make a vision board. It’s the best way to not let you forget your goals even when you are busy.
  • You can check out our free guide to help you with goal planning. Need help on making our vision board read, Steps to create Vision board that manifest your dream life.
  • Set your clear action plan, make a to do list based on priority and not urgency, delegate tasks that are not important. Avoid multitasking.
  • Do monthly goal setting and review your achievement at the end of month to access your progress towards the goal.
  • Invest in yourself by reading,join short course on skill improvement, make time for yourself to rejuvenate.
  • Look out for events relevant to your field, schedule to attend these in advance so that you don’t miss them.


Success cannot be achieved without hard work but just being busy with just everyday tasks and work will make success more distant to you. When you are constantly busy your actions are not aligned with your success vision, you don’t work effectively, you think you have achieved when you actually have not, you don’t invest in yourself and you miss opportunities.

However, with a clearly defined goal, prioritization, and investing in the betterment of self we can overcome the hurdles of success

Hope this article was of help to you, would love to know your views in questions in the comments below.

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