30 Day Lifestyle Challenge for Life Organization

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Here is a Lifestyle Challenge to change your life and simplify Life Organization. Are you feeling all over the place and want to change your lifestyle? You are not alone. In this post, I am sharing with you how you can change your lifestyle and get your life organized and better. And what better way to keep going and motivated than a challenge? Here is a 30 Day Lifestyle Challenge for Life Organization. I have tried my best to keep it actionable and practically manageable so that you can follow it easily and change your lifestyle for the better.

Let’s get going.

30 day Challenge to Change your Life

30 day lifestyle challenge

1. Reflect on Your Life

Day 1-2: Reflect on Your Life

Before diving into the Lifestyle Challenge, spend some time reflecting on your life.

Focus on:

  • Your life priorities
  • Current life challenges
  • Opportunities for improvement

I suggest you take a good amount of time doing a very honest and simple reflection of your current life to organize your life more efficiently and in a way that will bring many benefits for you.

It is best that you write down these things so that during the process of life organization you have a clear road map at your hand and ensure that everything is being taken care of.

Reflecting on these areas will give you clarity on where you stand and where you want to be. Write down your reflections to create a roadmap for your lifestyle change journey.

So once you are done with your reflection it’s time to start with the change lifestyle challenge.

I have divided this 30 Day Lifestyle Challenge into 6 major categories. We will have a look at each of them in detail but I would recommend that against each of the things identified during self-reflection, you can put one of these 6 categories so that the process becomes easier for you.

There are many aspects of lifestyle and keeping all of them balanced gets challenging. Hence I like to use a Life planner to stay organized and on track with tasks, goals, routines, habits, meal planning, grocery, budget, and expenses. I am more of a digital planner so I use this spreadsheet planner to keep everything in one place and under control. It has 10 planners to take care of all life planning needs. The best part is that it has a daily dashboard showing everything you need to do for the day.

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Let’s start with the Lifestyle challenge the first thing we are going to tackle is you space.

2. Transform Your Living Space

Our living spaces, whether at home or work, significantly impact our lifestyle. Properly managing these spaces can greatly improve our lives. An orderly and clean environment fosters positivity, enhances focus, and reduces feelings of being overwhelmed. As the saying goes, “Clean your space, clear your mind.”

We’ve all faced the frustration of chaos, wasting time searching for items, or feeling unproductive due to a cluttered house, a messy wardrobe, or difficulties finding cooking ingredients. These issues can be resolved by maintaining an organized space.

For quick tips on tidying up after hectic times, you might find my post on How to Get the Household Back on Track After Busy Times helpful. If you are struggling to manage your home you must read my post on the Home management system.

Day 3: Plan to Organize

Start with the room or area you use the most. This could be your bedroom, kitchen, or work table. List out different areas of your home and assign a date for each.

Day 4-6: Declutter

Declutter each space. Assign a dedicated home for everything to ensure functionality and ease of maintenance.

Day 7: Create a Cleaning Schedule

Establish a regular cleaning and decluttering schedule to maintain an organized space.

3. Boost Your Efficiency and Get Organized

Work is a big part of our lifestyle and affects our overall well-being. Our success in life is largely dependent on how well we manage our work. Whether you are a student, professional, or entrepreneur, excelling in your work is crucial to maintaining a happy and balanced life. Thus, organizing your work is a vital step in the 30-Day Lifestyle Challenge to achieve a more structured and fulfilling life.

Organizing your work can help you stay on top of tasks and enhance your productivity. Depending on your specific roles and responsibilities, identify the key areas that need to be improved to become more efficient and productive.

Day 8: Organize Your Desk

Keep your workspace tidy and functional.

Day 9: Declutter Emails

Sort your emails into categories to make them easily retrievable and reduce time spent on them.

Day 10: Make Work Lists

Create lists to organize tasks and responsibilities effectively.

Day 11: Maintain a Work Notebook

Use a dedicated notebook to keep track of your work-related notes and ideas. You can use this digital work planner that covers all your work needs in one place from calls, and emails to task planning. If you are more into paper planning you can refer to 10 ways to organize a notebook for work.

4. Get Mental Clarity and Emotional Wellness

To enhance your overall lifestyle for long-term benefits, it is better to take into consideration your emotional wellness and take care of the mental load you carry each day. There is no point to have a good lifestyle that does not make you happy. So prioritizing your piece of mind and taking care of your emotional needs is necessary. Here are some ways to do it.

Day 12-13: Meditate Daily

Start with 10 minutes of meditation each day to clear your mind.

Day 14: Make To-Do Lists and Prioritize Tasks

Create effective to-do lists to keep track of your responsibilities. Identify and prioritize your tasks to focus on what’s most important. You can read my post on How to prioritize tasks.

Day 15: Find things that make you happy

Reflect on your emotional wellness, find things that weigh you down, and look for ways to limit them. Also, look out for ways to uplift your mood and incorporate them into your lifestyle. Read 10 things to do for a happy lifestyle that are backed by science.

Day 16: Practice Journaling

Spend time each day journaling your thoughts, feelings, and goals. This practice can help organize your thoughts and clarify your emotions. You can try journal prompts to get started, read 100 Journal Prompts for Self Growth.

Day 17: Relax Your Mind

To enjoy your life and have a happy lifestyle is necessary for you to find ways to relax your mind. Incorporate relaxation techniques to prevent burnout. It is better if you can spend some time at the end of work day to relax your mind before entering your night or evening routine to clear out all the stress of the day. Here are 5 step system to help you relax and unwind after a busy day.

how to organize life in 30 days

5. Get your life in order

Changing your lifestyle is not just about making ambitious plans but also making provisions to have a sustainable lifestyle that will allow you to keep up with the lifestyle plans. Getting your life in order will help you achieve it.

Day 18: Weekly Planning

Weekly planning is a great way to organize your week. It helps you to plan your time and tasks in a systematic way. You get a better understanding of the way your day looks and can ensure to accommodate work and personal life well. Read Weekly planning secrets for work-life balance for more details.

Day 19: Daily Planning

Always plan your day the night before. When you plan your day in advance you can start your day immediately by taking action rather than spending time thinking about what to do next. Try to complete the 3 major tasks for the day and not waste time on little things that do not bring much value.

Day 20: Build Routines

 Routine can help you to stay organized. It helps you to stay on track and minimize distractions. I highly recommend having a morning routine as it gives a great start to the day.

P.S you may like,5 steps to building a morning routine before work that is best for you

Simple After work evening routine to keep you sane

6. Get Healthy Lifestyle

Achieving a healthy lifestyle is crucial for overall well-being and long-term happiness. It involves adopting habits that promote physical, mental, and emotional health.

Day 21-22: Build a Healthy Routine

Include physical activities and a healthy diet in your daily routine.

Day 23: Incorporate Self care into your lifestyle

Incorporating self-care into your lifestyle is essential for maintaining overall well-being and happiness. Simple daily self-care practices help you recharge and rejuvenate you and cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness and fulfillment in your daily life.

For some ideas read 20 Self Care Activities You Can Do In 10 Minutes

Day 24: Schedule Annual Health Checkups

Plan annual health checkups to stay proactive about your health.

Day 25-26: Meal Planning and Preparation

Make a diet plan or just plan your meals for a week in advance to ensure you eat healthily even on busy days. When meals are planned in advance you can ensure to include all essential nutrients as per the proportion in all the meals. You can check beginner’s guide to meal planning.

7. Take Charge of Your Finances

Finance is one of the areas of life that have a significant impact on our lives and lifestyles. While making a better lifestyle it is good to consider finance too. You can use this finance planner it helps to plan your budget, track expenses and take care of debt.

Budget Planner + Debt Payoff Sheets


  • Plan and track your Budget
  • Track Income, Expenses & Savings.
  • Get an expense breakdown to plan your finances better and cut expenses to improve savings.
  • Keep a complete log of all expenses.
  • Automatic debt payoff calculator to find monthly payments and date you will be debt-free.
  • Plan and track debt
  • All calculations and graphs are automated
  • This Google Spreadsheet finance planner can be accessed anywhere

Day 27: Make a Monthly Budget

Plan your budget, categorize expenses, and stick to it.

Day 28: Set an Emergency Fund

Make plans to save or cut expenses to have an emergency fund of 3-6 months’ worth of expenses as a safety net.

Day 29: Set Financial Goals

Define your financial goals and create a plan to achieve them.

Day 30: Plan Investments

Explore investment options to grow your savings and reach your financial goals.

30 day lifestyle challenge_


So this is the 30 day challenge that will help you change your lifestyle and build a better life. It covers everything from health, work, finance, and getting your life in order. I have tried to make it manageable to be achieved in a 30 day time frame feel free to change the timeline as per your needs. It is better to get it done than never.

You can use this Life Planner to make your new lifestyle more manageable

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