13 Unique Office Bulletin Board Ideas

13 Unique Office Bulletin Board Ideas

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Office bulletin boards are powerful for adding a fun quotient at the workplace and percolating a message by grabbing attention. You can dictate the vibe at work and spread the value you wish to instill among your team by choosing the right kind of ideas to display on the notice board. In this post, I am sharing 13 Unique office bulletin board ideas that you can use to set the right vibe at your workplace. Whether it’s your home office, a small business, or a corporate office you will surely find some inspiration to make good use of a bulletin board.

So let’s ditch the boring bulletin board that displays holiday lists and company policy that’s dusted and unnoticed.

Office Notice Board Ideas

Looking to change the vibe at the office? Here are some office notice board ideas that will help you set the right spirit at work that will set the team up for success.

13 unique office notice board ideas

1. Motivational Bulletin Board Ideas for Work

Motivational bulletin boards can add inspiration to the workplace and create a positive feeling. There are various elements that you can add to make your motivational bulletin board more relevant. You can try new quotes of the week or a daily dose of motivation. You can also add goals and targets for the month or quarter in an engaging depiction to keep the team going. By regularly updating and engaging with these bulletin board features, employees can find renewed focus, purpose, and enthusiasm to work.

2. Seasonal and Holiday Themes office bulletin board

You can bring the seasonal and holiday vibe to the office with a seasonal and holiday-themed office bulletin board. Set the festive spirit at work by displaying decor, wishes, celebrations, and event details on the notice board.
This is a great way to bring positivity and break the monotony of routine work to recharge employees and make your workplace more fun. For Halloween, you can add spooky things like cobwebs, and bats to the board and spread the word about Halloween costume contests. For Thanksgiving, you can have gratitude displayed. For Christmas boards, you can have festive decorations, holiday wishes, and Secret Santa details to spread cheer around the office. New Year’s boards could focus on reflection and goal-setting for the upcoming year, inspiring your team to make new plans and look forward to the future.

3. Employee Recognition

Make your valued employees feel appreciated for their hard work by displaying their achievements and efforts on the employee recognition bulletin board. This will not just honor the employees for their excellent performance but also cultivate an environment of appreciation, motivating other employees to strive for success.
You can do this by displaying monthly “Star performers” from each department and showcasing their photographs along with measurable achievements and milestones for transparency. This will boost the morale and job satisfaction among the employees.

4. Business bulletin board

Having a business bulletin board at work when used creatively can be a great way to pass the message and information about the company’s progress and actions ahead. You can have your company revenue, productivity metrics, achievements upcoming projects, and plans displayed on a business bulletin board to encourage transparency and keep the employees aware of the plans to move ahead. Try not to just display numbers but comparative graphics and charts to make them easier to understand at a glance and draw attention.

5. HR bulletin boards

HR does not have a good name in many workplaces. While some wonder what they do others find it difficult to digest HR work for employee benefits. Hence a great way for HR to ensure communication, build trust, and bond with employees is to use HR bulletin boards. You can include the key points of company policies and procedures relevant to the month or season, job postings and internal opportunities, upcoming training and development programs, health and wellness initiatives, etc. You can update from time to time on changes in policy, seek suggestions, etc.

6. Safety Notice Board

For OSHA compliance and ensuring the safety of all staff members having a Safety bulletin board is necessary in the office. This creates safety awareness among employees and shows the dedication of the company to employee safety. These can include things like emergency procedures in the form of a flow chart, safety policies and guidelines, hazardous materials information, safety training schedules, incident reports and near misses for the month, personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, and safety committee information. Some of this information can be specific to the organization and some may be variable for different departments.
Try making the details easy to understand and fun with graphics to grab attention and avoid being boring.

office bulletin board ideas for workspace inspiration

7. Community and Social Responsibility

Having a dedicated board for community and social responsibility helps engage employees in meaningful activities that contribute to the greater good. It also shows the dedication of the company to making a better world and contribution to the society. Your community and social responsibility bulletin board can include information on upcoming volunteer opportunities, charity drives, fundraising campaigns, sustainability initiatives, corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports, employee-led social responsibility projects, partnerships with nonprofit organizations, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, fun events or celebrations for cherish diversity and equality.

8. Suggestion Board

Having a suggestion board is a good way to seek suggestions from the employees and drive meaningful changes to make a better workplace. However, as someone who has worked as a manager, I know how difficult it is to seek constructive suggestions from team members. Hence having a suggestion board can encourage people to share suggestions.
Here are some ways you can make good use of a suggestion board and have a suggestion bulletin board that is not covered in dust.

  • Display colorful suggestion cards or sticky notes.
  • Introduce weekly or monthly challenges or prompts to spark creativity and engagement.
  • Recognize and celebrate employees whose suggestions have contributed to positive change.
  • Use the suggestion board for feedback on voting for a suggestion
  • Offer rewards and incentives for the best  suggestions
  • Share updates on the implementation of a suggestion

9. Social Board

A social bulletin board can help you make the workplace more warm and friendly. The nurturing bonds among team members can go a long way. You can go crazy creative with a social bulletin board and change themes with changing trends and seasons. You can feature upcoming events and celebrations, birthdays, and anniversaries. Have fun by featuring different interests of employees each month such as their pets, favorite movies, personal achievements, etc. This promotes positive interactions among team members and allows them to bond over common interests.

10. Fitness Board

To promote employee wellness and help them stay fit even with a busy life. This is especially good idea for organizations where the nature of work leads to a sedentary lifestyle. Here are some ideas for making a fitness bulletin board.

  • Run monthly or quarterly fitness challenges
  • share exercise tips and workouts
  • share healthy snack ideas
  • have a fitness tracker leaderboard
  • share employee success stories
  • This will help you promote a culture of health and wellness, and boost employee morale and productivity.

P.S. For tips to ensure self-care at work you can read my post 10 self-care at work tips for your wellness at the workplace.

11. Thank You Board

A great way to build positivity at work and build a culture of appreciation is to try a thank you board. This is an especially good idea for workplaces where there are frequent conflicts or misunderstandings among team members. A thank you board will help the expression of gratitude and appreciation among team members. A thank you bulletin board can include handwritten Thank You Notes, Recognition Cards for positive contributions, Shout-Outs, and Kudos for an act of kindness or extending support to other employees. You can also encourage people by running a Gratitude Challenge.

12. Mission Statement/ Policy Board

A mission statement and policy board are a necessity for many offices as it is a common requirement from various statutory bodies however I find them ineffective in driving the purpose when it is just a display of policy. So make it catchy and help employees see the purpose you should try creative ways of expressing the information. Beyond the mission statement/ policy, you can also include things like a code of conduct, anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies, dress code, and workplace appearance policies.

13. Song of the Week Bulletin Board

A song of the week board at the office can add fun to the workplace. It can be used in creative ways to bring inspiration and motivation to work. You can feature songs each week that can be dedicated by one employee to another. Add a QR code for a song or playlist that can be accessed on platforms like Spotify, and YouTube. Encourage employees to share song recommendations. You can have weekly themes like motivational Monday or Feel Good Friday. You can also display a few lines of song lyrics that can build conversation and motivate. Invite employees to share reviews of a song. Even better based on the bulletin board play a song each day morning with the central speaker for an energetic start of the day.

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So these are 13 office bulletin board ideas that will make your workplace more positive and grab attention to important things at work that seem boring to many. With these ideas, I am sure you will be inspired to bring a new change to your boring office noticeboard to a more meaningful space, which employees will be excited to read. 

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