100 Hobbies for Women- List of Adult Hobbies to Try

100 Hobbies for Women

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Hobbies are a great way to make meaningful use of your time and have some fun in life apart from your routine. Hobbies positively influence you and I believe everyone should have at least 1 hobby. Want to know new hobbies to try? In this post, I am sharing 100 Hobbies for Women. This list of hobbies to try are best hobbies for women in their 20s. These interesting hobbies for ladies are a must-try for women.

I have divided this post into groups of hobbies for you to skim easily and find the best one for you. In this post you will find:

  • Hobbies At Home/ Indoor Hobbies for Women
  • Arts and Crafts hobbies
  • Creative hobbies
  • Sports and Fitness hobbies
  • Money Making Hobbies for Women
  • Home Improvement hobbies
  • Intellectual Hobbies for Women
  • Unique hobbies for women
  • Hobbies for Self improvement
  • Relaxing and Self Care hobbies

Hobbies for Women in their 20s

Here are 100 unique and fun hobbies for Women in their 20s. But they are suitable for Women in their 30s too.

fun hobbies for women

Hobbies At Home/ Indoor Hobbies for Women

1. Gardening

Grow indoor plants, herbs, or succulents, and tend to them as a hobby to bring a bit of nature indoors.

2. Home Fitness

Engage in indoor workouts such as yoga, Pilates, HIIT, or follow along with fitness apps or online workout classes.

3. Making collage or album

Create collages or albums to preserve precious memories and express your creativity through arranging photos, mementos, and memorabilia in visually appealing and meaningful ways.

4. Flower arrangement

Showcase your artistic flair and bring natural beauty into your homes and work space with flower arrangements. It skillfully combines different flowers, foliage, and containers to create stunning floral displays that uplift the mood and enhance the ambiance of any space.

5. Home decor

Home decor hobbies empower women to personalize and beautify their living spaces, as they explore various design styles, colors, and accessories to create cohesive and inviting interiors that reflect their personality and taste, fostering a sense of comfort, pride, and sanctuary within their homes.

6. Baking

Explore your culinary creativity and indulge in the joy of creating delicious treats from scratch, as they experiment with different recipes, ingredients, and techniques to produce mouthwatering cakes, pastries, breads, and desserts that delight the senses and bring joy to family and friends.

7. Food presentation

Learn to skillfully plate and garnish dishes with precision and creativity, using color, texture, and arrangement to enhance visual appeal and make meals more enticing and memorable. So at the next dinner party, everyone is in wow.

8. Trying new recipes

Explore different culinary, experimenting with diverse cuisines, ingredients, and cooking methods to discover exciting flavors, textures, and techniques that tantalize the taste buds and inspire culinary innovation. This will make everyday cooking more enjoyable as you will find some new cuisine. In fact this year I have set a goal to try cooking different culture recipes around the work.

9. Makeup Tutorials and Experimentation

Dive into the world of makeup by watching tutorials online or experimenting with different makeup looks at home. Whether you’re mastering winged eyeliner, perfecting a smokey eye, or exploring bold lip colors, makeup tutorials and experimentation allow you to express your creativity, and enhance your features.

10. Hair Styling

Try hairstyling as a hobby by learning new hairstyles, techniques, and haircare routines. Whether you’re practicing braids, curls, updos, or blowouts, hair styling allows you to express your personal style, experiment with different looks, and boost your confidence by mastering the art of haircare and hairstyling at home.

Arts and Crafts hobbies

1. Painting

Painting is a relaxing hobby where you can express yourself by putting colorful brushstrokes on canvas or paper. You can create beautiful landscapes, portraits, or abstract art, letting your imagination flow freely. You have many options to learn painting from water painting to glass painting.

2. Sculpting

Sculpting is a hands-on hobby that lets you shape and mold clay or other materials into three-dimensional artwork. You can sculpt anything from figures to animals to abstract shapes, allowing your creativity to take form with your own hands.

3. Pottery

Create functional or decorative items using clay and a potter’s wheel. You can make bowls, cups, vases, and more, enjoying the tactile experience of shaping and glazing your ceramic creations.

4. Knitting and Crocheting

Knitting and crocheting are cozy hobbies where you can create warm and soft textiles like scarves, hats, blankets, and sweaters using yarn and needles or hooks. Not only this you can make many DIYs for home and gifts. The options and things to make with crocheting are endless. I love to make small things with crochet and find them classy.

5. Sewing

Make clothes, accessories, and home decor items using fabric, thread, and a sewing machine or needle and thread. You can tailor garments to fit perfectly or explore your creativity by designing and sewing your fashion pieces.

6. Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is a sparkling hobby where you can design and craft your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings using beads, wire, and other jewelry-making supplies. You can experiment with different styles and techniques to create custom pieces that reflect your personal taste or make gifts for friends and family.

7. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a nostalgic hobby where you can preserve memories and moments by arranging photos, memorabilia, and embellishments in beautiful albums or scrapbooks. You can tell stories and capture special moments in creative and artistic layouts that you can cherish for years to come.

8. Candle Making

Make your own custom candles using wax, wicks, and scents. You can experiment with different molds, colors, and fragrances to make unique candles that add warmth and ambiance to your home

9. Soap Making

Craft your own handmade soaps using natural ingredients like oils, lye, and essential oils. You can create luxurious bars or fun shapes, enjoying the process of mixing, pouring, and scenting your personalized soaps.

10. Digital Painting

Digital painting is a modern hobby where you can create stunning artwork using digital software and a stylus or graphics tablet. You can explore endless possibilities with digital brushes, colors, and effects, unleashing your imagination and creating digital masterpieces on your computer or tablet.

Creative hobbies

1. Short Story Writing

Love creative writing, challenge yourself to write short stories with diverse characters, settings, and themes. Experiment with different genres, from science fiction to romance to mystery.

2. Poetry Writing

Explore the beauty of language through poetry. Experiment with different forms such as sonnets, haikus, free verse, or spoken word poetry.

3. Flash Fiction

Write extremely short stories, typically under 1000 words, that convey a complete narrative arc. This format allows for concise storytelling and creative experimentation.

4. Fan Fiction

Write stories set in the worlds of your favorite books, movies, TV shows, or video games. This allows you to explore existing characters and settings while putting your own creative spin on them.

5. Songwriting

Experiment with songwriting, expressing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences through lyrics and melodies, whether playing an instrument or collaborating with musicians, exploring songwriting techniques and storytelling through music.

6. Photography

Learn photography by experimenting with light, angles, and colors and enjoy the processes to create captivating and innovative photographic artworks.

7. Musical Instrument Learning

Dedicate time to learning a musical instrument such as the piano, guitar, violin, or flute, mastering techniques, and repertoire to express yourself through music and expand your musical skills.

8. Music Composition

Explore music composition by creating your own original pieces or songs, experimenting with melodies, harmonies, and rhythms to express your emotions and ideas through music creation.

9. Belly Dancing

Explore the art of belly dancing, learning fluid movements, shimmies, and isolations to express femininity and grace through dance, enjoying the rhythmic and expressive nature of this ancient dance form.

10. Illustrated Journaling

Combine writing and drawing in illustrated journaling, documenting your thoughts, experiences, and observations through sketches, doodles, and written reflections, creating a visual diary that reflects your personal journey and creativity.

Sports and Fitness hobbies

1. Yoga

Embrace the mind-body connection through yoga practice, which offers various styles like Vinyasa, Hatha, and Kundalini to suit different preferences and goals.

2. Pilates

Strengthen your core, improve flexibility, and enhance body awareness with Pilates exercises, which focus on controlled movements and proper alignment.

3. Running

Lace-up your shoes and hit the pavement or treadmill for a cardio workout that boosts endurance, burns calories, and provides mental clarity and stress relief.

4. Dance Fitness

Get grooving with dance-based workouts like Zumba, hip-hop dance classes, or ballet-inspired barre workouts for a fun way to stay active and improve coordination.

5. Cycling

Whether indoors on a stationary bike or outdoors on roads or trails, cycling is a low-impact cardio exercise that builds leg strength and promotes cardiovascular health.

6. Swimming

Dive into the pool for a full-body workout that’s easy on the joints, improves cardiovascular fitness, and builds muscle strength and endurance.

7. Strength Training

Incorporate weightlifting or bodyweight exercises into your fitness routine to build lean muscle mass, increase metabolism, and improve overall strength and stability.

8. Group Fitness Classes

Join group fitness classes like HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), boot camp, or circuit training for a motivating and social workout experience led by instructors.

9. Martial Arts

 Explore martial arts disciplines such as karate, taekwondo, or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for self-defense skills, improved fitness, and mental discipline.

10. Tennis

 Grab a racket and hit the courts for a dynamic workout that improves agility, coordination, and cardiovascular health while having fun competing against opponents.

Money Making Hobbies for Women

1. Crafting and Handmade Goods

Create and sell handmade crafts such as jewelry, candles, soaps, knitted or crocheted items, artwork, or home decor items on platforms like Etsy or at local craft fairs.

2. Baking and Cooking

Start a home-based bakery or catering business, offering cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or specialty dishes for events, parties, or local markets.

3. Social Media Influencing

If you have a strong presence on social media and enjoy creating content, you can collaborate with brands as an influencer to promote products or services to your audience.

4. Writing for others

If you love writing a freelance writing business, offer your writing services for blogs, websites, magazines, or businesses.

5. Consulting

If you have expertise in a particular field, such as marketing, finance, nutrition, or career coaching, offer consulting services to individuals or businesses seeking guidance and advice.

6. Start a YouTube vlog

Create your own YouTube vlog channel, where you can share your interests, experiences, and expertise with a global audience. Whether it’s travel adventures, cooking tutorials, fashion hauls, or beauty reviews, starting a YouTube vlog allows you to express yourself creatively, connect with viewers, and potentially even earn income.

7. Virtual Assistance

Utilize your administrative and organizational skills to offer virtual assistant services to entrepreneurs or businesses, helping with tasks such as email management, scheduling, social media management, or customer support.

8. Start a blog

Start your own blog, where you can share your passions, interests, and expertise with the world. Whether it’s about travel, fashion, cooking, parenting, or any other topic you’re passionate about, blogging allows you to express yourself, connect with like-minded individuals, and potentially even earn income through advertising, sponsored content, or affiliate marketing.

9. Podcasting

Dive into podcasting by creating your own podcast series on topics that interest you, whether it’s storytelling, interviews, or discussions, sharing your voice and perspectives with a global audience.

10. Create digital products

Get creative by developing digital products such as e-books, online courses, printables, or digital artwork that provide value to others.

100 interesting hobbies for ladies

Home Improvement hobbies

1. DIY Decorating

Experiment with interior decorating projects such as painting walls, rearranging furniture, hanging artwork, or creating decorative accents like throw pillows or curtains.

2. Furniture Restoration

Refurbish old or thrifted furniture pieces by sanding, staining, painting, or reupholstering them to give them new life and style.

3. Gardening and Landscaping

Transform outdoor spaces by planting flowers, shrubs, or vegetables, creating garden beds, installing pathways, or designing outdoor living areas like patios or decks.

4. Home Organization

Declutter and organize different areas of the home, such as closets, cabinets, or pantries, using storage solutions and organizational systems to maximize space and functionality.

5. DIY Home Repairs

Learn basic home repair skills such as fixing leaky faucets, repairing drywall, replacing light fixtures, or installing shelves, saving money on professional services and feeling empowered to tackle household projects.

6. Upcycling and Repurposing

Give new life to old or discarded items by upcycling them into something useful or decorative, such as turning mason jars into candle holders, or transforming wooden pallets into furniture.

7. Energy Efficiency Improvements

Make energy-saving upgrades to the home, such as installing programmable thermostats, sealing drafts, adding insulation, or replacing old appliances with energy-efficient models.

8. DIY Home Décor Crafts

 Get creative with DIY home décor projects such as making wall art, decorative wreaths, or seasonal decorations using materials like wood, fabric, or paper.

9. Home Renovation Planning

Plan and design home renovation projects, whether small-scale updates like kitchen backsplash or larger-scale renovations like a bathroom remodel, researching materials, layouts, and design ideas.

10. Smart Home Technology Integration

Explore and implement smart home technology solutions such as smart thermostats, lighting systems, or security cameras to enhance convenience, comfort, and security in the home.

Intellectual Hobbies for Women

1. Reading

Dive into a wide range of genres, from fiction to non-fiction, classics to contemporary literature, expanding your knowledge and imagination.

2. Creative Writing

Explore your creativity through writing poetry, short stories, essays, or even novels, allowing you to express yourself and develop your writing skills.

3. Learning a New Language

Challenge yourself to learn a new language, either through self-study resources, language learning apps, or formal classes, opening up opportunities for cultural exploration and communication.

4. Critical Thinking Games and Puzzles

Engage in activities such as solving crossword puzzles, Sudoku, logic puzzles, or playing strategic board games that stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

5. Catch Current Events and Trends

Stay informed about current events, politics, and social issues through reading news articles, listening to podcasts, or participating in discussions and activism, contributing to informed citizenship and civic engagement.

6. Play Chess

Develop strategic thinking and mental agility by playing chess. Join online chess communities, participate in tournaments, or simply enjoy casual games with friends and family.

7. Daily journaling

Engage in daily journaling as an intellectual hobby to reflect on your thoughts, experiences, and emotions, fostering self-awareness, introspection, and personal growth. Through the act of writing regularly, you cultivate clarity of thoughts.

8. Online video game

Dive into online video games as an intellectual hobby to stimulate problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and cognitive abilities while immersing yourself in immersive virtual worlds and complex gameplay mechanics.

9. Listen to podcasts

Embrace podcast listening as an intellectual hobby to expand your knowledge, explore diverse perspectives, and stay informed about a wide range of topics across genres.

10. Listen to Ted Talks

Listen to inspiring stories, and cutting-edge research presented by leading thinkers, experts, and visionaries from around the globe. By listening to TED Talks on diverse subjects you provoke your thoughts and curiosity.

Unique hobbies for women

1. Urban Exploration

Explore abandoned buildings, hidden tunnels, or forgotten spaces in urban environments, documenting your discoveries through photography or journaling.

2. Astrology and Astronomy

Study the stars and planets, learn about celestial phenomena, and practice amateur astronomy by stargazing, attending astronomy clubs, or participating in astrophotography.

3. Foraging or making a kitchen garden

 Learn to identify and gather wild edible plants, mushrooms, or herbs in natural environments, incorporating them into cooking or creating herbal remedies and natural skincare products.

4. Extreme Couponing

Master the skill of saving money through strategic couponing, hunting for deals, and maximizing savings on groceries, household items, or even luxury goods.

5. Solo Traveling

Embark on solo travel adventures to explore new destinations, cultures, and experiences on your own terms. Solo traveling allows you to embrace independence, self-discovery, and personal growth as you navigate new surroundings, meet new people, and create unforgettable memories.

6. Hiking

Connect with nature and stay active by indulging in the hobby of hiking, whether it’s exploring local trails, national parks, or scenic landscapes. Hiking offers opportunities for physical exercise, stress relief, and immersive outdoor experiences, allowing you to enjoy breathtaking views, wildlife encounters, and moments of tranquility in nature.

7. Organizing Community Events or Fundraisers

Make a positive impact in your community by organizing events or fundraisers for causes you’re passionate about. Whether it’s hosting charity walks, food drives, cultural festivals, or awareness campaigns, organizing community events allows you to bring people together, raise awareness, and contribute to meaningful social change.

8. Fashion Design

Explore fashion design by sketching clothing designs, experimenting with fabrics and patterns, and creating your own garments or fashion accessories, expressing your personal style and creativity through wearable art.

9. Street Art and Graffiti

Explore street art and graffiti as a creative outlet, expressing yourself through murals, tags, and urban artworks in public spaces, adding color and vibrancy to the urban landscape with your artistic expressions.

10. Nature Photography

Embrace nature photography by capturing the beauty of the natural world, whether it’s landscapes, wildlife, or macro photography, immersing yourself in nature and sharing its wonders through your photographic lens.

Hobbies for Self-improvement

1. Journaling for Reflection

Set aside time each day to journal your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, allowing for self-reflection, emotional processing, and personal growth.

2. Intuitive Eating

Learn about intuitive eating principles and practices, cultivating a healthier relationship with food and body image by tuning into hunger cues, cravings, and mindful eating habits.

3. Track mood

Tracking mood as a self-improvement hobby involves regularly recording and analyzing your emotional states, thoughts, and behaviors to cultivate self-awareness, emotional regulation, and mental well-being. By using mood trackers, you can identify patterns, triggers, and trends in your mood fluctuations, enabling you to better understand yourself and manage stress. Check out my mood tracker with mood journal

4. Vision Board Creation

Create a vision board to visually represent your goals, dreams, and aspirations, using images, words, and symbols to manifest your desires and inspire positive action.

P.S. For more details to make a vision board read How to make vision board.

5. Positive Affirmations Practice

Develop a daily practice of positive affirmations, repeating affirming statements to yourself to cultivate self-love, confidence, and resilience in the face of challenges.

6. Financial Literacy Education

Invest time in educating yourself about personal finance, budgeting, investing, and wealth-building strategies, empowering yourself to make informed financial decisions and achieve financial independence. Check out Budget planner.

7. Gratitude Journaling

Start a gratitude journal to regularly write down things you’re thankful for, fostering a mindset of appreciation, abundance, and positivity in your daily life.

8. Mindful Walking:

 Practice mindful walking as a form of meditation and stress relief, focusing on your breath and sensations as you walk outdoors, connecting with nature, and grounding yourself in the present moment.

9. Personal Development Book Club

Join or start a book club focused on personal development and self-help literature, reading and discussing books that inspire growth, resilience, and transformation.

10. Self-Defense Training

Take self-defense classes specifically designed for women, empowering yourself with techniques for personal safety, confidence, and assertiveness in various situations.

Relaxing and Self Care hobbies

1. Aromatherapy

Create your own essential oil blends and use them for aromatherapy practices such as diffusing oils, creating homemade bath salts, or making calming room sprays.

2. Sound Bath Meditation

Explore sound healing techniques by listening to or creating soothing sounds like singing bowls, chimes, or nature sounds to promote relaxation and stress relief

3. Forest Bathing

Practice shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, by spending time in nature and immersing yourself in the sights, sounds, and scents of the forest to reduce stress and enhance well-being.

4. Crystal Healing

Learn about the properties of crystals and use them for healing and relaxation purposes, such as placing crystals around your home, meditating with them, or creating crystal grids.

5. Herbalism

Dive into the world of herbalism by learning about medicinal plants and their therapeutic benefits, and experimenting with herbal remedies, teas, or skincare products.

6. Nature Sketching

Spend time outdoors sketching or painting scenes from nature, whether it’s landscapes, flowers, or wildlife, as a calming and meditative artistic practice.

7. DIY Spa Day

Treat yourself to a DIY spa day at home with relaxing activities such as taking a bubble bath with essential oils, giving yourself a facial or body scrub, and practicing gentle yoga or meditation.

8. Flower pressing

Engaging in flower pressing as a self-care hobby offers a calming and therapeutic activity that allows you to connect with nature, express creativity, and promote mindfulness. By carefully selecting and preserving delicate blooms, you create beautiful pressed flower arrangements or crafts that serve as reminders of beauty.

9. Cloud-watching

Spend time outdoors cloud watching, lying on a blanket and gazing up at the sky, letting your mind wander and enjoying the simple pleasure of observing the ever-changing clouds.

10. Moon Watching

Connect with the lunar cycle by observing and tracking the phases of the moon, whether it’s through moonlight walks, moon gazing rituals, or journaling about your experiences.

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So this is a detailed list of hobbies you can try to find your true passion. These 100 Hobbies for Women will help you choose a hobby that bests your needs and likes.

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